Borg Film und Buhnenlieblinge Serie A

Issuing Company: Borg
Country of Issue: Germany (Offenbach)
Year of Issue: 1932
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set: 60
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: The title translates as "Film and Stage Favourites (Series A)", not to be confused with the more common Borg issue of the same name, which has "Serie B" after the title and 288 photo cards. The 60 cards of "Serie A" are all women and appear to be hand-tinted on a gold background. All images were later used in photo format in "Serie B".

According to backs, an album was planned (for 1 Reichsmark, expensive for the time) but no album has ever been seen. Cards for "Serie B" were first announced in "Der Bildersammler" ("The Card Collector") in September 1932, so this series probably appeared at around the same time or even earlier.

Thanks to Nick Bolton for help with this checklist.

1. Grafin Agnes Esterhazy
2. Grete Mosheim
3. Rita Georg
4. Dita Parlo
5. Lilian Harvey
6. Truus van Alten
7. Gerda Maurus
8. Mady Christians
9. Liane Haid
10. Lilian Harvey
11. Anni Ann
12. Ida Wust
13. Mady Christians
14. Friedel Schuster
15. Maria Paudler
16. La Jana
17. Else Elster
18. Margo Lion
19. Kitty Berger
20. Maria Paudler
21. Marlene Dietrich
22. Dolly Haas
23. Ilse Damann
24. Martha Eggerth
25. Marianne Winkelstern
26. Marlene Dietrich
27. Maria Bard
28. Alexa von Engstrom
29. Josefine Baker (sic. Josephine)
30. Marlene Dietrich
31. Maria Bard
32. Elisabeth Bergner
33. Elisabeth Lennartz
34. Vera von Schmitterlow
35. Brigitte Helm
36. Trude Lieske
37. Friedl Schuster
38. Mary Losseff
39. Marlene Dietrich
40. Anna May Wong
41. Dita Parlo
42. Ali Ghito
43. Tamara Desni
44. Carola Neher
45. Maria Solveg
46. Jarmila Novotna
47. Carola Neher
48. Jarmila Novotna
49. Fritzi Massary
50. Charlotte Susa
51. Kathe Dorsch
52. Carola Neher
53. Lilian Harvey
54. Fritzi Massary
55. Helene Thimig
56. Camilla Spira
57. Clare Rommer
58. Anna May Wong
59. Cilly Feindt
60. Tilla Durieux

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