Turmac Film-Serie

Issuing Company: Turmac - Turkish-Macedonian Tobacco Co.
Country of Issue: The Netherlands
Year of Issue: 1920s
Color/B&W: B&W (Brown Tone)
Number of Cards in Set: 192 (A series); at least 70 (B series)
Card Size: 2" x 2 1/8" (with coupon cut off)
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: Checklist Incomplete. There are two series of these cards, an A series and a B series. An album was issued with the A series set. These contained small coupons at the bottom of the cards, with dotted lines to cut the coupons off. The cards are usually found without the coupons.

Thanks to Serge Plumecocq for helping with this checklist.

A Series

4A. Josephine Earle

B Series

52B. Warner Baxter

Unknown Series and Numbers

Nils Asther
Wesley Barry
Betty Bronson
Louise Lovely
Mae Marsh
Louis B. Mayer
Maria Minzenti
Miss Mabel Normand
Mary Philbin
Virginia Valli (spelled Vally on card)
Henry Victor
Niles Welch

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