Dutch Numbered Set 8 or Dutch Unnumbered Small Text Centered Set

Issuing Company: Unknown - Dutch Gum Card
Country of Issue: The Netherlands, Malta, Curacao
Year of Issue: late 1940s or early 1950s
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set: 150
Card Size: 1 13/16" x 2 11/16"
Issued as insert with what product:

Notes: Blank-backed, no company name listed. This is an anonymous set. The movie star name is very small on the card, centered below the picture. When the studio name is present, it is even smaller, centered below the text. This set was issued at least six different ways, as follows:

There were 150 cards issued for each of the first two versions listed above. For the fourth and fifth versions, there have been uncut sheets of 50 cards seen (the same 50 cards for each version). It is unknown if the other 100 cards were issued in these versions. For the Orby and Tingranella versions, they both state that there are 50 cards in those sets.

I gave this set the name "Dutch Numbered Set 8" for the numbered version and "Dutch Unnumbered Small Text Centered Set" for the unnumbered versions to distinguish it from other similar anonymous sets. Cards from this set were issued in The Netherlands, Malta, Curacao, Ireland, probably Sweden and very possibly in other countries as well.

Thanks to Seth Kaminsky, Keith Pennington, and Richard Minns for help with this checklist.

Numbered checklist

401. Betty Grable
402. Rita Hayworth
403. Danielle Darrieux
404. Doris Day
405. Spencer Tracy
406. Kim Hunter
407. June Clayworth
408. Lizabeth Scott
409. Arlene Dahl
410. Roy Rogers
411. Virginia Mayo
412. Esther Williams
413. Jane Russell
414. Betty Hutton
415. Debbie Reynolds
416. Nancy Olson
417. Arlene Dahl
418. Greer Garson
419. Zena Marshall
420. Betty Hutton
421. Ann Blyth
422. Vivian Blaine
423. Laura Elliot
424. Pat Tiernan
425. Patricia Roc
426. Joan Taylor
427. Kathryn Grayson
428. Julia Adams
429. Esther Williams
430. Lori Nelson
431. Debra Paget
432. Yvonne De Carlo
433. Sally Forrest
434. Jane Russell
435. Deborah Kerr
436. A. Smith
437. Barbara Payton
438. Audrey Totter
439. Adele Jergens
440. Doris Day
441. Susan Cabot
442. Jane Powell
443. Claire Trevor
444. Jean Peters
445. Ann Todd
446. Pier Angeli
447. Mary Windsor
448. A. Robin
449. June Allyson
450. Deborah Kerr
451. Rex Allen
452. Roy Rogers
453. W. Elliot
454. Penny Edwards
455. Bob Hope
456. Sophie Desmartes
457. Virginia Mayo
458. Anna M. Alberghetti
459. Marjie Millar
460. Doris Day
461. Gene Autry
462. John Wayne
463. Walter Brennan
464. James Stewart
465. Gina Lollobrigida
466. M. Powers
467. Victor Mature
468. John Ericson
469. Joan Weldon
470. Debbie Reynolds
471. Dale Evans
472. Allan Lane
473. Adele Mara
474. Vaughan Monroe
475. Doris Day
476. Debbie Reynolds
477. S. Z. Sakall
478. Ida Lupino
479. Elaine Stewart
480. Cyd Charisse
481. John Carroll
482. Rod Cameron
483. Forrest Tucker
484. Monte Hale
485. Mary Castle
486. Rita Gam
487. Phyllis Kirk
488. N. Gates
489. Cara Williams
490. Dorothy Hart
491. Roy Rogers
492. Rex Allen
493. Andy Devine
494. Charles Kemper
495. Joan Weldon
496. Pier Angeli
497. Edmund Purdom
498. Ann Blyth
499. Ella Raines
500. Jackie Loughery
501. Patricia Neal
502. Gene Tierney
503. Lana Turner
504. Stewart Granger
505. Tim Holt
506. Esther Williams
507. Barbara Stanwyck - P. Douglas
508. Doris Day
509. Roy Rogers
510. Dorothy Hart - Lex Barker
511. Betsy Drake
512. Gloria De Haven
513. Grace Kelly
514. Danny Kaye
515. John Wayne
516. Barbara Stanwyck
517. Janice Rule - R. Hagerthy
518. D. Addams
519. Vera Ellen
520. Walter Huston
521. Susan Hayward
522. Pier Angeli
523. Doris Day
524. Joan Caulfield
525. Alan Ladd
526. Jan Sterling
527. Linda Darnell
528. Janet Leigh
529. Claudette Thorton
530. Bud Abbott
531. Vera Ellen
532. Janis Carter
533. Cyd Charisse
534. Piper Laurie
535. Cornel Wilde
536. Dorothy Hart
537. Eleanor Parker
538. Virginia Gibson
539. Polly Bergen
540. Luis Mariano
541. Ava Gardner
542. Monica Lewis
543. Elizabeth Taylor
544. June Allyson
545. Gary Cooper
546. Rosemary de Kamp
547. M. Murphy
548. Esther Williams
549. Janice Rule
550. William Boyd

