WS-Verlag Film Stars (Large B&W)

Issuing Company: WS-Verlag (Wanne-Eickel)
Country of Issue: Germany
Year of Issue: 1953
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: At least 146 unnumbered cards issued
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Issued in bags with no other product

Notes: Blank-backed. Unnumbered. More than one pose exists for some stars. Film company names are found on most cards. This is an anonymous set, there is no mention of WS-Verlag on the cards themselves, though the WS-Verlag name can be found on the bags that were used to issue the cards. This set was a followup to the similar small size card set from WS-Verlag that was issued a year earlier.

German collector Nick Bolton notes: Issued in bags of 2 cards, available for 10 Pfennigs per bag. First 18 bags were numbered and the 36 stars could then be glued into an album with the title: "Filmsterne Schatzkästlei" (Film Star Little Box of Treasures).

An additional 109 cards have been seen, making a total of 145 different cards, and because the albums are generic, any card could be glued into the album, in any order. The cards themselves were blank backed, which is why the checklist is in alphabetical order.

The year of issue was probably 1953, a year later than the small version. Why later? For example, Audrey Hepburn made her major film debut in 1953 ("Roman Holiday"), not before, and there are two cards of her.

If a card can be assigned a particular bag number (1-18), this will be shown in brackets. If there are multiple poses of a particular star, there will be a description of the cards. A few poses are identical to cards from the small black and white "WS-Verlag" cards. If this is the case, a note will be made next to the card to indicate this.

Thanks to Nick Bolton and Richard Minns for help with this checklist.

Wolf Albach-Retty (Bag 17)
Romy Albach-Schneider - Willy Fritsch
Hans Albers
Louise Allbritton (lacey top with ribbon) (see small version)
June Allyson (with white top) (see small version)
Axel von Ambesser
Maria Andergast
Francoise Arnoul
Ulrich Beiger (Bag 15)
Ingrid Bergman (with glass in hand)
Ingrid Bergman (smiling, with coat and light scarf)
Ingrid Bergman (patting donkey)
Ingrid Bergman (looking worried, holding telephone to ear)
Ingrid Bergman - Mathias Wieman
Willy Birgel
Claire Bloom
Ann Blyth (see small version)
Karlheinz Bohm
Hannelore Bollmann (Bag 6)
Cornell Borchers (dark dress with flower pinned to it) (Bag 5)
Cornell Borchers (close-up, wearing white top)
Dieter Borsche
Siegfried Breuer (Bag 2)
Siegfried Breuer Jr.
Bully Buhlan
Yvonne de Carlo
Claudette Colbert
Gary Cooper (see small version)
Paul Dahlke (Bag 1)
Rene Deltgen (wearing a tie, no hat) (see small version) (Bag 5)
Rene Deltgen (wearing a tie, with a trilby)
Howard Duff (see small version)
Inge Egger (Bag 7)
Vera Ellen (from "On the Town") (see small version)
Lucie Englisch
Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
O.W. Fischer (wearing a tie) (Bag 3)
O.W. Fischer (wearing a bowtie)
Errol Flynn
Willy Fritsch
Gustav Frohlich
Clark Gable (see small version)
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Ava Gardner (see small version)
Gardy Granass (Bag 9)
Stewart Granger (see small version)
Cary Grant (Bag 13)
Waltraud Haas
Trude Haefelin
Maureen O'Hara (see small version)
Paul Hartmann
Angelika Hauff (see small version) (Bag 4)
Susan Hayward (wearing low cut dress, shoulders covered) (see small version)
Susan Hayward (wearing low cut dress, shoulders uncovered)
Rita Hayworth (this card a close-up of "sitting, arm bent at hip, long necklace down to waist") (see small version)
Johannes Heesters (Bag 16)
Audrey Hepburn (in profile, bare hand on chin)
Audrey Hepburn (straight at camera, gloved hand next to chin)
Carola Hohn
Marianne Hold
William Holden (see small version)
Maria Holst (with plaid cape or blanket) (Bag 3)
Maria Holst (with pearl necklace, flowers in hair, ball gown)
Paul Horbiger (close-up, with bowtie) (see small version, "Epilog")
Paul Horbiger (wide lapelled jacket, hand next to chin) (Bag 13)
Brigitte Horney
Adrian Hoven (in traditional "Tracht" or costume) (see small version)
Adrian Hoven (in ski clothes, mountains in background)
Adrian Hoven (in suit and tie, collar undone)
Adrian Hoven (close-up, in suit and tie, collar buttoned to top)
Adrian Hoven (in suit and tie, collar undone, hand tugging on tie) (Bag 18)
Lilla Jacobsson (top with buttons, pattern of diagonal lines in background)
Lilla Jacobsen (sic. Jacobsson) (top with large ruffle, no buttons)
Jennifer Jones (see small version)
Louis Jourdan
Danny Kaye (Bag 11)
Lonny Kellner
Gene Kelly (see small version)
Josefin Kipper
Hildegard Knef (Bag 12)
Marika Rokk - Johannes Heesters
Dorit Kreysler (Bag 15)
Hardy Kruger ("Schon muss man sein") (see small version)
Gertrud Kuckelmann
Evelyn Kunneke
Alan Ladd (see small version)
Hedy Lamarr (see small version)
Mario Lanza (see small version)
Maria Litto (close-up looking to right) (see small version)
Adi Lodel (Bag 14)
Ingrid Lutz (Bag 11)
Silvana Mangano
Jean Marais (here in close-up) (see small version)
Winnie Markus
James Mason
Victor Mature
Johanna Matz (hands folded at side of face)
Johanna Matz (holding a dog)
Johanna Matz (low-cut dress, crucifix necklace) (see small version) (Bag 1)
Joel McCrea (see small version)
Gunnar Moller (Bag 6)
Vera Molnar
Michele Morgan
Hans Moser
Erika Muller (see small version)
Walter Muller (Bag 17)
Ruth Niehaus (see small version)
Gregory Peck
Petra Peters
Rudolf Prack (holding cigarette, looking straight at camera) (Bag 7)
Rudolf Prack (close-up, in profile)
Eva Probst
Carl Raddatz (see small version)
Mady Rahl
Ethel Reschke (see small version) (Bag 8)
Marika Rokk
Heinz Ruhmann (Bag 14)
Jane Russell (Bag 9)
Maria Schell (Bag 10)
Maria Schell - O.W. Fischer
Marianne Schonauer
Karl Schonbock (with suit and tie) (see small version) (Bag 8)
Karl Schonbock (with top hat and cane)
Rudi Schuricke
Rosita Serrano (Bag 2)
Jean Simmons
Red Skelton (see small version)
Kristina Soderbaum (with top hat and whip)
Kristina Soderbaum (with solar topee and whip)
James Stewart ("Bend of the River") (see small version)
Sunshine Quartett
Elizabeth Taylor
Robert Taylor (see small version)
Marta Toren
Vico Torriani
Spencer Tracy (see small version)
Lana Turner (see small version)
John Wayne (Bag 12)
Grethe Weiser
Gerhard Wendland - Anneliese Rothenberger
Ilse Werner (with crown on head) (see small version)
Paul Westermeier (Bag 10)
Cornel Wilde (Bag 18)
Esther Williams (see small version)
Marianne Wischmann (Bag 16)
Adolf Wohlbruck (Bag 4)

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