Lichtspielhaus Unsere Filmlieblinge

Issuing Company: Lichtspielhaus
Country of Issue: Germany
Year of Issue: 1933-1934
Color/B&W: B&W (Brownish-Purple Tone)
Number of Cards in Set: Album contains space for 90 cards, 77 cards recorded
Card Size: 1 3/8" x 1 15/16"
Issued as insert with what product: Movie Theatre Giveaway

Notes: "Lichtspielhaus" is an old-fashioned German word for cinema, and literally means "play-of-light house". Albums were issued from cinemas such as "Saxinger's Lichtspielhaus" and "Tonfilm Kino Marx". Title on the front is "Unsere Filmlieblinge" ("Our Film Favourites") and there was no list of contents, with 6 blank pages. Each page has slots for 15 small, purple-tinted cards for a total of 90 cards. Unfortunately, the cards themselves are blank-backed and unnumbered, with only the name of the star on the front. Without the album they are difficult to identify. To date, 77 different cards have been seen.

Date info: As for the year of issue: Albert Paulig has a cross next to his name, and he died in 1933 and little-known actor Hans Beck-Gaden made his final film in 1934, so 1933/34 is probably a safe bet.

Thanks to Nick Bolton for help with this checklist.

Truus van Aalten
Rolf Albach-Retty
Hans Albers
Georg Alexander
Gitta Alpar
Charlotte Ander
Siegfried Arnold (sic. Arno)
Rose Barsony
Albert Bassermann
Hans Beck-Gaden
Elisabeth Bergner
Hans Brausewetter
Vlasta Burian
Mady Chrystians (sic. Christians)
Lil Dagover
Lien Deyers
Gustav Diessl
Wilhelm Dieterle
Marlene Dietrich
Anton Edthofer
Lucie Englisch
Rudolf Forster
Gustav Frohlich
Werner Fuetterer
Greta Garbo
Heinrich George
Mary Grossova
Dolly Haas
Max Hansen
Hony Hardt (sic. Harry Hardt)
Hella Hartwich
Lilian Harvey
Karel Hasler
Brigitte Helm
Evelyn Holt
Paul Horbiger
Camilla Horn
Walter Jansen
Fritz Kampers
Oskar Karlweis
Hedy Kiesler
Werner Kraus
Franz Lederer
Harry Liedtke
Gerda Maurus
Trude von Molo
Grete Mosheim
Renate Muller
Kathe v. Nagy
Ramon Novarro
Jarmila Novotna
Anny Ondra
Lee Parry
Maria Paudler
Albert Paulig
Harald Paulsen
Iwan Petrovich
Harry Piel
Leni Riefenstahl
Walter Riller
Ita Rina
Claire Romer (sic. Rommer)
Heinz Ruhmann
Sybille Schmitz
Fritz Schulz
Maria Solveg
Gustl Stark-Gstettenbauer
Willi Stettner
Charlotte Susa
Szoke Szakall
Herta Thiele
Jakob Tiedtke
Luis Trenker
Ernst Verebes
Carl de Vogt
Dorothea Wieck

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