Strollers Starring In Strip Cards

Issuing Company: Unknown
Country of Issue: USA
Year of Issue: 1920s
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 1 3/8" x 2 1/2"
Issued as insert with what product: Issued in strips by themselves with no other product. Cards are usually found cut apart.

Notes: Checklist incomplete. These cards are a strip card version of the T85 Strollers Cigarettes Movie Star cards. Star's name is below picture, most say "Starring in ..." or something similar below name. Blank-backed.These cards can be found numbered or unnumbered.

Uncut strips have been seen of the unnumbered versions. These contain 10 cards in a horizontal strip. There is a number between the first and second card in the strips to identify the different strips. These numbered strips include Strollers Starring In Strip Cards and Mack Sennett strip cards on the same strip, and also Strollers Fancy Frame unnumbered strips.

Thanks to Chris Bartell, Christopher Herman, and Ron Strader for help with this checklist.

Numbered Cards

110. Dorothy Dalton - Starring in Param't Pictures
111. Tom Moore - Starring in Goldwyn Pictures
113. Theodore Roberts - Starring in Param't Pictures
121. Colleen Moore - One of the Leading Film Stars
128. Pauline Frederick - Starring in R-C Productions
133. Marshall Neilan - Leading Motion Pic. Producer
139. Texas Guinan - Starring in Guinan Prod'ns
141. Jack Holt - Starring in Paramount Pictures
158. Helene Chadwick - Starring in Goldwyn Pictures
159. Lee Moran - Universal's Star Comedian
166. Elmo Lincoln - Starring in "Tarzan"
168. Doris Kenyon - Leading Motion Picture Star
170. Lois Wilson - Starring in Param't Pictures
178. Gloria Swanson - Starring in Param't Pictures
183. Charlie Chaplin - Movie's Foremost Comedian
185. Marie Mosquini - Starring in Pathe Comedies
188. Ruth Roland - Featured in Pathe Serials
193. Mildred Davis - Starring in Pathe Comedies
196. Virginia B. Faire - Pathe Film Star
198. Ben Turpin - Star in Max Sennett Comedies

Unnumbered Cards

May Allison - Starring in Metro Pictures
Mabel Ballin - Star in Hugo Ballin Prod'ns
Barbara Barriscale - Hodkinson Star
Monte Blue - Starring in Param't Pictures
Harry Carey - Starring in Universal Pictures
Helene Chadwick - Starring in Goldwyn Pictures
Naomi Childers - Starring in Goldwyn Pictures
Betty Ross Clarke - Universal Star
Ethel Clayton - Starring in Param't Pictures
Betty Compson - Star in Paramount Pictures
Jackie Coogan - First National's Boy Star
Viola Dana - Star in Metro Pictures
Mildred Davis - Starring in Pathe Comedies
Priscilla Dean - Starring in Universal Pictures
Rubye De Remer - A Leading Picture Star
Ann Forrest - Starring in Paramount Pictures
Texas Guinan - Starring in Guinan Prod'ns
Hope Hampton - In Hope Hampton Productions
William S. Hart - Starring in Paramount Pictures
Sessue Hayakawa - Starring in R-C Productions
Josephine Hill - Starring in Universal Prod'ns
Buster Keaton - Star Comedian of Metro
Cullen Landis - Starring in Goldwyn Pictures
Lila Lee - Star in Paramount Pictures
Bert Lytell - Starring in Metro Productions
Frank Mayo - Starring in Universal Pictures
Thomas Meighan - Starring in Paramount Pictures - #25 in middle right border
Mary Miles Minter - In "The Heart Specialist." A Realart Picture
Colleen Moore - One of the Leading Film Stars
Tom Moore - Starring in Goldwyn Pictures
Lee Moran - Universal's Star Comedian
Pola Negri - Star in "One Arabian Night"
Mabel Normand - Sennett Star
Eva Novak - Starring in Universal Pictures
Eileen Percy - Starring in Fox Productions
David Powel - Starring in Param't Pictures - #21 in middle left border
Herbert Rawlinson - Universal Star - #1 in middle left border
Irene Rich - Star in Goldwyn Pictures
Will Rogers - Starring in Goldwyn Pictures
Eileen Sedgwick - Universal Star
Nell Shipman, Dir'tor - Releasing thru Warren Corp.
Milton Sills - Starring in Param't Pictures
Alice Terry - Starring in Metro Productions
Rudolph Valentino - Starring in Param't Pictures
Johnnie Walker - Starring in Fox Productions
Virginia Warwick - Metro Star
Lois Weber, Prod'r - Releasing thru Warren Corp.
Lois Wilson - Starring in Paramount Pictures
Clara K. Young - A Leading Picture Star

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