Dutch Serie A (Printed in Holland)

Issuing Company:
Country of Issue: Denmark, Greece, Germany
Year of Issue: 1964
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set: 99
Card Size: 1 3/4" x 2 3/4"
Issued as insert with what product:

Notes: No company name listed. This set has back text in German.

Country of issue: I'm not sure which countries issued this set. Preben Jenson of Denmark reports that he has some of these cards, so these cards may have been issued in Denmark. Since the back text is in German, the set may also have been issued in Germany. Amit Benyovits reports that a blank-backed version of this set was issued in Greece.

Amit Benovits reported some more about the Greek version of these cards in 2017. "I purchased some Dutch Serie A gum cards from Greece recently. The seller was the owner of the candy manufacturer who distributed the cards in Greece...the cards were sent from Holland and they packaged them with a slab of gum and wrapper. He sent me some wrappers and on them you can see the address Rhodes/greece...apparently they came in various colors. Apparently in his nephews words there are thousands of these lying around on the floor of the closed factory."

He also added this note about the origins of the name on the wrapper. "As you can see there are two brands here. The original brand was "Melissa" (I can't write out the greek letters the way they are written on the wrappers so Melissa is the English translation) that in Greek means Bee. This brand existed from 1922 to 1956 so anything you see with that name is prior to 1956. In 1956 my father changed the name to Biomel that probably sounded more modern then. It was actually a combination of the first three letters of the word Biomechanica that means manufacture in Greek and the first 3 letters of the old name Melissa."

Date info: This set was probably issued in 1964, since the Beatles are in the set and card #22 shows Elvis Presley in a 1963 picture.

Thanks to Preben Jensen for help with this checklist and date information. Thanks also to Ralf Wierz and Amit Benyovits for help with this checklist.

1. G. Bachus - C. Valente
2. Adamo
3. Bobby Vee
4. Vince Taylor
5. Gerhard Wendland
6. Anita Ekberg
7. Richard Anthony
8. Ray Charles
9. Clint Walker
10. Frankie Vaughan
11. The Shadows
12. Little Joe
13. Vico Torriani
14. Rex Gildo
15. Jerry Lewis
16. Vince Taylor
17. Gert Tinnerman
18. Cliff Richard
19. Cliff Richard
20. Cliff Richard
21. Tommy Steele
22. Elvis Presley
23. Elvis Presley
24. Anthony Perkins
25. Haly Osterwald
26. Paul Newman
27. Dean Martin
28. Yves Montand
29. Jean Marais
30. Trini Lopez
31. Jewels Lion
32. Ivanhoe (Roger Moore)
33. Johnny Halliday
34. Johnny Halliday
35. Thomas Fritsch
36. Rocco Granata
37. Thomas Fritsch
38. Fabian
39. Fernandel
40. Freddy
41. Blue Diamonds
42. Fats Domino
43. Bobby Darin
44. Nat King Cole
45. George Chakiris
46. Chubby Checker
47. Pat Boone
48. Sandra Dee
49. The Beatles
50. Jacques Brel
51. The Beatles
52. Pierre Brice
53. Pierre Brice
54. Harry Belafonte
55. Louis Armstrong
56. Charles Aznavour
57. Frankie Avalon
58. Paul Anka
59. Adamo
60. Adamo
61. Sonia Ziemann
62. Tuesday Weld
63. The Beatles
64. Natalie Wood
65. Sylvie Vartan
66. Caterina Valente
67. Helen Shapiro
68. Pascale Petit
69. Romy Schneider
70. Romy Schneider
71. Los Machocambos
72. Rita Moreno
73. Sim Malmkvist
74. Manuela
75. The Beatles
76. Manuela
77. Jayne Mansfield
78. Gina Lollobrigida
79. Sophia Loren
80. Brenda Lee
81. Die Kasslers Aliee - Ellen
82. Alice en Elleen Kessler
83. Eartha Kitt
84. Francoise Hardy
85. Jorgen, Greta Ingmann
86. Audrey Hepburn
87. Gitte
88. Anneke Gronloh
89. Anneke Gronloh
90. Connie Francis
91. Ella Fitzgerald
92. Doris Day
93. Connie Troboess
94. Petula Clark
95. Claudia Cardinale
96. Brigitte Bardot
97. Elvis Presley
98. Heidi Bruhl
99. Trini Lopez

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