Telebanco Cancion

Issuing Company:
Country of Issue: Spain
Year of Issue: 1969
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product:

Notes: Checklist incomplete. There are two different sets of cards in playing card style, one with red backs showing international TV and music stars, the other blue or green backs showing mostly Spanish music stars, but with some international music stars as well, such as the Beatles and Tom Jones. Both sets come in a variety of shades of red, blue, or green backs with some variations.

Date info: The Brady Bunch started in 1969, so I'm placing a 1969 date on this set, though it could have been issued a year or two later. Because of the variations, it could have even been started a bit earlier, with variations added in later printings.

Thanks to Bernard Dunne for help with this checklist.


Brown-Yellow-Green Clubs

1. Raymond Burr "Ironside" y "Perry Mason"
2. Barbara Anderson "Ironside"
3. Ron Ely "Tarzan"
3. William Gaunt "Los Invencibles de Nemesis"
4. Alexandra Bastedo "Los Invencibles de Nemesis"
4. "Mis adorables Sobrinos"
5. Stuart Damon "Los Invencibles de Nemesis"
5. Grupo Huck Finn
6. Dan Blocker "Bonanza"
7. Michael Landon "Bonanza"
8. Gail Fisher "Mannix"
8. Robert Young "Marcus Welby"
9. Lorne Greene "Bonanza"
10. De Forest Kelley "La Conquista del Espacio"
11. La Conquista del Espacio (Star Trek William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Nichelle Nichols)
11. "Buscando Novia El Papa
12. Peter Graves "Mision Imposible"

Blue Swords

1. Grupo Cimarron
2. Patricia Blair "Daniel Boone
2. Peter Lupus "Mision Imposible"
3. Barbara Bain "Mision Imposible"
4. Fess Parker "Daniel Boone"
4. Greg Morris "Mision Imposible"
5. Ron Ely "Tarzan"
5. Martin Landau "Mision Imposible"
6. Gemelas Hurtado "La Casa de los Martinez"
7. Robert Conrad y Ross Martin "Jim West"
8. Edward Platt "Superagente 86"
9. Carlos Munos "La Casa de los Martinez"
10. Julita Martinez "La Casa de los Martinez"
11. Martin Milner y Kent McCord "Area 12"
12. Lucille Ball "El Show de Lucy"
12. Linda Thorson "Los Vengadores"
12. Lee Marvin "Ballenger de Chicago"

Wine Glasses

1. Patrick McNee "Los Vengadores"
2. Linda Cristal "El Gran Chaparral"
3. Mark Slade "El Gran Chaparral"
4. Cameron Mitchell "El Gran Chaparral"
5. Leif Erickson "El Gran Chaparral"
6. Tony Franciosa "Audacia es el Juego"
7. Dennis Weaver y B. Brickell "Mi Oso y Yo"
7. Doug McClure "El Virginiano"
8. Don Adams "Superagente 86"
9. Barbara Feldon "Superagente 86"
10. Brian Keith "Mis adorables Sobrinos"
10. "Audacia es el Juego"
11. Don Galloway "Ironside"
12. Don Mitchell "Ironside"

Yellow Suns

1. Gene Barry "Audacia es el Juego"
2. Dick York "Embrujada"
3. Elizabeth Montgomery "Embrujada"
4. Agnes Morehead "Embrujada"
4. Robert Reed "La tribu de los Brady"
5. Darby Hinton "Daniel Boone"
5. Robert Stack "Audacia es el Juego"
6. Darrin McGavin "El Astuto"
7. Brian Kelly "Flipper"
8. Luke Halpin "Flipper"
9. Tommy Norden "Flipper"
10. Michael Connors "Mannix"
11. Jay North "Maya"
11. Red Buttons "Espia a la Fuerza"
11. Marshall Thompson "Daktari"
12. Henry Darrow "El Gran Chaparral"

Black Asterisk (Wild Card)

Stuart Whitman


Brown-Yellow Clubs

2. Luis Aguile
3. Los Gritos
4. Los Angeles
5. Los Mitos
5. Gianni Morandi
6. Los Pasos
7. Peret
8. Palito Ortega
10. Marisol
11. Los Pop Tops
12. Los Modulos

Blue Swords

2. Sudamericanos
3. Rocio Durcal
5. Elvis Presley
6. Los Diablos
7. Juan Pardo
8. Miguel Rios
9. Formula V
10. Julian Granados
11. Los Payos
12. Los Bravos

Wine Glasses

1. Julio Iglesias
2. Los Brincos
3. Los Mustang
4. Los Canarios
5. Bruno Lomas
6. Junior
7. Georgie Dann
8. Los Albas
8. Dana
9. Los Beatles
10. Karina
11. Mike Kennedy
12. Cristina

Yellow Suns

1. Victor Manuel
2. Jaime Morey
3. Massiel
4. Los Mismos
5. Adamo
6. Daniel Valazquez
6. Voces Amigas
7. Conchita Bautista
8. Los Albas
9. Henry Stephen
10. Lone Star
11. Joan Manual Serrat
12. Salome

Black Round Pattern

Tom Jones

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