Dutch "A." Set (A Serif)

Issuing Company: Unknown - Dutch Gum Card
Country of Issue: Sweden
Year of Issue:
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set: 300
Card Size: 1 3/4" x 2 3/4"
Issued as insert with what product: Gum

Notes: Blank-backed, no company name listed.

This set appears very similar to the A. Set (A Sans Serif). The best way to tell these sets apart is that the "A" on the A Serif set contains a line on the bottom of the A (a serif). The "A" for the A. Set (Sans Serif) set consists of completely straight lines (sans serif). The period after the "A" is also indented a little further after the "A" in the Sans Serif set and is right next to the "A" in the Serif set. The checklists are different for the two sets.

A.1 Elvis Presley
A.2 Tommy Steele
A.3 Dennis Morgan
A.4 Brigitte Bardot
A.5 Doris Day
A.6 Shelly Winters
A.7 Marion Michael
A.8 D. Hart - Elvis Presley
A.9 Eddie Constantine
A.10 Duke Ellington
A.11 Richard Greene
A.12 Jeff Chandler
A.13 Janet Leigh - Tony Curtis
A.14 Dorothy Dandridge
A.15 Bibi Johns
A.16 Tommy Steele
A.17 Elvis Presley
A.18 Art Tatum
A.19 Kim Novak
A.20 Jayne Mansfield
A.21 Tommy Sands
A.22 Elvis Presley - J. Tyler
A.23 Elizabeth Taylor
A.24 Brigitte Bardot
A.25 Richard Widmark
A.26 Harry Belafonte
A.27 Jack Mahoney
A.28 Kim Novak
A.29 Tony Curtis
A.30 Gina Lollobrigida
A.31 Elvis Presley
A.32 Gina Lollobrigida
A.33 Tony Curtis - Linda Christal (Cristal)
A.34 Brigitte Bardot
A.35 James Dean
A.36 Paul Anka
A.37 Glenn Ford
A.38 Sophia Loren
A.39 Brigitte Bardot
A.40 Anthony Perkins
A.41 Elvis Presley
A.42 Joel McCrea
A.43 Debbie Reynolds
A.44 Sophia Loren
A.45 Bibi Johns - P. Alexander
A.46 John Saxon
A.47 Kirk Douglas
A.48 Glenn Ford
A.49 Caterina Valente
A.50 Audrey Hepburn
A.51 Tommy Sands
A.52 Tommy Steele
A 53 Gary Cooper
A 54 Burt Lancaster
A 55 Elizabeth Taylor
A 56 Brigitte Bardot
A 57 Doris Day
A 58 Gina Lollobrigida
A 59 Marion Michael
A 60 Mamie van Doren - Ray Anthony
A 61 Harry Belafonte
A 62 Toni Sailer
A 63 Eddie Constantine
A 64 Brigitte Bardot
A 65 Bibi Johns - P. Alexander
A 66 Elvis Presley
A 67 John Gavin
A 68 Caterina Valente
A 69 Marion Michael
A 70 Anita Ekberg
A 71 L. Gerhard
A 72 Audie Murphy
A 73 Jayne Mansfield
A 74 Jean Simmons
A 75 M. Melcher - Doris Day
A 76 Tommy Steele
A 77 Duke Ellington
A 78 Doris Day
A 79 Bibi Johns
A 80 Brigitte Bardot
A 81 Roy Rogers - Pat Brady
A 82 Susanne Cramer
A 83 Judy Holliday
A 84 Ingrid Bergman
A 85 Frank Sinatra - Kim Novak
A 86 Elvis Presley
A 87 Nat King Cole
A 88 Ray Anthony
A 89 Debbie Reynolds
A 90 Brigitte Bardot
A 91 Elvis Presley
A 92 Johnny Mathis
A.93 Gary Cooper
A 94 Michael Ande
A 95 Tony Curtis - Sidney Portier (Poitier)
A 96 Nat King Cole
A 97 Dorothy Malone
A 98 June Allyson
A 99 Audrey Hepburn
A 100 Sophia Loren
A 101 Pat Boone
A 102 Tommy Sands
A 103 James Dean
A 104 Humphrey Bogart
A 105 Curt Jurgens - Danny Kaye
A 106 Marilyn Monroe
A 107 Gina Lollobrigida
A 108 Anita Ekberg
A 109 Brigitte Bardot
A 110 Pearl Bailey
A 111 Elvis Presley
A 112 Harry Belafonte
A 113 Frank Sinatra
A 114 Danny Kaye
A 115 Sophia Loren - William Holden
A 116 Gina Lollobrigida
A 117 Diana Dors
A 118 Brigitte Bardot
A 119 Marion Michael
A 120 Maria Schell
A 121 Paul Anka
A 122 Tommy Sands
A 123 William Elliot
A 124 Rock Hudson
A 125 Fats Domino - W. Cowan
A 126 James Stewart - Kim Novak
A 127 Janet Leigh
A 128 Brigitte Bardot
A 129 Sophia Loren
A 130 Kim Novak A 131 Tommy Sands
A 132 William Elliot
