United Discounts Shoppers Picture Cards 2nd Series

Issuing Company: United Discounts Co.
Country of Issue: Australia
Year of Issue: 1930s
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 48
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product:

Notes: Checklist incomplete. These cards have perforated edges along the bottom of the cards.

This set contains some movie star cards along with cards of many other subjects. A picture checklist shows up when you click the small image.

These cards have perforated edges along the bottom of the cards.

Date information: The first series of these cards mentions a date of 1933 on one of the card backs, and the second series of these cards has a card of Thelma Todd, who died in late 1935, so these two sets must have been issued in 1934 or 1935.

1. Flamingoes
2. Cat
3. Koalas
4. Australian Pelican
5. Jaguar
6. Dogs
7. African Elephant
8. Tiger Cubs
9. Parrot
10. Alsatian Dog
11. Coral Garden
12. Loch Lomand, Scotish Lake
13. Pulp and Paper Mill in Ocean Falls, British Columbia
14. Glaciers in USA
15. Petrified Forest, Arizona, Usa
16. Monglith "The Queen" (Guatamala)
17. Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia
18. Cactus
19. Whitsundsay Passage (Queensland)
20. Sydney Harbour Bridge
21. Pleasure Boat (England)
22. Houses of Parliament (London, England)
23. Indian Totem Poles in British Columbia
24. "Flying Scotsman" Express Train, London to Edinbugh
25. Tower Bridge (London, England)
26. The Old Curiosity Shop (London, England)
27. The Shambles (York, England)
28. Ely Cathedral
29. Bridge of Sighs (Cambridge)
31. Australian Militia Corps Tanks
32. High Speed Mail Plane
33. Finnish Sail Boat
34. Panama Canal
35. Pacific Ocean Liner "Mariposa"
36. Golden Beach
37. Heather Angel (movie star)
38. Carole Lombard (movie star)
39. Irene Bengley (movie star)
40. Thelma Todd (movie star)
41. Rochelle Hudson (movie star)
42. Ann Harding (movie star)
43. Dawn O'Day (movie star)
44. Mary Carlisle (movie star)
45. Robert Woolsey - Ginger Rogers (movie stars)
46. Lilian Harvey - Suzanne Kearns (movie stars)
47. Sally Eilers - Betty Furness (movie stars)
48. Ralph Lynn - Tom Walls (movie stars)

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