Heinerle Skizzen-Verlag Film Stars

Issuing Company: Heinerle
Country of Issue: Germany
Year of Issue: 1960
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set: 120
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product:

Notes: Unnumbered. This series is listed under the heading "Heinerle Skizzen-Verlag Film Stars", but the actual title on the albums is "Fernseh-Parade" (TV Parade). This title doesn't appear on the cards themselves.

Two albums were issued, one red and one blue, to house 121 cards, 60 in the red album and 61 in the blue album. The blue album in particular is very rare. The checklist is complete and in alphabetical order, cards were unnumbered. To show which card belongs in which album, either a "B" (for blue) or "R" (for red) is placed next to the name. The same card for "Hans Joachim Kulenkampff" can be found in both albums, which is why both "B" and "R" can be found next to his name! One other thing: When the backs of the cards are red, they belong in the blue album, and when the backs are blue, they belong in the red album.

Heinerle made an error with the blue album. Even though only 60 cards were announced on the back of the cards, there is space in the album for 61 cards - the same Kulenkampff card is needed to complete both albums! Maybe they realised their error and withdrew the album, because only 2 complete albums have surfaced to date.

According to German collector Nick Bolton, there was at least one series where bubble gum was issued with Heinerle cards, but usually the cards were available in bags, or even so-called "lucky bags," which in addition to a card or two, also contained a surprise gift. Although they weren't the first company to sell their cards as products in bags, they were key in making the concept acceptable and popular with German collectors.

Date info: There is a Walt Disney page in the blue album with discusses the 1960 Winter Olympics at Squaw Valley near Lake Tahoe in California. This is discussed as an upcoming event with Walt Disney as the director in charge of entertainment and in charge of the design of many elements. This event took place from February 18-28, 1960. This card set must have been released in very early 1960 or earlier, possibly 1959. I'm placing a date of 1960 on the set.

Thanks to Greg Graetz and Nick Bolton for help with this checklist.

Mario Adorf (B)
Peter Alexander (B)
Axel von Ambesser (B)
Alice Babs (R)
Helmut M. Backhaus (R)
Gilda Baecker (R)
Mona Baptiste (R)
Chariklia Baxevanos (B)
Marga Becker (R)
Dagmar Bergmeister (R)
Fred Bertelmann (B)
Hans Christian Blech (B)
Dieter Borsche (B)
Charles Brauer (R)
Rut Breitag (R)
Heidi Bruhl (B)
Lou van Burg (B)
Margit Cargill (R)
Walt Disney (B)
Claudia Doren (R)
Heinz Drache (B)
Ruth Draisy (B)
Angele Durand (B)
Ein Schlager-Quartett (B)
Paul Eipper (B)
Margot Eskens (R)
Angelika Feldmann (R)
Werner Finck (B)
Agnes Fink (R)
Heinrich Fischer (R)
Annelise Fleyenschmidt (B)
Peter Frankenfeld (R)
Maria Fries (B)
Professor Dr. Hans Gebhart (R)
Geschwister Kessler (B)
Dr. Bernhard Grzimek (R)
Willy Hagara (B)
E. Hancke u. G. Pfitzmann (B)
Hans Hass (R)
Richard Haussler (B)
Harry Hermann (B)
Helga Hesse (R)
Margot Hielscher (R)
Werner Hofer (R)
Otto Hopfner (B)
Bibi Johns (R)
Ruth Kappelsberger (B)
Lonny Kellner (R)
Ernst von Khoun (R)
Irene Kiessling (R)
Anette Klein (R)
Marianne Koch (R)
Professor Eugen Kogan (B)
Irene Koss (R)
Fred Kraus (R)
Willy Kruger (R)
Gertrud Kuckelmann (B)
Dr. Rudolf Kuhn (R)
Hans Joachim Kulenkampff (B + R)
Evelyn Kunneke (B)
Michl Lang (B)
Robert E. Lembke (R)
Ruth Leuwerik (B)
Gunter Lincke (R)
Gitta Lind (R)
Maria Litto (B)
Siegfried Lowitz (B)
Eleonore van Lyrop (R)
Heinz Maegerlein (R)
Ursula von Manescul (R)
Mady Manstein (R)
Harald Martens (R)
Micky Maus (B)
Eva-Maria Meinecke (R)
Ulla Melchinger (B)
Inge Meysel (R)
Rudi Michel (B)
Lucy Millowitsch (R)
Willi Millowitsch (R)
Jurgen Neven-du Mont (B)
Hilde Nocker (R)
Hazy Osterwald (R)
Elfi Pertramer (R)
Wolfgang Preiss (R)
Liselotte Pulver (B)
Punx (B)
Fred Rauch (B)
Lotte Rausch (R)
Charles Regnier (B)
Willi Reichert (R)
Jochen Richert (B)
Hermann Rockmann (B)
Jurgen Roland (R)
Anneliese Rothenberger (R)
Walter Scherau (B)
Gisela Schluter (B)
Max Schmeling (B)
Ludwig Schmidseder (B)
Wolf Schmidt (B)
Franz Schneider (R)
Rudolf Schock (B)
Gretl Schorg (R)
Hannelore Schroth (B)
"Uschi" - Ursula Siebert (B)
Herta Staal (B)
Margot Trooger (B)
Ingrid Umgelter-Lipowski (B)
Unsere Wetterpropheten (B)
Caterina Valente (R)
Paul Verhoeven (B)
Herbert Viktor (B)
Helen Vita (R)
Christa de Vries (B)
Ilse Werner (R)
Clemens Wilmenrod (B)
Lawrence Winters (R)
Franz Peter Wirth (B)
Helmut Zacharias (R)
Peter von Zahn (R)
Sonja Ziemann (B)

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