Themans Silk Film Stars

Issuing Company: Themans & Co.
Country of Issue: Manchester, England
Year of Issue: 1914
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 48 (B6 set); 14 (D6 set)
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: Checklist Incomplete. These are silks. There were two sets of Film Star silks issued by Themans, one in small size with a B6 on front, followed by the card number. There are 48 silks in the B6 set.

The other set is in postcard size with a D6 on front, followed by the card number. There are 14 silks in the D6 set. The D6 set has postcard style backs with a space for a stamp.

Thanks to Richard Minns for providing the information to start this checklist.

B6 Set

B6-2 Chrissie White
B6-3 Alma Taylor
B6-9 Pimple (Fred Evans)
B6-16 Cleo Madison
B6-18 Nell Craig
B6-21 Thomas Santschi
B6-23 Baby Lilian Wade
B6-25 Mabel Normand
B6-26 Leo Delaney
B6-27 Rose E. Tapley
B6-28 John Bunny
B6-34 Mabel Normand
B6-35 Mabel Normand
B6-37 Chaplin As He Really Is
B6-39 Gertrude McCoy
B6-40 Miriam Nesbitt
B6-43 Charlie Chaplin
B6-44 Charlie Chaplin And His Girl
B6-45 Anna Little
B6-46 Mary Pickford
B6-48 Gaby Deslys

D6 Set

D6-1 Alma Taylor
D6-2 Pimple (Card shows ‘Pimple’ Fred Evans)
D6-3 Herbert Rawlinson
D6-4 Billie Ritchie
D6-5 Mary Fuller
D6-6 G. M. Anderson
D6-7 Kathlyn Williams
D6-8 Edith Johnson
D6-9 Maurice Costello
D6-10 John Bunny
D6-11 Flora Finch
D6-12 Anita Stewart
D6-13 Mabel Normand (different image from D6-14)
D6-14 Mabel Normand

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