Yvours Vedettes Cinema et Sport

Issuing Company: Chocolaterie D'Yvours
Country of Issue: France
Year of Issue: 1952
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set: 90
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Chocolates

Notes: Checklist incomplete. This set contains a mixture of movie stars and sports stars. This chocolate factory is located in the district of Yvours in the town of Irigny south of LYON (in the department of RHONE). There is no known album for this set. Numbers 1 to 8 seem reserved for movie stars, 9 to 39 for sports, 40 to 79 for movie stars and 80 to 90 again for sports.

The photos can be in black or in sepia for the same photo. For card #1, the sepia version shows Hedy Lamarr's first name as Edy, while the black version has her name correct. This may indicate that the sepia version was released first, with the black version correcting that mistake.

Date info: Card number 85 shows G. Rossi, winner of the METZ-ROUBAIX stage of the Tour de France 1951 (indicated on the back), and card 18 also shows a 1951 winner, which would date the series to the end of 1951 or in 1952. I am placing a 1952 date on this set.

Thanks to Serge Plumecocq for help with this checklist.

1. Hedy Lamarr (spelled Edy on sepia card, correct spelling of Hedy on black card) (Cinema)
3. Loretta Young (Cinema)
4. Mary Astor (Cinema)
6. Raymond Rouleau (Cinema)
7. Joseph Cotten (Cinema)
9. (Robert) Villemain (Boxing)
10. Marcel Cerdan (Boxing)
11. (Laurent) Dauthuille (Boxing)
12. (Antoine) Bonifaci (Football - Nice)
13. (Antoine) Cuissard (Football - St. Etienne)
14. (Jean) Baratte (Football - Lille)
15. (Roger) Marche (Football - Sedan)
16. (Julien) Da Rui (Football - CORT Roubaix)
17. Puig Auber (Rugby a 13 _ Carcassonne)
18. Hugo Koblet (Cycling)
19. (Pierre) Barbotin (Cycling)
20. (Antonin) Rolland (Cycling)
21. Fausto Coppi (Cycling)
22. Rik Van Steenbergen (Cycling)
23. Gino Bartali (Cycling)
24. Kubler (Cycling)
25. Bobet (Cycling)
26. Alex Jany (Swimming)
27. Nicole Pelissard (Swimming)
28. Mady Moreau (Swimming)
29. Jaroslav Drobny (Tennis)
30. Marcel Bernard (Tennis)
31. Dorie Hart (Tennis)
33. Henri Oreiller (Ski-Patinage)
34. Zeno Colo (Ski-Patinage
35. James Couttet (Ski-Patinage)
36. Thiam Papa Gallo (Athletics)
37. El Mabrouk (Athletics)
38. Mimoun (Athletics)
39. Ignace Heinrich (Athletics)
40. (Etienne) Bally (Athletics)
41. Michele Morgan (Cinema)
42. Annie Ducaux (Cinema)
43. Cecile Aubry (Cinema)
44. (Stan) Laurel (Cinema)
45. Suzy Delair (Cinema)
46. Bob Hope (Cinema)
47. Daniele Delorme (Cinema)
48. Edwige Feuillere (Cinema)
49. Line Renaud (Cinema)
50. Jane Russell (Cinema)
51. Paulette Goddard (spelled Goddart on card) (Cinema)
52. Esther Williams
53. Ginette Leclerc (Cinema)
54. Brigitte Auber (Cinema)
55. Corinne Calvet (Cinema)
56. Barbara Stanwyck (spelled Stanwick on card) (Cinema)
57. Vera Norman (Cinema)
58. Gaby Morlay (Cinema)
60. Gerard Philippe (Cinema)
62. Bernard Blier (Cinema)
63. Michel Auclair (Cinema)
64. Jean Tissier (Cinema)
65. Alan Ladd (Cinema)
67. Jean-Pierre Aumont (Cinema)
69. Henri Vidal (Cinema)
70. Francois Perier (Cinema)
71. Georges Guetary (Cinema)
72. Roger Nicolas (Cinema)
73. Maurice Chevalier (Cinema)
74. Pierre Brasseur (Cinema)
75. Martine Carol (Cinema)
76. Madeleine Robinson (Cinema)
77. Janine Crispin (Cinema)
78. Oliver Hardy (Cinema)
79. Lucien Lazarides (Cycling)
80. Jack Kramer (Tennis)
81. Meunier (Cycling)
82. (Roger) Leveque (Cycling)
83. (Jean) Robic (Cycling)
84. (Bernardo) Ruiz (Cycling)
85. Giovanni Rossi (Cycling)
86. (Maurice) Diot (Cycling)
87. Randolph Turpin (Boxing)
88. Joseph Roude (Boxing)
89. Robert Vallet (Boxing)
90. Victor Buttin (Boxing)

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