Mickey Mouse with the Movie Stars (R90)

Issuing Company:
Country of Issue: USA
Year of Issue: 1930s
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set: 24 with Movie Stars (120 total Mickey Mouse cards)
Card Size: 2 1/4" x 2 5/8"
Issued as insert with what product: Bubble Gum

Notes: This set contains a total of 120 cards. The first 96 cards show cartoons of Mickey Mouse in various situations. Numbers 97-120 show cartoons of Mickey Mouse with famous actors and actresses. The Mickey Mouse with the Movie Stars cards were not originally issued with the first 96 cards, but were issued later. They are much scarcer than the lower numbers. Just 97-120 are checklisted here. The American Card Catalog number for the first 96 cards in this set is R89. The Catalog number for the Mickey Mouse with the Movie Stars cards, numbered from 97-120 is R90.

Not all of the movie star identifications on these cards have not been absolutely confirmed yet.

97. S-o-o! You're a Wynndow Cleaner! (Ed Wynn)
98. It's an Honor to Have You Play in my Spectacle! (Charles Coburn)
99. 'Lo Mickey Marx! Hi, Groucho Mouse! (Groucho Marx)
100. How Do You Manage to Draw So Well, Mickey? Where There's A Will There's a Way. (Will Rogers)
101. Am I Right on the Left Page, Mickey? Of Course But I'm Left on the Right Page. (John Payne)
102. You Sure Made an Impression on Me. (Joan Bennett)
103. Life Is Just a Bowl of Chariots. (Eddie Cantor)
104. The Little Seizer. (Edward G. Robinson)
105. The Biggest Opening I've Ever Seen in Hollywood. (Joe E. Brown)
106. My Next Picture will Be Silent, Mickey... So-You Won't Talk Eh! (Charlie Chaplin)
107. I Can't Get Mickey off My Mind. (Harpo Marx)
108. Blondells Prefer Gentlemen. (Joan Blondell)
109. I'm Getting Off Something Big. (Jimmy Durante)
110. Lip and Let Lip. (Maurice Chevalier)
111. A Dime for This? Yes, Ten Cents a Trance. (Boris Karloff)
112. O.K. Mickey More Powell to You (William Powell)
113. So You're Leaving Me Flat? (Greta Garbo)
114. Doug Gone! He's Off Again. (Douglas Fairbanks)
115. You Can Be Had! (Mae West)
116. So You're Putting on the High Hat, Eh? That's Over My Head, Mr. Menjou. (Adolph Menjou)
117. Look Out I'm Going to Strike You! Ah! At Last I've Met My Match! (Wallace Beery)
118. Le'slee How Shall We Take This? Howard This Pose Do, Mickey? (Leslie Howard)
119. Sworda Mad, Eh? (Richard Dix)
120. Mickey You're Certainly Handy for a Laugh! (Laurel and Hardy)

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