Exhibit BW (Printed in U.S.A.) Set (1950s)

Issuing Company: Exhibit Supply Company
Country of Issue: USA
Year of Issue: 1950s
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 64 (32 Male and 32 Female) (unnumbered)
Card Size: 3 3/8" x 5 3/8"
Issued as insert with what product: Came out of coin-operated arcade machines

These cards can be identified by the following characteristics:
- They have a black and white tone.
- They have a greeting before the star's autograph. The star's name is written as an autograph, and they all appear to be in different handwriting, so they could be taken from real autographs of the stars.
- In the bottom right corner of the card, it says "Printed in U. S. A."
- The back of the cards show a slightly greenish tone, differentiating them from the 1960s "Printed in U.S.A." Exhibit sets.
- "Printed in U.S.A." is 17 mm long.

Collector Scott Mt. Joy sends along additional information about this set. Scott acquired a large lot of over 400 of these cards, which included a complete set of all 64 cards, making checklisting this set easier than most of the Exhibit sets. One thing that Scott mentioned is that none of the cards he has from this set show any green tint on the back, they are the cream color of many other Exhibit cards. This is an indication to me that this set was sold over a number of years with some minor design changes, like most other Exhibit sets from this era.

Scott's group of cards is certainly a complete set for a particular year, though it is quite likely that when this set was reissued in other years, the cards for some stars may have been removed from the set and others added in their place. This was a common practice used by Exhibit for their baseball cards and movie star cards. I have a card in this same design showing Phil Silvers (Best Wishes) that is not included in Scott's set. This card was likely a replacement card for one of the cards in Scott's set in a later year of the set. There are likely some other replacement cards like this that are not listed in the following checklist.

Complete Set (compiled from Scott Mt. Joy's group) - Cream Colored

Male Set

Marlon Brando (Best Wishes)
Rossano Brazzi (Cordially)
Rory Calhoun (Sincerely)
Jeff Chandler (Sincerely Yours)
Montgomery Clift (Sincerely Yours)
Gary Cooper (Truly Yours)
Wendell Corey (Best Wishes)
Tony Curtis (Best Wishes)
Kirk Douglas (Best Wishes)
Henry Fonda (With Best Wishes)
Glenn Ford (Sincerely)
Clark Gable (Best Wishes)
Stewart Granger (Sincerely Yours)
Cary Grant (Cordially)
Charlton Heston (Cordially Yours)
William Holden (Sincerely)
Rock Hudson (Best Wishes)
Van Johnson (Best Wishes)
Gene Kelly (Best Wishes)
Fernando Lamas (Sincerely)
Alan Ladd (Cordially)
Burt Lancaster (Sincerely)
Jack Lemmon (Cordially)
Robert Mitchum (Gratefully)
Paul Newman (Yours Truly)
Jack Palance (Sincerely)
Gregory Peck (Sincerely)
Randolph Scott (Best Wishes)
Frank Sinatra (Yours Truly)
Jimmy Stewart (Sincerely)
Bob Wagner (Sincerely)
John Wayne (Good Luck)

Female Set

June Allyson (Best Wishes)
Brigitte Bardot (Sincerely)
Ann Blyth (Always)
Cyd Charisse (Sincerely)
Joan Crawford (Sincerely)
Linda Darnell (My Best Wishes)
Joanne Dru (Best Wishes)
Anne Francis (Yours Truly)
Ava Gardner (With Best Wishes)
Mitzi Gaynor (Cordially)
Betty Grable (Best Wishes)
Kathryn Grant (Best Wishes)
Susan Hayward (Sincerely)
Audrey Hepburn (Cordially)
Deborah Kerr (Best Wishes)
Janet Leigh (Sincerely)
Gina Lollobrigida (Yours Truly)
Sophia Loren (Best Wishes)
Shirley MacLaine (Best Wishes)
Jayne Mansfield (Sincerely)
Kim Novak (Sincerely)
Margaret O'Brien (Best Wishes)
Maureen O'Hara (Cordially)
Debra Paget (Sincerely)
Debbie Reynolds (With Best Wishes)
Eva Marie Saint (Regards)
Elizabeth Taylor (Always)
Lana Turner (Best Wishes)
Esther Williams (Yours Truly)
Natalie Wood (Best Wishes)
Joanne Woodward (Cordially)
Mamie Van Doren (Cordially)

Cards from this set found with slightly greenish tone on the backs, including some from the list above, but also including Phil Silvers, who is not in the list above. These are probably the same set issued in a different year.

Burt Lancaster (Sincerely)
Paul Newman (Yours Truly)
Phil Silvers (Best Wishes)
Jimmy Stewart (Sincerely)

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