Moffat Cinema Artistes

Issuing Company: Moffat Bros.
Country of Issue: England
Year of Issue: 1913-1914
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 2 1/4" x 3 1/4" (Dainties)
Issued as insert with what product: Confectionery products

Notes: Checklist incomplete. Text on the card backs indicates these cards could be purchased in packets containing some type of candy and a card at movie theatres in England.

It appears that there are two different sets of these cards, one with a back ad for Moffat Cinema Dainties and the other with a back ad for Moffat's Sweetmeats. The Sweetmeats set appears to have been issued in four groups of 25 cards.

Date info: Collector Tim Thornham unearthed some newspaper ads for the Moffat Cinema Dainties cards. The earliest ad was from January 23, 1913. Another one was from December 25, 1913, and another was from September 10, 1914. This shows the card set started in 1913 or possibly even earlier and continued through at least late 1914. Tim also found a paragraph of text about the Moffat card promotion in a trade magazine from January 1915, indicating the set was still being issued around that time.

Card #87 from the Sweetmeats set shows a young Charlie Chaplin with a Keystone studio notation. Tim points out that Chaplin was only signed on at Keystone in January 1914. In December 1914, he moved to Essenay. The checklist for the first 25 Sweetmeats is almost identical to the Cinema Dainties set, though there is at least one difference. This may indicate that the Sweetmeats set was issued a bit later, with at least that one change. Since the Sweetmeats cards are found in four groups of 25, they were evidently issued at different intervals with the last series of 25 issued sometime in 1914 or possibly even later.

Thanks to Matt Zubrot, Richard Minns, Tim Thornham, and Stephen Vermac for helping with this checklist.

Moffat Cinema Dainties Set

5. Winnifred Greenwood (Selig Players)
7. William Duncan (Selig Players)
9. Charles Clary (Selig Players)
10. Jean The Vitagraph Dog (Vitagraph)
11. Kenneth Casey (Vitagraph)
14. Betty Harte (Selig Players)
23. Eleanor Blanchard (Essanay)

Moffat's Sweetmeats Set

1. Mr. F. X. Bushman (Essanay Company)
2. Mr. G. M. Anderson (Essanay Company)
3. Mr. Maurice Mario (Gaumont Company)
4. Mr. John Bunny (Vitagraph)
5. Miss Winifred Greenwood (Selig Company)
6. Mr. A. Deed (Pathe Freres Company)
7. Mr. William Duncan
8. Miss Kathlyn Williams (Selig Company)
9. Mr. Charles Clary (Selig Company)
10. Miss Edith Storey (Vitagraph Company)
11. Miss Flora Finch (Vitagraph Company)
12. Mr. Leo Delaney (Vitagraph Company)
13. Melle. Mistinguett (Pathe Freres Company)
14. Miss Betty Harte (Selig Company)
15. Mr. Hobart Bosworth
16. Mr. E. H. Calvert (Essanay Company)
17. Mdlle. Walter (Gaumont Company)
18. Miss Marguerite Clayton (Essanay Company)
19. Mr. Bataille (Gaumont Company)
20. Mr. Maurice Costello (Vitagraph)
21. Mdlle. Yvette Andreyor (Gaumont Company)
22. Miss Lillian Walker (Vitagraph Company)
23. Miss Beverley Bayne (Essanay Company)
24. Mr. Max Linder (Pathe Freres Company)
25. Melle. Napierkowska (Pathe Freres Company)
26. Miss Ivy Close (Hepworth Stock Company)
27. Miss Flora Morris (Hepworth Stock Company)
28. Miss Alma Taylor (Hepworth Stock Company)
29. Mr. E. Hay-Plumb ("Plummie") (Hepworth Stock Company)
30. Mr. Harry Royston (Hepworth Stock Company)
31. Miss Chrissie White (Hepworth Stock Company)
32. Miss Madge Campbell (Hepworth Stock Company)
33. Miss Chrissie White & Miss Alma Taylor (Hepworth Stock Company)
34. Mr. Harry Buss (Hepworth Stock Company)
35. Mr. Alec Worcester (Hepworth Stock Company)
37. Miss Pauline Bush (Flying A Company)
38. Miss Pauline Bush (Flying A Company)
39. Mr. Warren Kerrigan (Flying A Company)
40. Mr. Jack Richardson (Flying A Company)
41. Miss Pauline Bush & Mr Warren Kerrigan (Flying A Company)
42. Miss Pauline Bush (Flying A Company)
43. Miss Jessalyn van Trump (Flying A Company)
44. Mr. Warren Kerrigan (Flying A Company)
45. Mr. Warren Kerrigan (Flying A Company)
46. Miss Dorothy Bellew (Clarendon Company)
47. Lt. Rose (Clarendon Company)
48. Daddy's Didums (Clarendon Company)
49. Miss Florence Turner (Turner Films Ltd.)
50. Miss Florence Turner (Turner Films Ltd.)
51. Miss Muriel Fortescue (Mabel Normand before her name change) (American Biograph Company)
52. Miss Mary Pickford (American Biograph Company)
53. Miss Daphne Wayne (American Biograph Company)
54. Miss Margaret Winter (American Biograph Company)
55. Gladys of the American Biograph Company
56. Mr. Charles Berry (American Biograph Company)
57. Mr. Harry Benson (American Biograph Company)
58. Miss Pauline Bush (Flying A Company)
60. Miss Anna Nilsson (Kalem Company)
61. Miss Ruth Roland
62. Gene Gauntier (Kalem Company)
63. Miss Marion Cooper (Kalem Company)
65. Miss Jane Wolfe (Kalem Company)
67. Mr. George Melford (Kalem Company)
68. Mr. Ed. Core (Kalem Company)
69. Mr. Howard Mitchell (Lubin Company)
70. Mr. Arthur V. Johnson (Lubin Company)
71. Mr. Romaine Fielden (Lubin Company)
72. Miss Florence Lawrence (Lubin Company)
73. Miss Lottie Briscoe (Lubin Company)
74. Miss Ormi Hawley (Lubin Company)
76. Mr. Olaf Fonss
80. Nicolai Johannsen (Nordisk Film Co.)
83. Alma Hinding (Nordisk Film Co.)
85. Roscoe Arbuckle (Keystone Film Co.)
86. Mable Normand (Keystone Film Co.)
87. Chas. Chaplin (Keystone Film Co.)
92. Cecelia Loftus (Famous Players Film Co)
94. Mary Pickford (Pathe Freres Film Co.)
98. Jane Fearnley

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