Dixie Lids Movie Stars 1946

Issuing Company: Dixie
Country of Issue: USA
Year of Issue: 1946
Color/B&W: Blue Color
Number of Cards in Set: 24
Card Size: 2 1/4" diameter (small) or 2 3/4" diameter (medium) or 3 1/2" diameter (extra large)
Issued as insert with what product: Ice Cream

Notes: A scarce 3 1/2" diameter lid size is available. This is the largest size Dixie Lid of any year. The Cloverdale Ice Cream Co. appears to be the only source of these extra large lids.

Special thanks to Dixie Lids expert Steve Leone for providing most of the information for this checklist.

Johnny Mack Brown and Raymond Hatton in "Drifting Along"
Rod Cameron in "Frontier Gal"
Jeanne Crain in "Centennial Summer"
Bing Crosby in "Blue Skies"
Linda Darnell in "Centennial Summer"
Brian Donlevy in "Two Years Before the Mast"
"Wild" Bill Elliott and Bobby Blake in "Sheriff of Redwood Valley"
Dale Evans in "Song of Arizona"
Judy Garland in "The Harvey Girls"
Peggy Ann Garner in "Home Sweet Homicide"
Greer Garson in "Adventure"
June Haver and John Payne in "Wake Up and Dream"
Betty Hutton in "Cross My Heart"
Veronica Lake and Alan Ladd in "Blue Dahlia"
Diana Lynn in "Hearts Were Growing Up"
Fred MacMurray in "Smoky"
Ray Milland in "Well Groomed Bride"
Gregory Peck in "The Yearling"
Roy Rogers in "Song of Arizona"
Peggy Ryan - Playing in Universal Pictures
Bob Steele and Syd Saylor in "Six Gun Man"
John Wayne in "Dakota"
Cornell Wilde in "Centennial Summer"
Esther Williams in "Early to Wed"

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