Issuing Company: Nestle Ltd.
Country of Issue: England, Spain, Belgium, Peru, Malta, ?
Year of Issue: 1936
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set: 100 (England, Spanish) or 101 (Malta)
Card Size: 1 9/16" x 2 1/4"
Issued as insert with what product: Chocolates

Notes: These are paper-thin cards. This set was issued in at least England, Spain, Belgium, Peru, Argentina, and Malta, and possibly other countries. The British version has english text and a "Printed in England" line on the back. The Spanish version is titled "Estrellas de Cine" and has spanish text and an "Espana - Primera Edicion" line on the back. The Belgian version is titled "Les Stars de L'Ecran - De Filmsterren" and contains text in two languages including French on the back. I haven't seen the back of a Maltese version card. There are some movie stars from India in the set, opening up the possibility that this set may have also been issued in an Indian version. This set could very well have been issued in other countries, too.

The British and Spanish versions of this set have the same numbering. The Belgian version has different numbering. It is unknown whether all the subjects are the same between the different sets, but it is likely that they are the same.

Amit Benyovits reports that he obtained an album for this set that originated in Peru. The cards from his set were a mixture of the British and Spanish versions. He also provided a scan of the Spanish version album for this set.

An album was issued for this set. A special album was also issued for the island of Malta which contains a space for an extra card of Maltese actor Joseph Calleia.

British, Spanish Version

1. Kay Francis
2. Maurice Chevalier
3. Greta Garbo
4. Robert Montgomery
5. Indira Devi
6. Ronald Colman
7. Claudette Colbert
8. Herbert Marshall
9. Uma Debi
10. Jeanette Macdonald
11. Clive Brook
12. Madeleine Carroll
13. Ramon Novarro
14. Kanan Bala
15. Aline McMahon
16. Loretta Young
17. William Powell
18. Marlene Dietrich
19. Wallace Beery
20. Malina Debi
21. Marion Davies
22. Gary Cooper
23. Norma Shearer
24. Lilian Harvey
25. James Cagney
26. Leslie Howard
27. Elizabeth Allan
28. Dick Powell
29. Joan Blondell
30. Cary Grant
31. George Arliss
32. Mae West
33. Jack Buchanan
34. Edward G. Robinson
35. Cicely Courtneidge
36. Merle Oberon
37. C. Aubrey Smith
38. Jessie Matthews
39. Sir Guy Standing
40. Anna May Wong
41. Anna Sten
42. Conrad Veidt
43. Gracie Fields
44. Ann Harding
45. Sir Cedric Hardwick
46. Charles Laughton
47. Binnie Barnes
48. Warren William
49. Margaret Sullavan
50. Lionel Barrymore
51. Clark Gable
52. Gloria Swanson
53. Laurel and Hardy
54. Jackie Cooper
55. Anna Neagle
56. Shirley Temple
57. Warner Baxter
58. Joan Crawford
59. Otto Kruger
60. Constance Bennett
61. Ginger Rogers
62. Claude Rains
63. Diana Wynyard
64. Marta Eggerth
65. Carl Brisson
66. Charles Chaplin
67. Edna May Oliver
68. Paul Muni
69. Miriam Hopkins
70. Leslie Henson
71. Eddie Cantor
72. Jean Harlow
73. Tom Walls
74. Hugh Williams
75. Madge Evans
76. Nova Pilbeam
77. Ralph Lynn
78. Elizabeth Bergner
79. Robertson Hare
80. Una Merkel
81. Evelyn Laye
82. Leslie Banks
83. Katharine Hepburn
84. Genevieve Tobin
85. Sydney Howard
86. Fredric March
87. May Robson
88. W. C. Fields
89. Mary Pickford
90. Robert Donat
91. Jack Hulbert
92. Dolores Del Rio
93. Jack Holt
94. Charles Butterworth
95. Wynne Gibson
96. Zasu Pitts
97. Will Rogers
98. Myrna Loy
99. Edward E. Horton
100. Verree Teasdale

Belgian Version

44. Laurel and Hardy

Maltese Version

Joseph Calleia (only issued in Malta)

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