Alphabetical checklist

Bud Abbott - Universal
Julia Adams
Dawn Addams
Anna M. Alberghetti
Rex Allen (2 different poses)
June Allyson (2 different poses)
Pier Angeli (3 different poses)
Gene Autry
Polly Bergen
Vivian Blaine - M.G.M.
Ann Blyth (2 different poses)
William Boyd
Walter Brennan
Susan Cabot - R.K.O.
Rod Cameron
John Carroll
Janis Carter
Mary Castle
Joan Caulfield
Cyd Charisse (2 different poses)
June Clayworth - R.K.O.
Gary Cooper
Arlene Dahl (2 different poses)
Linda Darnell
Danielle Darrieux - M.G.M.
Doris Day (6 different poses)
Yvonne de Carlo
Gloria De Haven - Universal
Rosemary de Kamp
Sophie Desmartes
Andy Devine
Betsy Drake - Warner Bros
Penny Edwards
Vera Ellen (2 different poses)
Laura Elliot - Universal
W. Elliot
John Ericson
Dale Evans
Sally Forest - M.G.M.
Rita Gam
Ava Gardner - M.G.M.
Greer Garson
N. Gates
Virginia Gibson
Betty Grable
Stewart Granger
Kathryn Grayson
Monte Hale
Dorothy Hart
Dorothy Hart
Dorothy Hart - Lex Barker
Susan Hayward
Rita Hayworth - Columbia
Tim Holt
Bob Hope
Kim Hunter
Walter Huston
Betty Hutton (2 different poses)
Adele Jergens
Danny Kaye - Warner Bros
Grace Kelly - M.G.M.
Charles Kemper
Deborah Kerr (2 different poses)
Phyllis Kirk
Alan Ladd - R.K.O.
Allan Lane
Piper Laurie
Janet Leigh
Monica Lewis
Gina Lollobrigida
Jackie Loughery
Ida Lupino
Adele Mara
Luis Mariano
Zena Marshall
Victor Mature
Virginia Mayo (2 different poses)
Marjie Millar
Vaughan Monroe
M. Murphy
Patricia Neal
Lori Nelson
Nancy Olson
Debra Paget - 20th Cent. Fox
Eleanor Parker
Barbara Payton
Jean Peters
Jane Powell - M.G.M.
M. Powers
Edmund Purdom
Ella Raines
Debbie Reynolds (3 different poses)
A. Robin
Patricia Roc
Roy Rogers (4 different poses)
Janice Rule
Janice Rule - R. Hagerthy
Jane Russell (Blue Top) - R.K.O.
Jane Russell (Red Top) - R.K.O.
S. Z. Sakall
Lizabeth Scott
A. Smith
Barbara Stanwyck
Barbara Stanwyck - P. Douglas
Jan Sterling
Elaine Stewart
James Stewart
Elizabeth Taylor
Joan Taylor
Claudette Thorton
Pat Tiernan - M.G.M.
Gene Tierney
Ann Todd
Audrey Totter
Spencer Tracy - M.G.M
Claire Trevor
Forrest Tucker
Lana Turner - M.G.M.
John Wayne (2 different poses)
Joan Weldon (2 different poses)
Cornel Wilde - R.K.O.
Cara Williams
Esther Williams (4 different poses)
Mary Windsor

N.V. Antilliaanse, Curacao Numbered Checklist

1. Cara Williams
2. Charles Kemper
3. Dorothy Hart
4. Cyd Charisse
5. Jackie Loughery
6. Debbie Reynolds
7. Ann Blyth
8. Gina Lolobrigida
9. John Erickson
10. Ida Lupino
11. Patricia Roc
12. Deborah Kerr
13. Tim Holt
14. Cornel Wilde
15. Roy Rogers
16. Gary Cooper
17. Pier Angeli
18. Susan Hayward
19. Betsy Drake
20. Ella Raines
21. Grace Kelly
22. Danny Kaye
23. Steward Granger
24. Lana Turner
25. Debra Paget
26. Jane Powell
27. Sally Forrest
28. Jane Russell
29. Debbie Reynolds (#2)
30. Ann Todd
31. Elizabeth Taylor
32. Rita Hayworth
33. Vivian Blaine
34. Esther Williams
35. Betty Hutton
36. Jane Russell
37. Piper Laurie
38. Cyd Charisse (#2)
39. Janis Carter
40. Vera Ellen
41. Bob Hope
42. June Allyson
43. Joan Caufield
44. Pat Tiernan
45. Claire Trevor
46. Jean Peters
47. Laura Elliot
48. Patricia Neal
49. Betty Grable
50. Doris Day

Orby Checklist

Issued with gum. Series of 50 cards. Scarce cards rarely seen. The British Trade Index list only 13 cards. A 14th subject (Dawn Addams) has also been seen.

Dawn Addams
June Clayworth
Linda Darnell
Greer Garson
Dorothy Hart - Lex Barker
Adele Jergens
Deborah Kerr
Luis Mariano
Mary Murphy
Nancy Olson
Eleanor Parker
Barbara Payton
Roy Rogers
Alexis Smith

Tingranella Checklist

Issued with tea. Series of 50 numbered cards. The back states an album could be obtained for the set by sending stamps to the value of 3d to the firm's address in Cork. These are scarce cards rarely seen.

17. Jackie Loughery

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