Peerless Series A Set (Green Tint and Black and White)

Issuing Company: Peerless
Country of Issue: USA
Year of Issue: 1929
Color/B&W: B&W (greenish tint)
Number of Cards in Set: unknown
Card Size: 1 1/8" x 2 3/8"
Issued as insert with what product: Came out of coin-operated weight machines

Notes: Checklist Incomplete. Highest number seen 128. These cards can be identified by the A Series written on the front. On the back, these cards contain a fortune on one side, "FOR CORRECT WEIGHT stand still..." on the other, and a space for a weight printout in the middle. These have also been seen with advertising backs for the following companies:

The Burg Co.
A. L. Duckwall
W. T. Grant Co.
S. S. Kresge Co.
Kress 5-10 & 25c Stores
The Leighton Industries, Inc.
J. G. McCrory Company
The H. A. McElroy Company
McLellan Stores Co.
The Metropolitan Store
O. J. Morrison Stores
Neisner Bros., Inc.
J. J. Newberry Co.
The Owl Drug Co.
Walgreen Drug Stores
Whitthorne & Swan

Exact year of issue not known. The weight printouts usually contain dates from 1929 to 1932 in the weight printout, so these cards must have been issued in 1929 or earlier.

These green tinted cards say "A SERIES." There is a second "A SERIES" set that is in black and white and not green tinted. The backs of the black and white "A SERIES" look the same as the green tinted cards, so it is somewhat hard to tell the two sets apart, especially when looking at computer scans. The cards in the black and white set generally seem to have a bit wider borders than the green tint cards.

The green tinted "A SERIES" cards seem to be skip numbered. The lowest one seen is number 3 and the highest is number 128. It is doubtful all the cards were issued, since the same numbers always seem to show up when groups of these cards surface.

There is another Peerless set that is brown-tinted that says "Series A." That set is checklisted separately.

Here is a picture of all three different sets discussed here. (Green Tint on left, Brown set in middle, Black and White set on right)

This checklist shows both the green tinted "A SERIES" cards and the black and white "A SERIES" cards in separate lists. I'm trying to make this a picture checklist, since it is sometimes hard to differentiate the green tints from the black and whites. If you have any of these cards not pictured, I would appreciate a scan so I can add it to the checklist.

Thanks to David York and Pat Chiappetta for help with this checklist.

Green Tint Set

3. Myrna Loy
5. Sally Blane
6. Chester Conklin
8. May McAvoy
12. Johnny Mack Brown
13. Mary Astor
15. Richard Barthelmess
16. Yola D'Avril
18. Kathryn McGuire
22. Bert Roach
23. Marion Davies
24. Thelma Todd
29. Paul Vincenti
30. Milton Sills
35. Louise Fazenda
38. W. C. Fields
40. Jack Holt
41. Jack Luden
42. Loretta Young
43. Donald Reed
51. Charles Rogers
52. Adolphe Menjou
54. Clyde Cook
59. Don Alvarado
62. Conrad Veidt
65. Renee Adoree
68. Raymond Hatton
69. Paul Lukas
71. Bebe Daniels
72. Mary Brian
73. Doris Hill
74. Dorothy Mackaill
79. Gilbert Roland
80. Monte Blue
81. John Miljan
84. Victor McLaglen
88. Corrine Griffith
89. Frances Hamilton
91. Larry Kent
92. Clara Bow
93. Charlie Murray
98. Gwen Lee
100. George K. Arthur
101. Pola Negri
102. James Hall
103. Molly O'Day
107. Dolores Del Rio
109. Doris Kenyon
110. Nancy Carroll
112. Merna Kennedy
120. Reginald Denny
121. Sylvia Beecher
128. Wallace Beery

Black and White Set

1. John Miljan
3. Donald Reed
6. Frances Hamilton
12. David Rollins
13. Charles Farrell
15. Johnny Hines
18. Irene Rich
19. Karl Dane
22. Charlie Chaplin
27. Camilla Horn
31. Bebe Daniels
50. Greta Garbo
55. Doris Dawson
63. Esther Ralston
69. Milton Sills
70. Gwen Lee
71. Ken Maynard
77. Ruth Taylor
79. Kathryn Crawford
84. Mary Duncan
87. Molly O'Day
88. Larry Kent
89. John Barrymore
92. Dorothy Mackaill
94. Sally Phipps
96. W. C. Fields
98. Leila Hyams
103. Norma Talmadge
104. Barry Norton
108. Lew Cody
113. Kathryn McGuire
114. Nancy Carroll
119. Rin-Tin-Tin

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