Hollywood Starstamps

Issuing Company: Motion Picture Relief Fund
Country of Issue: USA
Year of Issue: 1947
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set: 474
Card Size: different sizes
Issued as insert with what product: Sold in stamp sheets for 10 cents a sheet.

Notes: These are stamps, not cards. There are 45 different stamp sheets in this issue, with each sheet containing 6, 9, or 12 stamps per sheet. An album was also issued with this set.

This set was apparently the brainchild of actor Jean Hersholt. At the time this set was issued, Hersholt was the President of the Motion Picture Relief Fund. This was an organization set up in 1921 to raise money and help actors and others in the film industry who were ill or down on their luck. This organization continues to this day and is now called the Motion Picture and Television Fund. The motto of this organization is "We Take Care of Our Own." Hersholt was President of the Motion Picture Relief Fund from 1939 to 1956. There is now a Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award which is given out from time to time at the Academy Awards to honor an "individual in the motion picture industry whose humanitarian efforts have brought credit to the industry."

The purpose of this stamp set was to raise money for the Motion Picture Relief Fund. Harlich Manufacturing of Chicago is credited as the manufacturer of the album. The album states that this set was "Approved by National Poster Stamp Society. Certificate No. 195." It was envisioned that there would be future versions of this stamp collection, as these were titled "First Edition." It appears there was never a second edition.

Great care was used in producing this album and the Hollywood Star Stamps. The album contains an interesting writeup titled "Instructions for Hollywood Starstamp Collectors." Here is what it states:

"Hollywood Star-Quiz-Stamps test your movie knowledge. Directions on each of the 4 "Movie Quiz" pages will enable you to place these stamps in their proper places, if you know your movies. If you are not certain, do not stick the stamps in place until you refer to the Index (inside back cover). Check the stamp code letter with the Star's name in the Index and this will give you a clue.

36 pages of this Album are devoted to the various series of Hollywood Starstamps, which are available in Packets (12, 9, or 6 different stamps to a Packet sheet) at all places where the Hollywood Screen Stars Stamp Album is sold.

A complimentary sheet of Star Stamps is attached to this Album as a specimen of the fine lithography used in this issue of stamps.

With the exception of Star-Quiz-Stamps, each stamp bears a number which corresponds with the number in the place provided in the Album for stamps. Each stamp also bears the Packet letter and these also correspond with the Packet letter printed in the stamp space in the Album. With this system you cannot misplace stamps. You may determine at a glance what Packet contains desired stamps. Ask for Star Stamps by Packet letter.

15 Packets with letter "A" through the alphabet to "O," contain the Starland Series";
12 Packets with the letter"P through the alphabet to "Z with "XX" added, contain stamps from various series;
4 Packets: "IN" - "WW" - "GB" - "FF", contain International Series;
1 Packet: "FC", Face Card stamps.
6 Packets: "PA" - "PB" - "PC" - "PD" - "PE" - "PF", double size stamps.
3 Packets: "AAA" - "AAB" - "AAC", Annual Academy Awards."
3 Packets: "ASA" - "ASB" - "ASC", "Academy Special and Supporting Awards."
1 Packet: "US", "Historical Characters" (Movie Quiz No. 1)

Total of 45 Packets containing 474 StarStamps, comprise this issue. The only personalities accorded more than one stamp are the Academy Award winners."

Special thanks to Dan Calandriello, Lee Barrie, Ken Rozek, and Keith Pennington for lots of help in putting together this information.

A1 Brian Aherne
A16 Humphrey Bogart
A31 Robert Cummings
A46 Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
A61 Ruth Hussey
A76 Joan Leslie
A91 George Montgomery
A106 Dick Powell
A121 Lizabeth Scott
A136 Sonny Tufts
A151 Cyd Charisse
A152 Richard Hart

B2 Eddie Albert
B17 Lee Bowman
B32 Peggy Cummins
B47 Henry Fonda
B62 Robert Hutton
B77 John Loder
B92 Robert Montgomery
B107 William Powell
B122 Martha Scott
B137 Lana Turner
B153 Lois Collier
B154 Peter Lind Hays

C3 Robert Alda
C18 George Brent
C33 Helmut Dantine
C48 Joan Fontaine
C63 Gloria Jean
C78 Myrna Loy
C93 Dennis Morgan
C108 Tyrone Power
C123 Ann Sheridan
C138 Vera-Ellen
C155 Cathy Downs
C156 Frank Latimore

D4 Louise Allbritton
D19 Barbara Britton
D34 Linda Darnell
D49 Clark Gable
D64 Van Johnson
D79 Ida Lupino
D94 Chester Morris
D109 Robert Preston
D124 Sylvia Sidney
D139 June Vincent
D157 Dale Evans
D158 Philip Terry

