Abadie Das Rauchen Einst und Jetzt

Issuing Company: Abadie
Country of Issue: Austria (Vienna)
Year of Issue: 1936
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set: 477 (95 film stars)
Card Size: 2 9/16" x 3 9/16" (6.5 x 9.5)
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarette Papers/Tubes

Notes: Abadie cigarette papers/tubes issued a huge album in 1936 which covered the history of smoking. There are 7 sections, and within section F (the largest part) there are a number of film stars (mainly women with ciggie in hand). The cards feature color artwork based on actual photos. There's a card of Humphrey Bogart from 1936, which is really early, certainly in Austria/Germany, as well as Chaplin with Jackie Coogan as an adult. This is a very odd set, because in between the film stars you've got images of Japanese and Chinese people smoking, or of Japan's tallest man (F164) or an Australian creating fire with sticks (F171). The backs are also strange. Most have no information whatsoever, but then suddenly there is a card with a flood of information on what they are wearing, or even occasionally their latest movie. Only the movie stars are listed in the checklist below. When a movie title appears on the back, it is mentioned in the checklist below.

Thanks to Nick Bolton for help with this checklist.

Series F: Types of Smokers

78. Charlie Chaplin & Jackie Coogan
79. Charles Rogers
80. Katherine Hepburn. The back refers to her role dressed as a boy, without mentioning the film title. This was George Cukor's "Sylvia Scarlett" from 1935.
81. Mary Astor
82. Rochelle Hudson - "Wuschelkopf" ("Curly Top", 1935)
83. Marlene Dietrich
84. Rita Georg
100. Carole Lombard
101. Kay Francis
102. Winifred Shaw
103. Mae West
104. Glenda Farrell
105. Ruby Keeler
106. Ketti Sallion (sic. Gallian)
107. Bette Davis
108. Francis Drake
109. Rosita Moreno
110. Bergo Lilian (sic. Lilian Bergo)
111. Patricia Ellis
112. Bette Davis
113. Glenda Farrell
114. Marlene Dietrich
115. Elisabeth Russell
128. Joan Blondell
129. Nils Asther
130. Dolly Haas
131. Marion Davis
132. Connie Hansen
133. Lucille Ball
134. Carole Lombard
135. Ina von Elben
136. Mae West
137. Diana Wynyard - "The Dover Road". Title changed to "Where Sinners Meet" (1934)
138. Louise Latimer
139. Carola Lombard (sic. Carole)
140. Marlene Dietrich. "Die spanische Tänzerin" ("The Devil is a Woman", 1935)
141. Bette Davis
142. Patricia Ellis - "Broadway Joe". This movie title doesn't exist. It probably refers to "Bright Lights" from 1935.
143. Mlle. Suzy Pernin
144. Lucille Ball
145. Ketti Gallian
146. Francess Farmer (sic. Frances)
147. Lucie Englisch
149. Alice Faye - "365 Nachte in Hollywood" ("365 Nights in Hollywood", 1934)
150. Ruth Westor (sic. Weston)
151. Mary Astor - "Page Miss Glory", 1935
152. Mary Astor - "Page Miss Glory", 1935
153. Dorothy Tree
154. Marlene Dietrich
155. Nino Martini
156. Ruth v. Teschenbruck
157. Ketti Gallian
158. Frances Drake
159. Ann Dvorak
160. Ann Dvorak
161. Ketti Gallian
162. Kay Francis
163. Humphrey Bogart - "Three in Eden" (better known as "Isle of Fury" from 1936)
166. Gail Sheridon
167. Gertude Michael
168. Anita Colby
169. Martha Raye
170. June Brewster
172. Marlene Dietrich
173. Jean Muir
174. Hilde v. Stolz
175. Gusti Huber
176. Glenda Farell (sic. Farrell)
177. Gertrude Michael
178. Gertrude Michael
179. Anna May Wong
180. Renate Müller
181. Lucille Ball
182. Gail Patrick
183. Martha Raye
184. Lyda Roberti
185. Mae West
186. Mae West
187. Mary Astor
188. Joan Crawford & Franchot Tone. Their recent marriage is mentioned on the back. This took place in 1935.
189. Fred MacMurray
190. Anita Colby
191. Pert Kelton
192. Lilli Palmer
193. Dick Foran
194. June Travis
195. June Travis
196. Louise Latimer
197. Zarah Leander
198. Claire Dodd
199. Astrid Allwyn
200. Bette Davis - "Bordertown" (1935) / "The Girl from 10th Avenue" (1935)
201. Phyllis Brooks
202. Patricia Ellis
203. Patricia Ellis

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