Victorian Premium Suburban Film Stars

Issuing Company: Various
Country of Issue: Australia
Year of Issue: 1920s
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 1 5/8" x 3 1/8"
Issued as insert with what product:

Notes: Unnumbered. These cards were issued by many different issuers in Australia, probably mostly mom and pop stores, and can be found with many different back advertisements as a result. Collector Steve Flemming reports that back advertising has been identified for over 400 different stores so far and it is very likely there are others. Steve has been fortunate to locate some cards from his grandfather's business, spelled Fleming on the cards though the name of the store was really Flemming. Since so many small businesses were involved in giving out these cards, the list of issuers will be difficult to ever fully identify.

The cards contained a tab at the bottom that was meant to be cut off the card and returned for some sort of prize. For the card shown when you click the picture link above, the prize was a box of chocolates when 50 coupons were turned in. Because of these prize offers, cards can now be found with or without the bottom tab, usually without.

Australian collectors have given these cards a generic name of Victorian Premium Suburban, to indicate the part of Australia where they were issued, that they contained a premium offer, and that they were issued in the suburbs of Australia.

A similar set was also issued which contained the movie star's name in script across the front of the picture area.

Eric Panther (President of the Australian Cartophilic Society) wrote a great article about this set for the Australian Cartophilic Society magazine and has kindly agreed to let me reproduce it here. Click the picture above to read the article.

Thanks to Eric Panther for help with this checklist.

Art Accord
Agnes Ayres
Bessie Barriscale
Richard Barthelmess (head and shoulders)
Richard Barthelmess (3/4 length)
R. Barthelmess and Carol Dempster
Harry Carey
Lon Chaney
Mildred Harris Chaplin
Ethel Clayton
Betty Compson
Dorothy Dalton
Bebe Daniels
Marjorie Daw
Priscilla Dean (looking right)
Priscilla Dean (looking forward)
Reginald Denny (bare head)
Reginald Denny (straw hat - error caption, card really shows same picture as the Roy Stewart card)
William Duncan
Douglas Fairbanks (1/2 length)
Douglas Fairbanks (seated)
Doug. Fairbanks and Marg. De La Motte
Hoot Gibson
Julia Faye
W. S. Hart
Wanda Hawley
Jack Holt
Frank Keenan
Louise Lorraine (1/2 length)
Louise Lorraine (male portrait - error caption, card really shows same picture as House Peters card)
Thos. Meighan
Jean Paige (left profile)
Jean Paige (looking forward)
Baby Peggy
Eileen Percy
House Peters
House Peters (female portrait - error caption, card really shows same picture as Louise Lorraine card)
Mary Pickford (standing)
Mary Pickford (seated, left profile)
Mary Pickford (seated, looking forward)
Marie Prevost
Herbert Rawlinson (can be found with Herbert or Herb.)
Wallace Reid
Theodore Roberts
Eileen Sedgwick (band around throat)
Eileen Sedgwick (portrait with open neck - error caption, card really shows same picture as Virginia Vali card)
Larry Semon (head and shoulders)
Larry Semon (full length)
Anita Stewart (head and shoulders, hat)
Anita Stewart (head and shoulders, bare head)
Anita Stewart (3/4 length)
Roy Stewart
Gloria Swanson (can be found spelled Swanson or Swanston)
Blanche Sweet
Alma Tell (caption says either "A Paramount Star" or "A Screen Favourite")
Virginia Valli
Virginia Valli (portrait with band around throat, error caption, card really shows same picture as Eileen Sedgwick card)
Erich von Stohein
H. B. Warner
Robert Warwick
Chrissie White (head and shoulders)
Chrissie White (full length)
Earle Williams
Clara K. Young (1/2 length)
Clara K. Young (full length)

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