E5 June Allyson
E20 Vanessa Brown
E35 Laraine Day
E50 John Garfield
E65 Jennifer Jones
E80 Diana Lynn
E95 Wayne Morris
E110 Vincent Price
E125 Alexis Smith
E140 Robert Walker
E159 Mona Freeman
E160 John Coy

F6 Dana Andrews
F21 James Cagney
F36 Don DeFore
F51 Paulette Goddard
F66 Evelyn Keyes
F81 Jeffrey Lynn
F96 George Murphy
F111 George Raft
F126 Kent Smith
F141 Ruth Warwick
F161 Frances Gifford
F162 Marshall Thompson

G7 Lew Ayres
G22 Richard Carlson
G37 Gloria DeHaven
G52 Bonita Granville
G67 Andrea King
G82 Fred MacMurray
G97 Edmond O'Brien
G112 Ella Raines
G127 Barbara Stanwyck
G142 John Wayne
G163 Jane Greer
G164 Robert Ryan

H8 Lauren Bacall
H23 John Carroll
H38 Olivia DeHavilland
H53 Nancy Guild
H68 Charles Korvin
H83 Guy Madison
H98 Pat O'Brien
H113 Gene Raymond
H128 Mark Stevens
H143 Orson Welles
H165 Barbara Hale
H166 Bill Williams

I9 Lynn Bari
I24 Marguerite Chapman
I39 Marlene Dietrich
I54 Sterling Hayden
I69 Alan Ladd
I84 Vic Mature
I99 Martha O'Driscoll
I114 Donna Reed
I129 Jimmy Stewart
I144 Cornell Wilde
I167 Adele Jergens
I168 Willard Parker

J10 Anne Baxter
J25 Dane Clark
J40 Richard Dix
J55 Susan Hayward
J70 Veronica Lake
J85 Marilyn Maxwell
J100 Dennis O'Keefe
J115 Ronald Regan
J130 Gale Storm
J145 Teresa Wright
J169 Cathy O'Donnell
J170 Farley Granger

K11 Warner Baxter
K26 Richard Conte
K41 Melvyn Douglas
K56 Van Heflin
K71 Heddy Lamarr
K86 Lon McCallister
K101 Eleanor Parker
K116 Joyce Reynolds
K131 John Sutton
K146 Jane Wyman
K171 Aileene Roberts
K172 Rory Calhoun

L12 Bruce Bennett
L27 Gary Cooper
L42 Ellen Drew
L57 Paul Henreid
L72 Burt Lancaster
L87 Dorothy McGuire
L102 Larry Parks
L117 Marjorie Reynolds
L132 Robert Taylor
L147 Gig Young
L173 Lynn Roberts
L174 William Marshall

M13 Constance Bennett
M28 Joseph Cotten
M29 Jeanne Crain
M43 Irene Dunne
M58 John Hodiak
M73 Glen Langan
M88 Catherine McLeod
M103 John Payne
M118 Cesar Romero
M133 Gene Tierney
M148 Loretta Young
M175 Audrey Totter
M176 James Craig

N14 Joan Bennett
N29 Jeanne Crain
N44 Dan Duryea
N59 William Holden
N74 Carole Landis
N89 Ray Milland
N104 Gregory Peck
N119 Gail Russell
N134 Franchot Tone
N149 Robert Young
N177 Beverly Tyler
N178 Tom Drake

O15 Ann Blyth
O30 Joan Crawford
O45 Ann Dvorak
O60 Marsha Hunt
O75 Priscilla Lane
O90 Robert Mitchum
O105 Susan Peters
O120 Peggy Ryan
O135 Claire Trevor
O150 Vera Zorina
O179 Virginia Welles
O180 MacDonald Carey

P181 Lucille Ball
P182 Bette Davis
P183 Greer Garson
P184 Merle Oberon
P185 Rosalind Russell
P186 Audie Murphy
P198 Gene Autry
P210 Bobby Blake
P222 Fred Astaire
P244 Perry Como
P256 Vivian Blaine
P (no number) Andrew Sisters

Q187 Jane Adams
Q199 William Boyd (Hopalong Cassidy)
Q211 Patti Brady
Q223 Ethel Barrymore
Q245 Crosby (Bing)
Q257 Deanna Durbin
Q (no number) Du Barry
Q (no number) Mme. Curie
Q (no number) Queen Elizabeth
Q (no number) Sister Kenny
Q (no number) Georges Sand
Q (no number) Dr. Watson (Nigel Bruce)

R1 Hearts - Bud Abbott
R1 Spades - Wallace Beery
R1 Diamonds - Charles Bickford
R1 Clubs - Eddie Bracken
R188 Lois Butler
R200 Johnny Mack Brown
R212 Ted Donaldson
R224 Barbara Bel Geddes
R234 Carmen Cavallaro
R246 Dennis Day
R258 Alice Faye
R (no number) Smiley Burnette

