Karasi Film-Serien

Issuing Company: Karasi
Country of Issue: Germany (Hanover)
Year of Issue: 1932
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 72
Card Size: 1 9/16" x 2 3/8"
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: Album issued with the title "Karasi's Film-Serien", although on the back of the cards it states "Karasi's erstklassige Film-Serien" ("erstklassig" = "first-class"). Although only 72 cards came out, cards are numbered from 1-74 - they forgot numbers 46 and 73. Album list of contents also omits the two numbers, and the album is complete without the two numbers, and without gaps. Card order in the album itself is chaotic, with spaces for specific cards in non-chronological order and cards are only glued down on one side of the page. Cards are identical to a mix of Kosmos "Film-Photos Serie 1" and Kosmos Film-Photos Serie 2". For example, the Chaplin and Wong cards are from Album 1, the Tauber and Bennett cards from album 2. Cards are also identical to Przedecki-Sultan "Film-Photos Folge A", but in a different numerical order. All card backs are identical.

Date info: Card number 69 shows the stars Gustl Stark-Gstattenbauer, Wolf Albach-Retty and Renate Muller. They only made one film together - "Madchen zum Heiraten", which came out in 1932.

Thanks to Nick Bolton for help with this checklist.

1. Camilla Horn
2. Brigitte Helm
3. Lilian Harvey
4. Jeanette Macdonald
5. Trude von Molo
6. Elisabeth Bergner
7. Dolly Haas
8. Dita Parlo
9. Anna May Wong
10. Kathe von Nagy
11. Lien Deyers
12. Anny Ondra
13. Charlotte Susa
14. Elga Brink
15. Martha Eggerth
16. Hilde Hildebrandt
17. Renate Muller
18. Charlotte Ander
19. Maria Solveg
20. Gitta Alpar
21. Elisabeth Pinajeff
22. Gretl Theimer
23. Rosy Barsony
24. Viola Garden
25. Mary Brian
26. Anna Sten
27. Magda Schneider
28. Lissi Arna
29. Trude Berliner
30. Else Elster
31. Evelyne Holt (sic. Evelyn)
32. Yvette Rodin
33. Joan Bennett
34. Betty Bird
35. Ursula Grabley
36. Louis Trenker (sic. Luis)
37. Charlie Chaplin
38. Max Hansen
39. Patachon
40. Pat
41. Gustav Frohlich
42. Ivan Petrovich
43. Willy Stettner
44. Emil Jannings
45. Henry Stuart
46. Card not issued!
47. Fritz Kampers
48. Hans Albers
49. Fritz Schulz
50. Peter Voss
51. Harry Frank
52. Otto Gebuhr
53. Roda Roda
54. Hermann Thimig
55. Richard Tauber
56. Szoke Szakall
57. Else Elster und Willy Stettner
58. Martha Eggerth und Rolf van Goth
59. Gitta Alpar und Tibor von Halmay
60. Alice Treff und Richard Tauber
61. Tom Mix
62. Fritz Schulz und Jan Kiepura
63. Jan Kiepura
64. Martha Eggerth / Gustav Frohlich
65. Gustav Frohlich / Fritz Grunbaum / Gretl Theimer
66. Johannes Riemann / Paul Horbiger / Marianne Winkelstern / Trude Berliner
67. Martha Eggerth und Gustav Frohlich
68. Jan Kiepura
69. Gustl Stark-Gstattenbauer / Wolf Albach-Retty / Renate Muller
70. Otto Wallburg und Paul Horbiger
71. Otto Wallburg und Ida Wust
72. Maria Paudler und Gustav Frohlich
73. Card not issued!
74. Hans Stuwe

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