Tivoli Ben-Hur Series

Issuing Company: Tivoli Pubishers, The Strand, London
Country of Issue: England
Year of Issue: 1920s or early 1930s
Color/B&W: One Color
Number of Cards in Set: 12
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product:

Notes: A series of 12 postcards that were issued with green, blue or brown fronts. Captions taken from the front of the cards. British Trade Handbook Reference TIV-040. The set shows scenes from the movie Ben-Hur, which was the most expensive silent film ever made.

Similar series were issued by Cinema Madeleine (France) & C. Courtois (Paris, France) with different advertisement backs and at least some different subjects. Cards also appear to have been issued with black fronts. Three seen:

Ben-Hur vainqueur repond aux acclamations de la foule BROWN (C. Courtois)
Ramon Novarro dans “Ben-Hur” GREEN (No. 8 in The Tivoli Series)
Ramon Novarro et May McAvoy dans “Ben-Hur” BLACK FRONT

Date info: The film Ben-Hur was release on December 30, 1925 in New York City. It was not released in England until 1927. A re-release of the film with sound added was done in 1931. This card set was probably released sometime between 1927 and 1931.

Thanks to Richard Minns for help with this checklist.

1. "Ben-Hur" tempted by the siren "Iras" (Ramon Novarro & Carmel Myers) BROWN
2. "Ben-Hur" to the front! (Ramon Novarro in chariot – uncredited) GREEN
3. Betty Bronson as "The Madonna", "Ben-Hur" BLUE
4. Francis X. Bushman as "Messala" in "Ben-Hur" BROWN
5. The Chariot Race in "Ben Hur" GREEN
6. The Galley Slaves – "Ben-Hur's Defiance" GREEN
7. May McAvoy and Ramon Novarro as "Esther" and "Ben-Hur" BROWN
8. Ramon Novarro as "Ben-Hur" GREEN
9. Ramon Novarro in "Ben Hur" BROWN
10. The Roman Triremes in "Ben-Hur" BLUE
11. "The Sheik Ilderim" (Mitchell Lewis) in "Ben-Hur" BLUE
12. "Simonides" and "Esther" (Nigel de Brulier and May McAvoy) in "Ben-Hur" BLUE

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