Dutch Serie C - Name Only on Top Line (Printed in Holland)

Issuing Company: Unknown - Dutch Gum Card
Country of Issue: Sweden
Year of Issue:
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 1 3/4" x 2 3/4"
Issued as insert with what product: Gum

Notes: Blank-backed, no company name listed. Two cards seen for many numbers and three cards seen for some numbers.

1. John Wayne
2. Gary Cooper
3a. John Payne
3b. Phil Posner
4. Jeff Chandler
5. John Wayne
6. Charlton Heston
7. Sterling Hayden
8. Charlton Heston
9. John Wayne
10. Roy Rogers
11. Marlon Brando
12. Gary Cooper
13. Ray Milland
14. Roy Rogers
15. Roy Rogers
16. Roy Rogers
17a. Jane Russell
17b. Jack Mahoney
18a. Bob Hope
18b. Dale Robertson
19. David Brian
20. Roy Rogers
21a. David Brian
21b. Andy Devine
22. David Brian
23. Gary Cooper
24. Gary Cooper
25. Gary Cooper
26. Ricky Nelson
27. Walter Brennan
28. Monte Hale
29. William Elliot
30. Alan Ladd
31. Gene Autry
32. Rick Nelson
33a. Bill Holden
33b. Joel McCrea
34. Roy Rogers
35a. Bing Crosby
35b. Tim Holt
35c. Roy Rogers
36. Roy Rogers
37. Roy Rogers
38a. Randolph Scott
38b. Rex Allen
39. Roy Rogers
40a. Charlton Heston
40b. Roy Rogers
40c. Elvis Presley
41a. James Garner
41b. Roy Rogers
42. Roy Rogers
43. Monte Hale
44a. Forrest Tucker
44b. Audie Murhpy
45. Allan Lane
46. Allan Lane
47. Roy Rogers
48a. Lorne Greene
48b. Roy Rogers
49a. Clint Walker
49b. Gregory Peck-Anne Baxter
50. Rod Cameron
51. Smiley Burnette
52a. Roger Moore
52b. Roy Rogers
53. Roy Rogers
54a. Pernell Roberts
54b. Roy Rogers
55. Rex Allen
56. Rex Allan
57. Vic Samon
58. Roy Rogers
59. John Carrol
60. William Elliot
61. Roy Rogers
62. Roy Rogers
63a. Clint Walker
63b. Roy Rogers
64a. Monte Hale
64b. James Stewart
65a. Dan Blocker
65b. Rex Allan
66. Allan Lane
67. Roy Rogers
68a. Dan Blocker
68b. William Boyd
69. Allan Lane
70. William Elliott
71. Allan Lane
72. Audie Murphy
73. Vaughn Monroe
74a. Michael Landon
74b. Steve Rowland
74c. Charles Carpentier
75. Rex Allan
76. Wayne Morris
77. Lash Larue
78. Roy Rogers
79a. Roy Rogers
79b. Robert Taylor
79c. Tony Curtis
80. Gabby Hayes
81. Rex Allan
82. Rex Allan
83. Dean Martin
84a. Gregory Peck
84b. Anthony George
85. Rod Cameron
86. Rex Allan
87. Gene Autry
88. Jeff Chandler
89a. Gene Autry
89b. Tommy Sands
89c. Richard Denning
90. Gordon Scott
91. William Elliott
92a. Allan Lane
92b. Michael Landon
93. Frank Sinatra
94. Joseph Cotton
95. Gene Autry
96. Roy Rogers
97. Roy Rogers
98a. Roy Rogers
98b. Charlton Heston
99a. Rory Calhoun
99b. Jane Russel en Bob Hope

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