Issuing Company: Telfer Biscuit Co. and Patterson Candy Co.
Country of Issue: Canada
Year of Issue: 1922
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 80
Card Size: 2" x 3 1/4"
Issued as insert with what product: Cookies and Chocolate Bars

Notes: Suzanna was a 1922 movie starring Mabel Normand. There was an album issued with this set. The album measures 12 7/8" wide, 8 1/16" tall.

Two different Canadian backs have been seen for this set, one for Telfer Biscuits and the other for Patterson Candy. Both companies are Canadian. It looks like these sets were probably issued simultaneously by these two companies. This set was also issued by Shotwell Mfg. in the USA.

A special album was issued with this set. The pages of this album were black and about the same texture as construction paper. Cards from this set are sometimes found with black paper stuck to the backs - obviously these cards were removed from their special album at some point.

1. Mabel Normand, as Suzanna, bride of the dashing Francisco.
2. Mabel Normand, as Suzanna, impersonates Indian on warpath.
3. George Nichols, as Don Fernando, father of Francisco.
4. Evelyn Sherman, as the stately mother of Francisco.
5. Walter McGrail, as Francisco, who finally wins Suzanna.
6. Eric Mayne, as Don Diego, the father of haughty Chiquita.
7. Leon Bary, as Pancho, Toreador who nearly wins Suzanna.
8. Minnehaha, the jovial, pipe-smoking house servant.
9. Winifred Bryson, as Chiquita, Don Diego's daughter.
10. Carl Stockdale, as Ruiz, foster-father of Suzanna.
11. Lon Pott, as attorney, father of Suzanna's suiter, Miguel.
12. Aline Manning, as the austere and vigilant duenna.
13. Suzanna, happy-go-lucky and carefree, comes riding into the story.
14. Dinner scene in the Fernando home, the Don at the head of the table, the Donna at the foot.
15. Love scene between Chiquita and Pancho, in the beautiful Diego garden in the City of Mexico.
16. Don Diego warns Pancho, the Toreador, to keep away from Chiquita, his daughter.
17. Francisco, having rescued Suzanna form the bears, takes her upon his horse and to his home.
18. After a while Suzanna succeeds in taming and making pets of the bears.
19. The bears' playful nature develops under the patient training of Suzanna.
20. Suzanna has a great deal of fun teaching the bear cub to beg for milk.
21. Suzanna scolds the stubborn little bear of which she has made an amusing pet.
22. Suzanna's smile charms the bear just as it had charmed Francisco and Pancho.
23. Miguel, the attorney's son, encounters difficulties in his attempts to make love to Suzanna.
24. Pancho, a stranger seeking his fortune in California, tries to charm Suzanna with his song.
25. Pancho does not attempt to hide his admiration for the beautiful little Suzanna.
26. Francisco is jealous of Pancho's attentions to Suzanna and reproves him for his impudence.
27. Pancho thinks to intimidate Francisco with an exhibition of his expert throwing of his dagger.
28. Suzanna at play on the curb of the bubbling well in Don Fernando's courtyard.
29. It was this look in Suzanna's eyes that warned Pancho that he had best mind his step.
30. Suzanna threatens to accept Pancho's dare to bathe in the well on Fernando's ranch.
31. Don Diego writes from Mexico to order his home prepared for himself and his daughter, Chiquita.
32. Suzanna sent to help prepare Diego home, finds Indian head-dress and decides to go on war-path.
33. Suzanna dons head-dress and blanket and gives an impersonation of an Indian on the war-path.
34. Suzanna frightened as Indian servants join in war dance and it becomes a little too realistic.
35. The earnestness with which Black Hawk Joins in dance with his war-like whoops dismays Suzanna.
36. Suzanna wondering how she can get tomahawk from Indians and persuade them to resume their work.
37. Don Fernando interrupts the dance, orders Indians back to work and finds Suzanna hidden in Chapel.
38. Don Fernando scolds Suzanna and tells her that she must earn her bread as the other servants do.
