Exhibit Playing Cards (Postcard Back)

Issuing Company: Exhibit Supply Company
Country of Issue: USA
Year of Issue: 1920s
Color/B&W: One color
Number of Cards in Set: unknown (unnumbered)
Card Size: 3 3/8" x 5 3/8"
Issued as insert with what product: Came out of coin-operated arcade machines

Notes: Checklist Incomplete. These cards can be found with postcard backs or blank backs. It is likely that these were issued at least twice with some differences in stars pictured. Thanks to Dan Calandriello for the majority of this checklist.

These cards can be identified by the following characteristics:
- Each card has a playing card design with the movie star pictured within the spade, club, heart, or diamond.
- They have one color (different colors seen).
- Postcard backs or blank backed.

Postcard Backs

A Tom Mix (black print on red background)

8 Wm Desmond (red print on yellow background)
Q Roy Stewart (black print on red background)
K Monte Blue (red print on white background)

J Billy Sullivan (purple print on pink background or brown print on yellow background)
A Buck Jones (brown print on yellow background)

J Fred Humes (purple print on blue background)
Q Wm S Hart (purple print on blue background)
A Bob Custer (brown print on yellow background or purple print on blue background)

Blank Backs

Spades (black print on red background)
3 Glen Hunter
4 Lefty Flynn
5 Don Coleman
6 Ted Wells
7 David Butler
9 Buzzy Barton
10 Bill Desmond
J Wally Wales
K Leo Maloney
A Tom Mix

Hearts (red print on yellow background)
Jack Luden
4 Buffalo Bill, Jr
5 Fred Church
6 Bob Custer
7 Edmund Cobb
9 Neal Hart
10 Tex Maynard
J Bob Steele
Q Ruth Roland
K Tom Tyler
Joker Bob Steele

Clubs (black print on orange background)
2 Jack Donovan
3 Wm S. Hart
4 Wm Farnum
5 Jack Padja
7 Fred Hermes
8 Bud Osborne
9 Tom Santchi
10 Jack Perrin
Q Dona Cowan
K Ken Maynard
Joker Pete Morrison

Diamonds (red print on pink background)
2 Bob Curwood
4 Antonio Moreno
5 Dustin Farnum
6 Roy Hughes
7 Bill Cody
8 Yakima Cannutt
9 Bob Reeves
10 Newton House
Q Betty Compson

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