Union Film Stars (Blank Back)

Issuing Company: Union Tvornica kandita I Cokolade
Country of Issue: Zagreb, Croatia
Year of Issue: 1930s
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Chocolates

Notes: Checklist Incomplete. There are two different sets of black and white blank-backed cards from Union. They look similar, but the cards are different sized between the two sets. Both sets feature a black and white picture with three lines of text below, but the set with the larger cards has more spacing between the lines.

Thanks to Richard Minns for help with this checklist.

Large Cards

Joan Crawford (small bow tie with 3 buttons)
Joan Crawford (big collar)
Greta Garbo
Jeanette MacDonald

Small Cards

Brian Aherne
Astrid Allwyn
Don Ameche
Jean Arthur (half length, curtain in background)
Jean Arthur (holding glass)
Jean Arthur (side profile, hand resting on chair)
Lionel Barrymore
Freddie Bartholomew (half length, hand under chin)
Freddie Bartholomew (smiling, white collar, black tie)
Michael Bartlett (side profile, light shirt)
Michael Bartlett (looking ahead, dark suit)
Warner Baxter (seated, hands overlapping)
Warner Baxter (wearing top hat and dark glasses)
Warner Baxter (holding up painting with a different image of the star on it)
Warner Baxter (dark suit, white shirt and dark tie, head shot)
Wallace Beery (Head shot only, dark suit and tie)
Wallace Beery (half length, neckerchief, arms in shot)
John Boles (head & shoulders, looking to right)
John Boles (half length, hands together)
Olympe Bradna
Virginia Bruce
Mary Carlisle
Tullio Carminati
John Carradine
Leo Carrillo
Madeleine Carroll
Lynne Carver
Maurice Chevalier
Claudette Colbert
Ronald Colman
Gary Cooper
Gary Cooper (with Sigrid Gurie in The Adventures of Marco Polo)
Jackie Cooper (with large dog)
Jackie Cooper (black top with white collar)
Jackie Cooper i Joseph Calleia
Tito Coral
Joan Crawford (stripped top, arms folded)
Joan Crawford (buttoned top to neck)
Joan Crawford (puffed polka dot sleeves in shot)
Lil Dagover
Marion Davies
Dixie Dunbar (wearing hat, side profile)
Dixie Dunbar (side profile, no hat)
Ann Dvorak
Nelson Eddy (half length, hands in lap)
Nelson Eddy (head and shoulders, leaning to left)
Ever Since Eve (Cards shows Mary Brian)
Gina Falkenberg
Alice Faye (dark dress, corner of sofa in picture)
Alice Faye (hand to shoulder)
Peggy Fears
Henry Fonda
Betty Furness
Clark Gable (smiling, facing forward)
Clark Gable (smiling, looking to left)
Clark Gable (serious, looking to right)
Clark Gable (reading book and drinking from bottle)
Ketti Gallian
Greta Garbo
Gladys George
Jean Harlow (looking over shoulder laughing)
Jean Harlow (wrapped in furs)
Rochelle Hudson (white bonnet around head)
Rochelle Hudson (looking at pointed glass ornament or lamp on table)
Rita Johnson (smiling, head and shoulders only)
Rita Johnson (hands together in shot)
Rita Johnson (smiling, hand under chin)
Rita Johnson (serious, hand over stripped couch)
Allan Jones
Robert Kent (side Profile)
Robert Kent (looking ahead, smiling, dark suit and white shirt)
Walter King
June Knight (bunch of flowers near face)
Hedy Lamarr
Allan Lane
June Lang (hands to face)
June Lang (hand to cheek)
June Lang (looking up, circular ring under chin)
June Lang (smiling, looking forward, furs at neck)
June Lang (head shot, flower to side of hair)
Stan Laurel i Oliver Hardy
Priscilla Lawson
Peter Lorre (arm around post, dark suit)
Peter Lorre (in costume from Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation)
Ann Lorring
Edmund Lowe
Myrna Loy (head tilted, dress with collar)
Myrna Loy (half length, dress with bow)
Myrna Loy (flower behind back, rounded chair against light background)
Jeanette MacDonald (with unnamed male co-star)
Jeanette MacDonald (holding dog)
Jeanette MacDonald (black spotted jumper, white frilled collar)
Jeanette MacDonald i Maurice Chevalier
J. Macdonald i Nelson E (Jeanette Macdonald & Nelson Eddy)
Anthony Martin
John McGuire
Victor McLaglen (wearing military uniform, medals and white cap)
Victor McLaglen (wearing uniform and dark cap)
Adolf Menjou (sic.)
Robert Montgomery (head shot only)
Robert Montgomery (half length, shadow in background)
Grace Moore (half length, fur muff)
Grace Moore (head and shoulders, arm under chin)
Ramon Novarro
George O'Brien (side profile, wearing cowboy hat)
George O'Brien (looking ahead, smiling, top of striped shirt visible)
Warner Oland (light suit, dark tie, dressed in Charlie Chan costume)
Warner Oland (dark beard and moustache, white jacket, dark background)
W. Oland i B Karloff (Warner Oland & Boris Karloff in Charlie Chan at the Opera)
Maureen O'Sullivan (arms crossed)
Maureen O'Sullivan (three buttons to top)
Cecilia Parker
Jean Parker (stripped low cut dress, flowers in background)
Jean Parker (open v neck top, padded chair in background)
Dick Powell i Madeleine Carroll
Eleanor Powell (criss-cross pattern behind head)
Eleanor Powell (head tilted, leaves behind head)
William Powell
Tyrone Power (dinner jacket, hands in front)
Tyrone Power (side profile, smiling)
George Raft (wearing hat)
George Raft (spotted tie)
Luise Rainer (looking up, frilly nightgown)
Luise Rainer (sat on chair, hands between legs)
Luise Rainer (polka dot dress, white nun style headdress)
Leah Ray
Florence Rice
Bill Robinson
Edward G. Robinson
Gilbert Roland
Cesar Romero (hand to book)
Cesar Romero (pin striped suit, spotted tie)
Rosalind Russell
Norma Shearer (black hat, both hands under chin)
Norma Shearer (hand to side to head)
Norma Shearer (necklace, stood on balcony as Juliet in Romeo & Juliet)
Silvia Sidney (Sic.)
Simone Simon (landscape)
Simone Simon (head shot, dark top to neckline)
Simone Simon (dark v neck top, dark background)
Simone Simon i James Stewart
Lewis Stone
Gloria Stuart
Robert Taylor
Shirley Temple (holding doll, full length)
Shirley Temple (wearing stripped pyjamas, bare feet)
Shirley Temple (sat cross legged, hand to leg)
Shirley Temple (holding duck)
Shirley Temple (wearing raincoat with rounded hood)
Lawrence Tibbett (looking down, head shot)
Lawrence Tibbett (full length, arm outstretched, black gown and hat)
Franchot Tone
Spencer Tracy (dark suit and tie)
Spencer Tracy (light suit and stripped tie)
Arthur Treacher
Claire Trevor (looking up smiling)
Claire Trevor (two different images of actress in shot)
Conrad Veidt
Lupe Velez
Blancha Vischer
Johnny Weissmuller
Michael Whalen (wearing hat)
Michael Whalen (no hat, smiling, dark suit)
Michael Whalen (no hat, smiling, black bow tie and top of dinner jacket visible)
Arleen Whelan
Loretta Young
Loretta Young i Tyrone Power

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