A 133 George Nader
A 134 Toni Sailer
A 135 J. Tyler - Elvis Presley
A 136 Caterina Valente
A 137 Brigitte Bardot
A 138 Ella Fitzgerald
A 139 Sophia Loren
A 140 Esther Williams
A 141 Elvis Presley
A 142 Louis Armstrong
A 143 Gary Cooper
A 144 Les Baxter
A 145 Caterina Valente - G. Riedmann
A 146 Audrey Hepburn
A 147 Rossana Podesta
A 148 Sophia Loren
A 149 Pier Angeli
A.150 Ingrid Bergman
A.151 Roy Rogers
A.152 Cary Gray-Lassy (Gary Gray-Lassie)
A.153 Rock Hudson
A.154 Ricky Nelson
A.155 Harry Belafonte
A.156 Tommy Sands
A.157 Francoise Arnoul
A.158 Marion Michael
A.159 Sophia Loren
A.160 Lana Turner
A.161 Gary Cooper
A.162 Lassie
A.163 Tommy Steele
A.164 Lars Lönndahl
A.165 Danny Kaye
A.166 Doris Day
A.167 Sophia Loren
A.168 Jayne Mansfield
A.169 Eddie Constantine
A.170 Debbie Reynolds
A.171 Sterling Hayden
A.172 Lassie
A.173 Ingemar Johansson
A.174 Lars Lönndahl
A.175 Yul Brynner
A.176 Montgomery Clift
A.177 Sophia Loren
A.178 Brigitte Bardot
A.179 Sophia Loren
A.180 John Saxon
A.181 Roy Rogers
A.182 Lassie
A.183 Tommy Steele
A.184 Johnny Mathis
A.185 Ingemar Johansson
A.186 Glenn Ford
A.187 Brigitte Bardot
A.188 Elisabeth Taylor (Elizabeth)
A.189 Sophia Loren
A.190 Marion Michael
A.191 Wild Bill Elliot
A.192 Lassie
A.193 Rock Hudson
A.194 Ricky Nelson
A.195 Brigitte Bardot
A.196 Pat Boone
A.197 John Acar
A.198 Dorothy Dandridge
A.199 Brigitte Bardot
A.200 Gina Lollobrigida
A.201 Gordon Scott
A.202 Richard Greene
A.203 William Holden
A.204 Heidi Bruhl
A.205 Doris Day
A.206 Harry Belafonte
A.207 Elvis Presley
A.208 Frank Sinatra
A.209 Gina Lollobrigida
A.210 Eddie Constantine
A.211 Ingrid Bergman
A.212 Charlton Heston
A.213 Pat Boone
A.214 Elvis Presley
A.215 Jeff Chandler
A.216 Frank Sinatra
A.217 Gordon Scott
A.218 Marion Michael
A.219 Gina Lollobrigida
A.220 Brigitte Bardot
A.221 Eddie Fisher
A.222 Ingrid Bergman
A.223 Gina Lollobrigida
A.224 Brigitte Bardot
A.225 Burt Lancaster
A.226 Cary Grant
A.227 Stan Kenton
A.228 Elvis Presley
A.229 George Montgomery
A.230 Sophia Loren
A.231 Frank Sinatra
A.232 Eddie Constantine - M. Saad
A.233 Conny - S. Cramer
A.234 Ingrid Bergman
A.235 Elvis Presley
A.236 Pat Boone
A.237 Clark Gable
A.238 John Wayne
A.239 Robert Taylor
A.240 Doris Day
A.241 Elvis Presley - J. Tyler
A.242 Rock Hudson
A.243 Bill Haley - Caterina Valente
A.244 Bibi Johns
A.245 Gina Lollobrigida
A.246 Elvis Presley
A.247 Gordon Scott
A.248 Pat Boone
A.249 Marion Michael
A.250 Elisabeth Taylor
A.251 Rex Allen
A.252 C. Wolff - Marion Michael
A.253 Elvis Presley
A.254 Pat Boone
A.255 Burt Lancaster
A.256 Ingemar Johansson
A.257 Brigitte Bardot
A.258 Caterina Valente
A.259 J. Koczian - M. Lanza
A.260 Elvis Presley
A.261 Tarzans Son
A.262 Lex Barker
A.263 Elvis Presley
A.264 Brigitte Bardot
A.265 Gary Cooper
A.266 Freddy
A.267 Brigitte Bardot
A.268 Caterina Valente
A.269 Elvis Presley
A.270 Elvis Presley
A.271 William Elliot
A.272 G. Verdon - T. Hunter
A.273 Elvis Presley
A.274 Perry Como
A.275 Tony Curtis
A.276 Brigitte Bardot
A.277 Bibi Johns
A.278 Gina Lollobrigida
A.279 Burt Lancaster
A.280 Brigitte Bardot
A.281 Johnny Weissmuller
A.282 Tony Curtis
A.283 Elvis Presley
A.284 James Dean
A.285 Brigitte Bardot
A.286 Rock Hudson
A.287 Brigitte Bardot
A.288 Gina Lollobrigida
A.289 Gina Lollobrigida
A.290 Ingemar Johansson
A.291 Allan Lane
A.292 Janice Rule - James Steward (Stewart) - Kim Novak
A.293 Elvis Presley
A.294 Errol Flynn
A.295 Brigitte Bardot

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