Westminster Famous Beauties

Issuing Company: Westminster Tobacco Co. Ltd.
Country of Issue: England
Year of Issue: 1916
Color/B&W: Brown Tone
Number of Cards in Set: 100
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Magazine

Notes: This set can be found with Westminster, Battle Ax, or Cigarettes Albert back. There is also another Westminster version of this set with front text in blue instead of brown and the pictures mostly cropped to head and shoulders.

Thanks to Richard Minns for providing the information for this checklist.

Dorothy Alexander
Nancy Alwyn
Belle Ashlyn
Pearl Aufrere flat hat
Pearl Aufrere Southwestern Hat
Pearl Aufrere no hat, hand to chin
Pearl Aufrere no hat, no hands
Wanda de Baron
Pearl Barti
Clara Beck
Maud Bell
Dorothy Bellew full face, looking front
Dorothy Bellew full face, glancing left
Dorothy Bellew face to left
Dorothy Bellew profile to right
Esme Biddle
Marie Blanche head and shoulders
Marie Blanche length
Violet Blythe left hand to chin
Violet Blythe both hands to chin
Gwendoline Brogden
Blanche Browne
Lily Bruce
Doris Chalmers
Anne Cleaver
Winnie Collins
Gladys Cooper head and shoulders
Gladys Cooper length
Gladys Cooper almost full length
Modesta Daly
Phyllis Dare
Lorna Della
Lucienne Dervyle
Doddy Durrand hair up
Doddy Durrand hair down
Isobel Elsom
May Etheridge with flowers
May Etheridge no flowers
Adrah Fair bird on shoulder
Adrah Fair long hair
Adrah Fair hat and flowers
Kitty Fielder
Eveleen Florence hat, low dress
Eveleen Florence hat, high dress
Eveleen Florence white veiling
Teddie Gerrard
Agnes Glynne hat
Agnes Glynne no hat
Phyllis le Grand
Yvonne Granville head and shoulders
Yvonne Granville full length
Elsa Hayden
Martha Hedman head and shoulders
Martha Hedman almost full length
Iris Hoey head and shoulders
Iris Hoey length
Evelyn Hope
Joe Howard
Julia James
Elsie Janis
Avice Kelham
Annette Kellerman
Shirley Kellogg
Peggy Kurton
Phyllis de Lange
Dorma Leigh
Phyllis Monkman feather hat
Phyllis Monkman handkerchief hat
Cyllene Moxon head and shoulders
Cyllene Moxon seated
Cyllene Moxon full length, curtain background
Cyllene Moxon full length, plain background
Pretty Myrtill
Ethel Oliver
Rena Parker
Gabrielle Ray
Yvonne de Riaz looking forward
Yvonne de Riaz full face, bare shoulder
Yvonne de Riaz full face, dress touching shoulder
Daphne Ross
Marga la Rubia
Peggy Rush
Irene Russell
Mabel Russell
Marjorie Sargent
Enid Sass
Madge Saunders hands to chin
Madge Saunders hands near face
Madge Saunders length, seated
Ivy Shilling head and shoulders, back view
Ivy Shilling head and shoulders, front view
Ivy Shilling almost full length
Millie Sim bandeau, hair up
Millie Sim hair down
Madge Titheradge
Dorothy Ward
Jessie Winter
Constance Worth head and shoulders
Constance Worth length
Constance Worth full length

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