Wundertute Ihre Filmlieblinge

Issuing Company: Mercator Bildvertrieb
Country of Issue: Germany (Hamburg)
Year of Issue: 1950s
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set: 72
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Ice Cream

Notes: An album is available for this set. Publishers were Mercator Bildvertrieb, who were more famous for their numerous football albums. An album was issued with Jopa advertising. Back versions are known with Jopa-Eiskrem or Film-Sammelbilder-Wundertute. Jopa Eiskrem translates to Jopa Ice Cream. Film-Sammelbilder-Wundertute translates to Film Card Lucky Bag.

Numbers 1-40 of the Wundertute set have backs which say 64 bilder, numbers 41 - 72 refer to 72 bilder. Presumably the cards were issued in two halves.

Some of the fronts appear to be the same as Turris Film Stars and the images of at least two cards (Jane Russell and Viveca Lindfors) appear identical. Some of the names on the Turris checklist match the cards in the Wundertute set.

Thanks to Richard Minns and Nick Bolton for help with this checklist.

1. Wolf Albach-Retty
2. Ingrid Bergmann
3. Hans Albers
4. Cornell Borchers
5. Willy Birgel
6. Heli Finkenzeller
7. William Boyd
8. Jutta Freybe
9. Siegfried Breuer
10. Hildegard Knef
11. Paul Dahlke
12. Zarah Leander
13. Rene Deltgen
14. Bruni Lobel
15. Karl Ludwig Diehl
16. Anna Magnani
17. Errol Flynn
18. Silvana Mangano
19. Glenn Ford
20. Elfie Mayerhofer
21. Willy Forst
22. Vera Molnar
23. Willy Fritsch
24. Marika Rokk
25. Cary Grant
26. Jane Russell
27. Johannes Heesters
28. Jean Simmons
29. Attila Horbiger
30. Kristina Soderbaum
31. Theo Lingen
32. Hannelore Schroth
33. Harry Piel
34. Olga Tschechowa
35. Rudolf Prack
36. Ilse Werner
37. Viktor Staal
38. Paula Wessely
39. Luis Trenker
40. Sonja Ziemann
41. Gustav Diessl
42. Friedel Hardt
43. Gustav Frohlich
44. Brigitte Auber
45. Paul Horbiger
46. Cecile Aubry
47. Hans Holt
48. Fita Benkhoff
49. Paul Klinger
50. Joan Fontaine
51. Viktor de Kowa
52. Joan Crawford
53. Hans Nielsen
54. Heidemarie Hatheyer
55. Hans Richter
56. Margot Hielscher
57. Heinz Ruhmann
58. Brigitte Horney
59. Joe Stockl
60. Ursula Herking
61. Arno Assmann
62. Viveca Lindfors
63. Karl Raddatz
64. Carsta Lock
65. Guy Rolfe
66. Irene v. Meyendorff
67. Eric Portman
68. Maria Schell
69. Heinz Leo Fischer
70. Sybille Schmitz
71. John Wayne
72. Michi Tanaka

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