Peerless Series A Set (Brown Tint)

Issuing Company: Peerless
Country of Issue: USA
Year of Issue: 1930
Color/B&W: B&W (brownish tint)
Number of Cards in Set: unknown
Card Size: 1 1/8" x 2 3/8"
Issued as insert with what product: Came out of coin-operated weight machines

Notes: Checklist Incomplete. These cards can be identified by the Series A written on the front. On the back, these cards contain a fortune on one side, the name of a store on the other, and a space for a weight printout in the middle. These have been seen with advertising backs for the following companies:

Walgreen Drug Stores

Exact year of issue not known. I have only seen one of these cards so far, and it contained a date of 1930 in the weight printout, so these cards must have been issued in 1930 or earlier.

These brown tinted cards say "Series A." There is another Peerless set that is green-tinted that says "A SERIES." I haven't seen enough of these to determine yet whether these are the same set or whether these are different sets.

1. Doris Kenyon
2. Sharon Lynn
21. Wm. Harrigan
30. Lloyd Hughes
31. Bebe Daniels
47. Helen Chandler
51. Ernest Torrence
57. Walter Catlett
59. Lawrence Gray
65. Marie Dressler
67. William Bakewell
69. Warner Baxter
70. Alice Joyce
71. Paul Whiteman
72. Barbara Kent
80. Leila Hyams
84. Dorothy Sebastian
85. Polly Moran
88. Warner Baxter
89. Bernice Claire
91. Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
93. Marguerite Churchill
96. Rod La Rocque

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