39. Don Fernando reproves Suzanna for starting dance and orders her to remove Indian head-dress.
40. Francisco, having heard his father order Suzanna to work, offers to help her in her task.
41. Francisco is anxious to help Suzanna prepare the Diego home for the return of Don and Chiquita.
42. Ruiz, coming in, asks Francisco if his happy mood is due to the coming of his fiancee, Chiquita.
43. To get Suzanna out of the way before return of Chiquita, Don Fernando sends her to a Mission.
44. Suzanna sent to Mission school to be educated - and to break up her friendship with Francisco.
45. Suzanna on the way to Mission comes upon bleached skeleton of cow - an evil omen to the weary girl.
46. Suzanna's arrival in the Diego's coach puzzles and amazes Don Fernando and his family.
47. The Fernando family, gathered to greet Don Diego and Chiquita, astonished when Suzanna steps out.
48. Francisco on his way to the bull fight arena where he is sure he will see Suzanna.
49. Pancho, who is a Toreador, rides to the bull fight arena to take part in the show.
50. (In Mexico City.) Chiquita handed bouquet to Pancho, with note saying she was going to California.
51. Suzanna unintentionally sees love scene between Pancho and Chiquita on her arrival in California.
52. Love scene between Pancho and Chiquita is interrupted when Suzanna's presence is discovered.
53. Suzanna is rebuffed when she asks Chiquita about the latter's love for Francisco.
54. Chiquita's haughty manner and her fiery temper fail to make any impression on Suzanna.
55. After Fiesta celebrating his betrothal to Chiquita, Francisco renounces his love for Suzanna.
56. Francisco kisses Suzanna and take his leave, realizing that his love for her is hopeless.
57. Suzanna awakens and thinks that she dreamt that Francisco had stolen in and kissed her.
58. Suzanna listens to a serenader singing a Spanish song of love beneath her window.
59. Suzanna listens attentively to the serenader singing his love song beneath her window.
60. Minnehaha tells Suzanna that two lovers have arrived and that she must choose one of them.
61. Suzanna cannot decide between them and Pancho and Miguel gamble for her hand.
62. Pancho, who gambled with Miguel for the hand of Suzanna, tells her that he has won.
63. Ruiz confesses to Suzanna that she is the rightful daughter of Don Diego.
64. Suzanna tells Pancho that she will marry him even tho she is the rightful daughter of Don Diego.
65. Suzanna and Pancho examine the beautiful wedding gown he has purchased for her.
66. Suzanna arrayed in the wedding dress bought her by Pancho in which she is to become his bride.
67. Suzanna and Pancho about to leave for the Parish House where they are to be married.
68. Suzanna and Pancho arrive at the Parish House for the marriage ceremony.
69. The priest greets Suzanna and Pancho when they come to him to be married.
70. Suzanna starts on the wedding procession to the shrine to marry Pancho.
71. While Suzanna is on way to wed Pancho, Francisco awaits the Padre who is to marry him to Chiquita.
72. Francisco asks the blessing of the Padre who is about to marry him to Chiquita.
73. Thru a window Francisco sees Suzanna on way to shrine; runs after her, leaving Chiquita at alter.
74. Pancho and Suzanna before priest. Francisco here dashes in, disposes of Pancho and marries Suzanna.
75. Suzanna prepares to return to join in the wedding festivities at the home of Francisco's father.
76. Suzanna and Francisco on the way from the marriage ceremony to join in the wedding celebration.
77. Donna Fernando and her happy family return from the wedding in Careta's decorated ox-cart.
78. Wedding guests drink to the health of Suzanna and Francisco in the home of Don Fernando.
79. Suzanna come into her own as the daughter of Don Diego and the bride of Francisco.
80. Suzanna, the happy bride, in her wedding finery after her marriage to Francisco.

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