Anglas Film Stars

Issuing Company: Anglas
Country of Issue: Germany (Danzig)
Year of Issue: 1932-1934
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: Three series of 84 cards each
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Chocolate Cocoa

Notes: Checklist incomplete. No albums were issued. There was no official title for this set on the cards, but the backs state "Diese Filmschauspieler-Serie enthalt 84 Bilder", which translates as: "This Film Star Series contains 84 cards", so a logical title would be "Film Stars" or "Film Star Series".

There are three series of these cards as follows:

Cards from the first two series are from "Ross Verlag".

Cards from the second series were also used for the Sphinx Cinema Stars set that was issued many years later in 1946, after World War II.

Date Info: Research shows that this company was only in Danzig for a couple of years - their only other series dates from 1931 and is a set of 100 flags and nationalities. All Anglas cards are rare. Some of the pictures from the second series of Anglas cards can be dated to 1933 and 1934, so that series was probably issued in about 1934.

Thanks to Nick Bolton for help with this checklist.

First Series

4. Lilian Harvey / Willi Forst
6. Willy Fritsch
13. Hertha Thiele
15. Hertha Thiele / Helene Fehdmer
16. Hans Albers
17. Hans Albers
18. Renate Muller
21. Jan Kiepura / Fritz Schulz
23. Dorothea Wieck
24. Mady Christians
25. Anna Sten
29. Ida Wust
42. Joan Crawford
50. Dickie Moore / Herbert Marshall / Marlene Dietrich
67. Liane Haid
68. Liane Haid
75. Szoke Szakall
83. Gretl Theimer
84. Willi Domgraf Fassbaender

Second Series

3. Franchot Tone
7. John Barrymore
11. Madge Evans
13. Lewis Stone
40. Hermann Thimig
42. Brigitte Helm
46. Jeanette Boitel
60. Henry Garat
64. Sabine Peters
65. Hertha Thiele
70. Weiss Ferdl
71. Hedy Kiesler
75. Karin Hardt
79. Henny Porten
83. Louis Davids

Third Series (unnumbered, cards in alphabetical order)

Hans Albers / Betty Amann
Hans Heinz Bollmann
Hans Brausewetter
Elga Brink
Trude Brionne
Carl Ludwig Diehl
Wilhelm Dieterle
Lucie Englisch
Kurt Gerron (with Louise Brooks)
Rolf v. Goth
Ursula Grabley
Gustaf Grundgens
Evelyn Holt
Paul Horbiger
Camilla Horn
Walter Janssen
Paul Kemp
Hubert Marischka
Luis Trenker / Betty Bird
Paul Wegener

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