Turmac Film Stars (Color)

Issuing Company: Turmac - Turkish-Macedonian Tobacco Co.
Country of Issue: The Netherlands
Year of Issue: late 1920s
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 2" x 2 1/8" (with coupon cut off)
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: Checklist Incomplete. There are two sets of these, one with a blue back and one with a green back. The blue back cards are from films released in 1925-27, the green back cards from films around 1928. Presumably the green back set was released a year or two after the blue back set.

Cards have a token at the base which is usually cut off on most cards - probably due to an offer.

Thanks to Serge Plumecocq and Richard Minns for helping with this checklist.

Blue Back Set

Vilma Banky
Westley Barry (sic.) en Kathleen Key (The Midshipman 1925)
Fay Compton
Jackie Coogan en Joan Crawford (Old Clothes 1925)
Ricardo Cortez
Lily Damita
Marceline Day
Xenia Desni
Billie Dove en Noah Beery (The Love Mart 1927)
Anita Dorris
Cilly Feindt
Harrison Ford
Lilli Flohr
Willy Fritsch
Greta Garbo en Ricardo Cortez (Torrent 1926)
Hoot Gibson
John Gilbert
Jetta Goudal en Victor Varconi (The Forbidden Women 1927) (Varconi wearing military cap)
Jetta Goudal en Victor Varconi (The Forbidden Women 1927) (no cap)
Liana Haid (sic.) en Harry Liedtke
Lilian Harvey
Phyllis Haver
Phyllis Haver, Harrison Ford en May Robson (The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary 1927)
Evelyn Holt
Lloyd Hughes en Mary Astor (Possibly Forever After 1926)
Lloyd Hughes en Virg. Lee Corbin (Virginia) (Ladies at Play 1926)
Alice Joyes (sic.) en Conway Tearle
Ilona Karolewna
Doris Kenyon en Milton Sills (The Valley of the Giants 1927)
Laura La Plante en Pat O'Malley (Scene from The Midnight Sun 1926)
Harry Liedtke en Lya Mara (The Bohemian Dancer 1926)
Margaret Livingston en Eugene O'Brien (Card shows George O'Brien from the film Sunrise 1927)
Oscar Marion
Gladys McConnell
George O'Hara
Ossi Oswalda
Lee Parry en Henry Stuart (The Woman with the World Record 1927)
Harry Piel
Sally Rand
Ellen Richter
Greta V. Rue
Pauline Starke
Thelma Todd
Ruth Weyher
Claire Windsor

Green Back Set

Renee Adoree
Brita Appelgreen
George K. Arthur
Richard Barthelmess en Margaret Livingston (The Wheel of Chance 1928)
Richard Barthelmess en Molly O'Day (Little Shepherd of Kingdon Come 1928)
Clive Brook en Jane Winton (Yellow Lily 1928)
Sue Carol
Dolores Costello
Lya De Putti
Mary Duncan
Charles Farrel (sic.)
Charles Farrel (sic) en Janet Gaynor
Earle Foxe
Jetta Goudal
Jenny Hasselquist en H.A. von Schlettow
Margit Manstad
Arlette Marchal en Heinrich George (The Lady with the Mask 1928)
Mae Murray
Marian Nixon, Robert Frazer en Richard Barthelmess (Out of the Ruins 1928)
Warwick Ward en Jenny Jugo (Looping the Loop 1928)

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