Drogahl Frisur und Mode

Issuing Company: Drogahl
Country of Issue: Germany (Gottingen)
Year of Issue: 1934
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 52?
Card Size: 2 7/8" x 3 13/16"
Issued as insert with what product: Body and Haircare Products

Notes: Checklist incomplete. The title "Frisur und Mode" translates as "Hairstyle and Fashion" and depicts famous actresses of the day sporting fashionable hairstyles, created by Drogahl Laboratories, in particular the "Birkenschaum" line of products. On the back, a "Sammelmappe" or folder is mentioned, issued to house the 52 cards, but to date no such folders have ever been seen. 52 cards were announced in advertising of the day, but the highest known number is 44, in fact all cards after number 40 are exceedingly rare. Note: If the actress on the card is not mentioned, the description of the hairstyle (in German) will be listed.

Thanks to Nick Bolton for help with this checklist.

1. Baby Gray
2. Ria Stolz
4. (no actress name) "Tagesfrisur, auch mit Hut zu tragen"
5. (no actress name) "Eine schone, einfache deutsche Frisurform"
6. Renate Muller
7. (no actress name) "Eine vielbeachtete Frisur"
8. Carola Toelle
9. Evelyn Brent
10. Dorothy Drake
11. (no actress name) "Eine ideale Gesellschaftsfrisur"
13. Trude Marlen
14. Lucilla Lund
15. Gretl Theimer
16. (no actress name) "Die ungekunstelte, schone Frisur"
17. Trude Marlen
19. (no actress name) "Die grosse Dauerwelle"
20. (no actress name) "Die vornehme Strassenfrisur"
21. (no actress name) "Die kleidsame Frisur fur die altere Dame"
22. Maria Meissner
23. (no actress name) "Eine Lockenfrisur fur den Abend"
24. Maria Meissner
25. Hilde Hildebrandt
26. Ilse von Collani
27. Lila Hartmann
28. Gretl Theimer
29. Kathe Haack
30. Lotte Lorring
31. Lee Parry
32. Kathe Haack
33. Edna Grey
34. Grete Mosheim
35. Lotte Lorring
36. Grete Reinwald
37. Grete Reinwald
38. Charlott Daudert
39. Genia Nikolajewa
40. Genia Nikolajewa
41. Magda Schneider
44. Olga Tschechowa

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