S2 Joe E. Brown
S2 Leo Carrillo
S2 Lou Costello
S2 Howard DeSilva
S189 Faith Domergue
S201 Bill Elliott
S213 Claude Jarman Jr.
S225 Joan Caulfield
S235 Bob Crosby
S247 Nelson Eddy
S259 Garland (Judy)
S (no number) "Bazooka Bob" (Burns)

T3 Eddie Cantor
T3 Charlie Chaplin
T3 Charles Coburn
T3 Sidney Greenstreet
T190 Wanda Hendricks
T202 Monte Hale
T214 Butch Jenkins
T226 Katherine Hepburn
T236 Xavier Cugat
T248 Tito Guizar
T260 Kathryn Grayson
T (no number) Judy Canova

U4 Boris Karloff
U4 Jerry Colona
U4 Hume Cronyn
U4 Jimmy Durante
U191 Gloria Henry
U203 George G. Hayes
U215 Jo Ann Marlowe
U227 Celeste Holm
U237 Jimmy Dorsey
U249 Dick Haymes
U261 Betty Hutton
U (no number) Billy DeWolfe

V5 William Demarest
V5 Bob Hope
V5 Charles Laughton
V5 Leon Erroll
V192 Elyse Knox
V204 Tim Holt
V216 Connie Marshall
V228 Gene Kelly
V238 Tommy Dorsey
V250 Allan Jones
V262 Frances Langford
V (no number) Russell Hayden

W6 Reginald Gardiner
W6 Danny Kaye
W6 Stan Laurel
W6 Peter Lorre
W193 Janet Leigh
W205 Allan Lane
W217 Sharyn Moffett
W229 John Lund
W239 Phil Harris
W251 Tony Martin
W263 Jeanette MacDonald
W (no number) James Kirkwood Jr.

X7 Oliver Hardy
X7 Harpo Marx
X7 Walter Huston
X7 Bela Lugosi
X194 Dorothy Malone
X206 Tex Ritter
X218 Margaret O'Brien
X230 Burgess Meredith
X240 Jose Iturbi
X252 Andy Russell
X264 Ilona Massey
X (no number) Lassie

Y Trigger
Y8 Edgar Kennedy
Y8 Groucho Marx
Y8 Victor McLaglen
Y8 Adolphe Menjou
Y195 Janet Martin
Y207 Roy Rogers
Y219 Beverly Simmons
Y231 Claude Rains
Y241 Kay Kyser
Y253 Frank Sinatra
Y265 Constance Moore

Z Lawrence Tierney
Z9 Chico Marx
Z9 Frank Morgan
Z9 Paul Muni
Z9 Donald O'Connor
Z196 Jacqueline White
Z208 Charles Starrett
Z220 Dean Stockwell
Z232 Zachary Scott
Z242 Harry James
Z254 David Street
Z266 Jane Powell

AAA 1929 Mary Pickford
AAA 1929 Warner Baxter
AAA 1930 Norma Shearer
AAA 1930 George Arliss
AAA 1931 Lionel Barrymore - Marie Dressler
AAA 1932 Frederic March
AAA 1932 Wallace Beery
AAA 1933 Katharine Hepburn
AAA 1933 Charles Laughton
AAA 1934 Claudette Colbert
AAA 1934 Clark Gable
AAA 1938 Katherine Hepburn
AAB 1935 Bette Davis - Victor McLaglen
AAB 1936 Paul Muni - Luise Rainer
AAB 1937 Luise Rainer - Spencer Tracy
AAB 1938 Spencer Tracy - Bette Davis
AAB 1939 Robert Donat - Vivien Leigh
AAB 1940 Ginger Rogers - Jimmy Stewart
AAC 1941 Joan Fontaine - Gary Cooper
AAC 1942 Greer Garson - James Cagney
AAC 1943 Paul Lucas - Jennifer Jones
AAC 1944 Bing Crosby - Ingrid Bergman
AAC 1945 Ray Milland - Joan Crawford
AAC 1946 Fredric March - Olivia DeHavilland
ASA 1928 Charlie Chaplin
ASA 1928 Janet Gaynor
ASA 1932 Helen Hayes
ASA 1933 Janet Gaynor
ASA 1934 Shirley Temple
ASA 1938 Mickey Rooney
ASA 1938 Edgar Bergen
ASA 1938 Deanna Durbin
ASA 1939 Judy Garland
ASA 1939 Jean Hersholt
ASB 1936 Walter Brennan - Gale Sondergaard
ASB 1937 Joseph Schildkraut - Alice Brady
ASB 1940 Bob Hope
ASB 1942 Charles Boyer
ASB 1944 Margaret O'Brien
ASB 1945 Peggy Ann Garner
ASB 1945 Frank Sinatra
ASB 1946 Claude Jarman Jr.
ASB 1946 Laurence Olivier
ASC 1938 Walter Brennan - Fay Bainter
ASC 1939 Hattie McDaniel - Thomas Mitchell
ASC 1940 Jane Darwell - Walter Brennan
ASC 1941 Mary Astor - Donald Crisp
ASC 1942 Theresa Wright - Van Heflin
ASC 1943 Katina Paxinou - Charles Coburn
ASC 1944 Ethel Barrymore - Barry Fitzgerald
ASC 1945 Anne Revere - James Dunn
ASC 1946 Anne Baxter - Harold Russell

