Klene Shirley Temple Cards

Issuing Company: Klene
Country of Issue: Holland
Year of Issue: 1935
Color/B&W: Some B&W, some color
Number of Cards in Set: numbered to 210, no numbers 51-80
Card Size: 2 3/8" x 2 3/4"
Issued as insert with what product: Gum

Notes: Blank-backed. This set has black and white and color cards. It was probably issued in separate series. All cards have a title of "Shirley Temple" with a number.

Numbers 1-50 are in black and white. Numbers 51-80 were not issued. Numbers 81 to 210 are in color. In the color cards, some have blue text, while others have black text.

Numbers seen so far are listed below.

5. holding hula hoop (black and white)
6. head shot (black and white)
8. saluting (black and white)
10. holding football with dog (black and white)
11. head and shoulders (black and white)
12. head shot (black and white)
13. taking picture of teddy bear (black and white)
14. with basket of puppies (black and white)
15. having a picnic (black and white)
16. sitting on flat chair (black and white)
19. bursting through paper and waving (black and white)
20. view to hips (black and white)
21. with birthday cake 'Happy Birthday Shirley' (black and white)
22. head and shoulders (black and white)
23. head shot with bonnet (black and white)
24. holding doll (black and white)
25. leaning out the window (black and white)
26. sitting in chair (black and white)
28. kneeling backwards in chair (black and white)
29. wearing sailor outfit and holding sailor hat (black and white)
30. head shot (black and white)
31. head shot (black and white)
32. reading script? (black and white)
33. watering flowers (black and white)
34. holding candle and yawning (black and white)
35. head and shoulders wearing hat (black and white)
36. standing next to flower vase (black and white)
39. (black and white)
40. head and shoulders (black and white)
42. head shot (black and white)
43. holding pipe with bubble (black and white)
44. head and shoulder image, smiling (black and white)
45. holding doll (Shirley Temple doll?) (black and white)
46. sitting in chair (black and white)
47. head and shoulders (black and white)
48. eating cake and ice cream (black and white)
50. riding a sled (black and white)
82. holding small dog (black and white)
83. standing wearing short dress (black and white)
84. head and shoulders (black and white)
97. lying on bed (black and white)
132. head and shoulders (color)
141. Wearing blue dungarees adn a blue cap (color, blue text)

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