Westminster Beautiful Women

Issuing Company: Westminster Tobacco Co. Ltd.
Country of Issue: England
Year of Issue: 1915
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 100
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: Checklist Incomplete. Unnumbered. Fronts semi-glossy.

Thanks to Richard Minns for help with this checklist.

Flora Allan
Nancy Alwyn
Hilda Antony
Pearl Aufrere
Mdme. Balachova
Clara Beck - military tunic and hat
Clara Beck - pleated hat
Violet Beryl
Gwendolen Brogden
Geraldine Bruce
Lily Bruce
Maysie Burlingham
Ivy Close
Patricia Collinge
Winnie Collins
Gladys Cooper
Elise Craven
Maude Darrell
Vera Davis
Maud Denise
Gaby Deslys
Lily Elsie
Isobel Elsom
Diana Eustace
Mdlle. Flory
May Flower
Mirian Gaskin
Teddie Gerrard - helmet style hat
Teddie Gerrard - seated, hat with flowers
Agnes Glynne
Zoe Gordon
Evie Greene
Violet Hawkins
Martha Hedman
Raven Hill
Mirabelle Hillyer
Iris Hoey
Joe Howard - hands to cheeks
Joe Howard - forefinger to lips
Joe Howard - head and shoulders, no hands visible
Sonia Ivanoff - left hand under chin
Sonia Ivanoff - hands to cheeks
Gladys Ivery
Julia James - necklace
Julia James - holding flower
Nellie Keene
May Kinder - band in hair
May Kinder - flowers in hair
Peggy Kurton - hands below left cheek
Peggy Kurton - roses, white blouse
Peggy Kurton - hands holding net skirt
Gertrude Laarhoven
Lily Legros
Dorma Leigh
Ethel Lewis
Marian Lewis
Nettie Lynde
Moya Mannering
Lily Maxwell - light net over head
Lily Maxwell - no head covering
Dorothy Minto - large circular hat
Dorothy Minto - kneeling on chair
Eileen Molyneux
Phyllis Monkman - wearing hat
Phyllis Monkman - no hat, hand under chin
Cyllene Moxon - seated, flower in hand
Cyllene Moxon - seated, hands in lap
Cyllene Moxon - standing, hands touching curtain
Cyllene Moxon - standing, wearing ringed costume
Pretty Myrgle
Shirley Noel
Denise Orme - head and shoulders, no hands visible
Denise Orme - spray of flowers to chest
Rena Parker
May Picard
Gabrielle Ray
Peggy Rush
Elsie Scott - white blouse
Elsie Scott - seated, flower in right hand
Ivy Shilling - winged hat, facing front
Ivy Shilling - winged hat, back view, glancing to front
Hilda Sim
Mdme. Sobinoff
Blanche Stocker
Sadrene Storri
Ellaline Terriss
Kathleen Vincent
Florence Walton
Dorothy Ward - large hat
Dorothy Ward - hair hanging down
Irene Warren
Patty Wells
Vivienne West
Constance Worth - flowers at chest
Constance Worth - panama hat
Constance Worth - seated, right hand to chin
Constance Worth - seated, flowers in right hand

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