FC Jack Clubs - Jack Haley
FC Queen Clubs - Cass Daley
FC King Clubs - Keenan Wynn
FC Jack Diamonds - Jack Carson
FC Queen Diamonds - Eve Arden
FC King Diamonds - Monty Wooley
FC Jack Hearts - Jack Oakie
FC Queen Hearts - Joan Davis
FC King Hearts - Red Skelton
FC Jack Spades - Jack Benny
FC Queen Spades - Anne Revere
FC King Spades - Walter Slezak

FF272 Ricardo Montalban
FF273 Arturo DeCordova
FF276 Carmen Miranda
FF287 Paul Lucas
FF289 Valli
FF309 Ingrid Bergman
FF310 Signe Hasso
FF311 Viveca Lindfors
FF312 Barry Fitzgerald
FF313 Geraldine Fitzgerald
FF314 Brian Donlevy
FF315 Maureen O'Hara

GB290 Phyllis Calvert
GB291 Ronald Colman
GB292 Gracie Fields
GB293 Richard Greene
GB294 Rex Harrison
GB295 Deborah Kerr
GB299 James Mason
GB300 David Niven
GB301 Lilli Palmer
GB302 George Sanders
GB303 Elizabeth Taylor
GB304 Ann Todd

IJ191 Gloria Henry

IN268 Rod Cameron (Canada)
IN269 Glenn Ford (Canada)
IN270 Dorothy Patrick (Canada)
IN271 Walter Pidgeon (Canada)
IN274 Desi Arnez (Cuba)
IN275 Jinx Falkenberg (Chile)
IN277 Maria Montez (Dominican Rep)
IN296 Angela Lansbury (Great Britain)
IN297 Peter Lawford (Great Britain)
IN298 Herbert Marshall (Great Britain)
IN306 Charles Boyer (France)
IN307 Claudette Colbert (France)

PA Lionel Barrymore
PA1 Jackie Cooper
PA7 Betty Grable
PA13 Janet Blair
PA19 Rhonda Fleming
PA25 Belita

PB William Bendix
PB2 Peggy Garner
PB8 June Haver
PB14 Janis Carter
PB20 Anne Gwynne
PB26 Arlene Dahl

PC3 Roddy McDowall
PC9 Rita Hayworth
PC15 Yvonne DeCarlo
PC21 Anne Jeffreys
PC27 Ann Miller
PC (no number) Jean Hersholt

PD4 Mickey Rooney
PD10 Dorothy Lamour
PD16 Ava Gardner
PD22 Adele Mara
PD28 Vera Ralston
PD (no number) Arthur Lake

PE Basil Rathbone
PE5 Shirley Temple
PE11 Ginger Rogers
PE17 Virginia Mayo
PE23 Marie McDonald
PE29 Olga San Juan

PF Ann Sothern
PF6 Jane Withers
PF12 Esther Williams
PF18 Janis Paige
PF24 Jane Russell
PF30 Martha Vickers

US Don Ameche
US Edward Arnold
US Errol Flynn
US Jon Hall
US Alexander Knox
US Frederic March
US Raymond Massey
US Joel McCrea
US Spencer Tracy

WW278 Turhan Bey
WW279 Philip Dorn
WW280 Sonja Heine
WW281 Kurt Kreuger
WW282 Francis Lederer
WW283 Ron Randall
WW284 Ann Richards
WW285 Christine Miller
WW286 Sabu
WW288 Akim Tamiroff
WW305 Annabella
WW308 Louis Jourdon

XX Johnny Weissmuller
XX10 Hearts - Harold Lloyd
XX10 Diamonds - Lloyd Nolan
XX10 Spades - Edward G. Robinson
XX10 Clubs - Phil Silvers
XX197 Margo Woode
XX209 Jimmy Wakely
XX221 Natalie Wood
XX233 Clifton Webb
XX243 Paul Whiteman
XX255 Rudy Vallee
XX267 Ginny Simms

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