Goudey Oh Boy Gum Cards

Issuing Company: Goudey Gum Company
Country of Issue: Boston, USA
Year of Issue: 1929
Color/B&W: One color tone (green, purple, blue, pinkish red, brownish red)
Number of Cards in Set: unknown (unnumbered)
Card Size: postcard sized
Issued as insert with what product: Gum

Notes: Checklist probably not complete. Blank backed. Unnumbered. 31 cards listed, though there are probably 32 in the set. This set is listed as E282 in the American Card Catalog.

Date info: Most of the movies in this set were released in 1929, so I'm putting a 1929 date on the set. This set shows mostly scenes from western films, with most starring Tom Mix or Ken Maynard. The films earlier than 1929 mostly are Tom Mix films.

Cheyenne (Ken Maynard)
From Headquarters (Monte Blue)
Just Tony (three people around table) (Tom Mix)
Just Tony (three people - two men shaking hands) (Tom Mix)
No Defense (people standing on trestle)
No Defense (train wreck on trestle)
Rough Riding Romance (man on horse talking to group) (Tom Mix)
Rough Riding Romance (two men by a fence with a cow) (Tom Mix)
Softboiled (Tom Mix)
Stairs of Sand (man shoting through window) (Wallace Beery)
Stairs of Sand (man with cigarette, $1000 reward sign on wall) (Wallace Beery)
Stairs of Sand (man with gun against wall) (Wallace Beery)
The Canyon of Adventure (Ken Maynard)
The Clean Up Man (Ted Wells)
The Deadwood Coach (man and woman near canyon) (Tom Mix)
The Deadwood Coach (man eating fruit) (Tom Mix)
The Deadwood Coach (man and woman with man on ground) (Tom Mix)
The Glorious Trail (two cowboys and an Indian) (Ken Maynard)
The Glorious Trail (man with gun and woman) (Ken Maynard)
The Lone Star Ranger (Tom Mix)
The Phantom Flyer
The Two Black Crows (Charles Mack, George Moran)
The Upland Rider (Ken Maynard)
The Wagon Show (man sitting on stool with lasso & chaps) (Ken Maynard)
The Wagon Show (man standing with lasso and chaps) (Ken Maynard)
Tom Mix and Jack Dempsey
Welcome Danger (drying dishes) (Harold Lloyd)
Welcome Danger (with car - two women in car, car face right) (Harold Lloyd)
Welcome Danger (with car - woman driving, car face left) (Harold Lloyd)
Welcome Danger (with car - three men in car, boy driving) (Harold Lloyd)
No caption (Tom Mix on horse with lasso)

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