Cigarros Veado Paratodos Film Stars

Issuing Company: Jose Francisco Correa & Cia.
Country of Issue: Brazil
Year of Issue: 1921
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 2" x 2 3/4"
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: Checklist incomplete. It looks like this set shows Hollywood film stars in the lower numbers in this set, with Brazil film stars shown on the higher numbers.

Date info: Based on the film stars in this set, the set was probably issued in 1920 or 1921. Estelle Taylor and Alice Calhoun started their film careers in 1919, and Olive Thomas died in September 1920. I would guess that this set was issued in about 1921, but it could have been issued a year earlier or a year or two later.

5. Estelle Taylor
22. Dorothy Gish
30. Priscilla Dean
58. Pola Negri
95. Olive Thomas
150. Grace Cunard
162. Caruso
168. Caruso
179. Alice Calhoun
202. Alberto Capozzi
207. Lido Manetti
211. Valentina Frascaroli
214. Helena Sampaio
225. Josephina Cruz

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