T & D Theatre

Issuing Company: T. & D. Theatre
Country of Issue: California, USA
Year of Issue: 1916-1917
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Given out to patrons of the theatre.

Notes: Checklist probably incomplete. The T & D Theatre appears to have been a chain of theatres in California in the 1910s. The backs of these cards often just mention T & D Theatre, but sometimes are specific to a theatre from a particular city. Cities seen so far on the backs of these cards include Oakland, San Jose, and Watsonville.

For the Marguerite Clark card for "Out of the Drifts," two different backs have been seen, one for the T & D Theatre with showtimes coming Friday March 10 and another for the T & D Oakland Photo Theatre with showtimes on March 19-20-21. I haven't seen the fronts for both cards to verify if the picture is the same. It is very likely that other cards from this set have similar back variations. For the Clark card, the date on the T & D Theatre version is printed as Mar 10, but hand changed to Mar 17. I've seen two different copies of this card with the same change, so it appears that this was done by the issuer for all of those cards.

Blank backed cards with the same design as the T & D backed cards have been found with two different groups of these cards, indicating that they were probably also given out at the T & D Theatre, though it is possible that they were distributed in a different way.

John Barrymore in "The Red Widow"
Billie Burke in "Gloria's Romance"
Billie Burke in "Peggy"
Marguerite Clark in "Out of the Drifts"
Dustin Farnum in "Ben Blair"
Alma Hanlon (blank back)
Juanita Hansen (blank back)
Peggy Hyland in "Saints and Sinners"
Louise Lovely in "Bettina Loved a Soldier"
Mae Murray in "Sweet Kitty Bellairs"
Lottie Pickford (blank back)
Mary Pickford in "A Romance of the Redwoods"
Mary Pickford in "Cinderella"
Mary Pickford in "Hulda From Holland"
Mary Pickford (blank back)
Florence Reed in "A Woman's Law"
Myrtle Stedman in "The American Beauty"
Blanche Sweet (blank back)
Blanche Sweet in "The Sowers"
Fannie Ward in "For the Defense"
Pearl White in "The Iron Claw"
Kathlyn Williams in "The Near Do Well"

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