Exhibit Movie Stamp Pictures

Issuing Company: Exhibit Supply Company
Country of Issue: USA
Year of Issue: late 1920s or early 1930s
Color/B&W: Two colors (many different combinations)
Number of Cards in Set: unknown (unnumbered)
Card Size: 3 3/8" x 5 3/8"
Issued as insert with what product: Came out of coin-operated arcade machines

Notes: Checklist Incomplete. Thanks to Dan Calandriello for most of the information provided about this set and to David York for providing additional information.

These cards can be identified by the following characteristics:
- There are 8 movie stars on each card, with each movie star in a stamp design
- Each card uses two colors, with many color combinations seen
- The same cards can be found in multiple color combinations

It appears that there are four different sets of these cards, with the following titles on the stamps:

  • STAR PICTURES STAMP - names upper/lower case.
  • STAR STAMP PICTURES - names upper/lower case.
  • STAMP PICTURES - names upper/lower case.
  • MOVIE STAMP PICTURES - names are mostly upper case.
  • No females have been seen on any of the cards. The reason for this might be that women were not usually depicted on postage stamps in the era when these cards were released. In the 1920s, virtually all postage stamps issued in the USA pictured men, so maybe these cards were trying to mirror real stamps in this way.

    Each card contains 8 stamps. Sometimes all are of the same denomination, sometimes they are mixed denominations. STAR PICTURES STAMP and STAR STAMP PICTURE cards have been seen with all the same denomination. MOVIE STAMP PICTURE cards have been seen with mixed denominations - the card I've seen contains 2 stamps each of 2, 6, 7, and 11 denominations.

    These cards are often found cut up into 8 individual stamps.

    As many as 7 different color combinations have been seen for the same actor in these cards, and it is possible that there may be more.

    Date info: Babe Ruth is pictured in his hat from the movie "Babe Comes Home" which was released in 1927, so that is the earliest this set could have been released. Other stars shown on the cards date the set to the late 1920s or early 1930s. Since there were four different sets of these cards, it is also possible the sets could have been issued over several years.


    Complete Cards Seen:
    50 Charles Chaplin
    50 Jack Dempsey
    50 Douglas Fairbanks
    50 Al Jolson
    50 Charles Lindbergh
    50 Harold Lloyd
    50 Tom Mix
    50 Babe Ruth


    Complete Cards Seen:
    15 Eddie Cantor
    15 Harry Carey
    15 Lon Chaney
    15 Ronald Colman
    15 W. C. Fields
    15 Hoot Gibson
    15 Jack Hoxie
    15 Leo Maloney

    Cut Cards by Denomination Seen:

    15 Tom Tyler
    25 John Barrymore


    10 Milton Sills


    Note: I have seen only one complete card from this set and it contained two stamps each of 2, 6, 7, and 11 denomination.

    Complete Cards Seen:
    2 Joe Cobb
    2 Tim McCoy
    6 Harry Carey Jr.
    6 Syd Chaplin
    7 Wm. Duncan
    7 Glenn Hunter
    11 Lon Chaney
    11 Al Jolson

    Cut Cards by Denomination Seen:
    1 Charles Chase
    1 Ronald Colman
    1 Ben Corbett
    1 Ralph Forbes
    1 Peewee Holmes
    1 Tim McCoy
    1 Tom Mix
    1 (Missing)

    2 Joe Cobb
    2 Reginald Denny
    2 Charles Farrell
    2 Sunny Jim
    2 Norman Kenny
    2 Tim McCoy
    2 Frank Merrill
    2 Bert Roach

    3 George K. Arthur
    3 Johnny Mack Brown
    3 Francis X. Bushman Jr.
    3 George Cooper
    3 Ricardo Cortez
    3 George Jessel
    3 Arthur Lake
    3 George Lewis

    4 Bob Custer
    4 Roy D'Arcy
    4 Jack Donovan
    4 Milton H. Farney
    4 George Meeker
    4 Pete Morrison
    4 Jack Osterman
    4 Jack Perrin

    5 Rex Bell
    5 Leo Maloney
    5 Tex Maynard
    5 Tom Mix
    5 Bud Osborne
    5 Bob Steele
    5 Roy Stewart
    5 Ted Wells

    6 Buffalo Bill
    6 Harry Carey Jr.
    6 Syd Chaplin
    6 Monty Collins
    6 Jerry Drew
    6 Doug. Fairbanks Jr.
    6 Lloyd Hamilton
    6 Buster Keaton

    7 Monte Blue
    7 Ricardo Cortez
    7 Howard Davis
    7 Wm. Duncan
    7 Glenn Hunter
    7 Mickey
    7 Roy Stewart
    7 Billy Sullivan

    8 Sonny Boy
    8 Vernon Dent
    8 Richard Dix
    8 Farina
    8 Robert Frazer
    8 Hoot Gibson
    8 Jean Hirsholt (Hersholt)
    8 Tom Mix

    10 Jack Holt
    10 Buck Jones
    10 Victor McLaglen
    10 Tom Mix
    10 Jack Moxie
    10 Geo O'Brien
    10 Will Rogers
    10 Wheezer

    11 Lon Chaney
    11 Ronald Colman
    11 William Haines
    11 Al Jolson
    11 Owen Moore
    11 Glenn Tryon
    11 Ben Turpin
    11 Tom Tyler

    13 Art Acord
    13 Monte Blue
    13 Joe Cobb
    13 Fred Gilman
    13 Wm S. Hart
    13 Jack Holt
    13 Buck Jones
    13 Tom Mix

    15 Richard Barthelmess
    15 Frankie Darro
    15 Wm Desmond
    15 Hoot Gibson
    15 John Gilbert
    15 Francis McDonald
    15 Wallace McDonald
    15 Ted Wells

    25 Buzzy Barton
    25 Joe Bonomo
    25 Bob Curwood
    25 Wm S. Hart
    25 Scooter Lowry
    25 Conrad Nagel
    25 Ramon Novarro
    25 Harry Spear

    50 David Collins
    50 Creighton Hale
    50 Harold Lloyd
    50 Stan Laurel
    50 James Murray
    50 Rod La Rocque
    50 Joseph Schildkraut
    50 Harry Spear

    75 John Boles
    75 Wm. Desmond
    75 Fred Humes
    75 Rex Lease
    75 Ken Maynard
    75 Eddie Phillips
    75 Buddy Roosevelt
    75 Tom Santschi

    100 Rex Bell
    100 Big Boy
    100 Harry Carey
    100 Douglas Fairbanks
    100 William Farnum
    100 George Lewis
    100 Jack Padgans
    100 Tom Tyler

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