Hollywood Strips Booklets

Issuing Company: Unknown - Dutch Gum Card
Country of Issue: The Netherlands
Year of Issue:
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Gum

Notes: Checklist incomplete. This set was issued as little booklets titled "Hollywood Strips" in red on the front of the booklet. These booklets are numbered on the outside. They contain two two-card strips with a cover on the outside, a staple in the middle and then everything was folded in half to make it look like a booklet. The cards were also sold separately, not in booklets. The cards are blank-backed, no company name listed.

Another version of these Hollywood Strips have been seen with the title page in blue and several pages of Dutch text inside. The booklet has a title inside of Jeugdfilms (youth films). It describes the films for the youth in France, England and the USA and the creations of filmclubs for the youth on Saturdays.
This issue has the following cards inside:
Roy Rogers 9 Ab
Roy Rogers 19 B
Roy Rogers 29 Ab
Boy Bomba (Johnny Sheffield) 32 B
The last page contains a copyright as follows:
Copyright Intern, Filmpers, A'dam-C., P.O.B. 521 (38345).
A'dam is the abbrevation for Amsterdam.

Thanks to Ron de Laat for help with this checklist.

Red Text Hollywood Strips

1. William Elliot, Roy Rogers, Ann Miler, Joan Caulfield
2. Jane Frazee, Rex Allen, Judy Canova, Esther Williams
3. Claudette Colbert, Roy Rogers, Greer Garson, Lena Horne
5. Susan Hayward, Rita Hayworth, Esther Williams, Ava Gardner
6. Roy Rogers, Tony Curtis, William Elliot, William Elliot
7. Rita Hayworth, Esther Williams, June Allyson, Shelley Winters
9. Roy Rogers - Jane Frazee, Jane Frazee, Sally Forrest, Barbara Fuller
10. Smiley Burnette, Pier Angeli, Cyd Charisse, Jimmy Durante
12. Dale Evans, Elizabeth Taylor, Arlene Dalh, Roy Rogers
13. Gene Autry, Elizabeth Taylor, Roy Rogers, William Elliot

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