Telfer Biscuit Famous Movie Plays

Issuing Company: Telfer Biscuit Co.
Country of Issue: Canada
Year of Issue: 1923
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 120
Card Size: 2" x 3 1/4"
Issued as insert with what product:

Notes: The backs state that there are 5 cards from each of 24 different films, for a total of 120 cards in the set. For the card numbering, each film had a letter assigned to it, followed by a dash, then a number 1 to 5. All letters were used except X and Z. For a particular letter, the text is exactly the same for every card numbered 1-5 except for letter K. Letter K was from a film where the star was walking around film studios in Hollywood, so the text is different for every card, as the star encounters different movie stars.

The backs also note that customers were able to mail in for a large, hand-colored picture of the star of a particular movie. I haven't seen one of these large pictures. If anyone has one, email me a scan so it can be included on the site for all to see.

Date info: All of the movies on these cards were released in 1922 or 1923, so I am placing a 1923 date on this set.

A-1 through A-5. Scene from The Covered Wagon. Starring Lois Wilson and J. Warren Kerrigan. A Paramount Picture.

B-1 through B-5. Scene from Soft Boiled. Starring Tom Mix. A Fox Production.

C-1 through C-5. Scene from The Light That Failed. Starring Jacqueline Logan. A Paramount Picture.

D-1 through D-5. Scene from Zaza. Starring Gloria Swanson. A Paramount Picture.

E-1 through E-5. Scene from The Fighting Blade. Starring Richard Barthelmess. A First National Production.

F-1 through F-5. Scene from A Man From Home. Starring Anna Q. Nilsson. A Paramount Picture.

G-1 through G-5. Scene from Ashes of Vengeance. Starring Norma Talmadge. A First National Picture.

H-1 through H-5. Scene from Monna Vanna. Starring Lee Parry. A Fox Production.

I-1 through I-5. Scene from Potash and Perlmutter. Starring Barney Bernard and Alexander Carr. A First National Production.

J-1 through J-5. Scene from The Young Rajah. Starring Rudolph Valentino. A Paramount Picture.

K-1. Scene from Hollywood. Grandpa Whitaker (Luke Cosgrove) encourages Angela (Hope Drown) in her ambitions to become a movie star. A Paramount Picture.
K-2. Scene from Hollywood. Ben Turpin points out the way to the next studio. A Paramount Picture.
K-3. Scene from Hollywood. On the way to the studios the Whitakers see Hank Mann and Lloyd Hamilton. A Paramount Picture.
K-4. Scene from Hollywood. At the Lasky Studio Angela (Hope Drown) meets Jack Holt and May McAvoy getting their mail. A Paramount Picture.
K-5. Scene from Hollywood. Angela (Hope Drown) sees Will Rogers and Director Al Green at the railroad station. A Paramount Picture.

L-1 through L-5. Scene from Trilby. Starring Andree Lafayette and Arthur Edmund Carew. A First National Production.

M-1 through M-5. Scene from Suzanna. Starring Mabel Normand. A Mack Sennett Production.

N-1 through N-5. Scene from The Eleventh Hour. Starring Shirley Mason. A Fox Production.

O-1 through O-5. Scene from Stephen Steps Out. Starring Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and Theodore Roberts. A Paramount Picture.

P-1 through P-5. Scene from Green Temptation. Starring Betty Compson. A Paramount Production.

Q-1 through Q-5. Scene from The Rendezvous. Starring Conrad Nagel and Sydney Chaplin. A Marshall Neilan Production.

R-1 through R-5. Scene from If Winter Comes. Starring Percy Marmont and Ann Forest. A Fox Production.

S-1 through S-5. Scene from Penrod. Starring Wesley Barry. A Marshall Neilan Production.

T-1 through T-5. Scene from The Spanish Dancer. Starring Pola Negri. A Paramount Picture.

U-1 through U-5. Scene from The Silent Command. Starring Martha Mansfield. A Fox Production.

V-1 through V-5. Scene from Thundergate. Starring Virginia Brown Faire. First National Picture.

W-1 through W-5. Scene from Robinson Crusoe. Starring Harry Meyers. A Universal Production.

Y-1 through Y-5. Scene from The Huntress. Starring Colleen Moore. A First National Picture.

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