Badische Filmkunstler

Issuing Company: Badische Tabakmanufaktur A.G.
Country of Issue: Germany
Year of Issue: 1933
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 60 (Six series of 10 cards each)
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: For many years, collectors in Germany thought there were two separate film series with the titles "Kunst aus dem Leben fur das Leben" (Art from Life for Life) and "Filmkunstler" (Film Artists). They are in fact the same series, with the former being the title of the album, and the latter the title found on the back of the cards. Six series x 10 cards were issued, for a total of 60 cards. The album is very scarce.

Thanks to Nick Bolton for help with this checklist.

Series 1

1. Grete Mosheim
2. Richard Cromwell (Photo Columbia Pictures)
3. Ruth Weston (Photo Radio Pictures)
4. Dolores del Rio (Photo Radio Pictures)
5. Gustaf Grundgens
6. Senta Soneland
7. Harry Piel
8. Maria Paudler (Photo Bohm-Willot)
9. Lil Dagover (Photo Polonsky)
10. Siegfried Arno (Photo Bohm-Willot)

Series 2

1. Camilla Spira
2. Douglas Fairbanks Jr. (Photo First National)
3. Constance Bennett (Photo RKO Pathe)
4. Tala Birell (Photo Polonsky)
5. Carl Balhaus (Photo Bohm-Willot)
6. Jessy Vihrog (Photo Bohm-Willot)
7. Margit Barnay
8. Paul Heidemann
9. Maria The Morell (Photo Bohm-Willot)
10. Peter Voss

Series 3

1. Helene Thimig
2. Laurence Olivier (Photo Radio Pictures)
3. Friedel Farera (Photo Bohm-Willot)
4. Marian Marsh (Photo Warner Bros.)
5. Tom Keene (Photo RKO Pathe)
6. Elga Brink
7. Dina Gralla (Photo Bohm-Willot)
8. Ursula Hoflich (Photo Bohm-Willot)
9. Otto Wallburg
10. Toni van Eyk

Series 4

1. Fritz Alberti (Photo Jacobi)
2. Gustav Diessl (Photo Jacobi)
3. Adalb. v. Schlettow (Photo Balazs)
4. Max Hansen (Photo Jacobi)
5. Willi Forst (Photo Balazs)
6. Chely Lioschitz (Photo Jacobi)
7. Werner Futterer (Photo Balazs)
8. Henry Stuart (Photo Balazs)
9. Victor Collani (Photo Balazs)
10. Fritz Genschow (Photo Jacobi)

Series 5

1. Anni Ahlers (Photo Jacobi)
2. Wilhelm Bendow (Photo Jacobi)
3. Maria Paudler (Photo Balazs)
4. Chr. Thimig-Mardayn (Photo Jacobi)
5. Evelyn Holt (Photo Balazs)
6. Elisabeth Pinajeff (Photo Balazs)
7. Friedl Haerlin (Photo Jacobi)
8. Georgia Lind (Photo Jacobi)
9. Blandine Ebinger (Photo Balazs)
10. Paul Horbiger (Photo Jacobi)

Series 6

1. Hans Albers (Photo Jacobi)
2. Martha Eggerth (Photo Balazs)
3. Dolly Haas (Photo Jacobi)
4. Gerda Maurus (Photo Jacobi)
5. Charlotte Ander (Photo Jacobi)
6. Anton Pointner (Photo Balazs)
7. Irma Godau (Photo Jacobi)
8. Andre Mattoni (Photo Balazs)
9. Sepp Rist (Photo Jacobi)
10. Paul Heidemann (Photo Balazs)

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