Milliat Freres Les Artistes de Cinema (Unnumbered)

Issuing Company: Milliat Freres
Country of Issue: France
Year of Issue: 1930s
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Pasta

Notes: Checklist incomplete. Unnumbered. Fronts in grey or brown tone and state 'Ticket – Prime' or 'Tickets – Prime'. There are three different known names: "Artistes," "Artistes de Cinéma," or "Les Artistes de Cinéma."

The cards for Daniel Lecourtois and Janine Darcey display the name of a movie they are starring in, while the other cards do not.

The text on the back translates as follows:

Claim your supplier the delicious chocolate Milliat Brothers

Tickets - premium in all bars and gift boxes of all semolina pasta - flour - rice - tapioca farina - Cream of Rice - Cream Corn - Instant pudding - yeast

Claim the list of our great offers

In case of claims. Enter the control number below.

According to French collector Serge Plumecocq, the Joseph Milliat brand of pasta preceded the Pates Milliat Freres brand (two brothers - Joseph and Louis). There are different card sets with each of these brands.

Thanks to Richard Minns and Serge Plumecocq for helping with this checklist.

Michele Alfa
Robert Arnoux
Jane Aubert
Germaine Aussey
Paul Azais
Josephine Baker
Mireille Balin
Lucien Baroux
Jean-Louis Barrault
Harry Baur in "Mollenard"
Marie Bell
Arnaud Bernard
Jules Berry
Pierre Blanchar
Thomy Bourdelle
Charles Boyer
Pierre Brasseur
Paul Cambo
Micheline Cheirel
Maurice Chevalier
Marguerite Churchill
Gilberte Clair
Lyne Clevers
Raymond Cordy (wearing hat, pipe in mouth)
Raymond Cordy (white shirt, dark tie)
Daniel Courtois
Janine Darcey in "The entry of Artists"
Janine Darcey (Photo Presse Caption)
Danielle Darieux (sic.) (hair up, dark top)
Danielle Darrieux (hand to side of face)
Robert Darthez
Rene Dary
Helene Dassonville
Claude Dauphin
Jean Daurand
Christiane Delyne
Orane Demazis
Germaine Dermoz
Marlene Dietrich
Paulette Dubost
Roger Duchesne
Douglas Fairbanks (Jr)
Edwige Feuillere (hand under chin)
Edwige Feuillere (v-neck dress)
Jacqueline Francell
Pierre Fresnay
Jean Gabin in "Cliche Osso" (Big Illusion)
Joselyne Gael
Garat (dark jacket)
Henri Garat (arms folded)
Henry Garat (hands together, sat on chair)
Henry Garat (military uniform)
Henry Garat et Danielle Darrieux
Lys Gauty
Gilbert Gil
Fernand Gravey
Lilian Harvey
Louis Jouvet in "The Entry of Artists" (Entrée des Artistes)
Odette Joyeux
Vera Korene
Marthe Labarr
Bernard Lancret
Lisette Lanvin
Larquey in "Les Filles du Rhone"
Yvette Lebon
Daniel Lecourtois in "Les filles du Rhône"
Daniel Lecourtois (no film title)
Andre Luguet (white bow tie)
Andre Luguet (dinner jacket)
France Marion
Leo Marjane
Claude May
Blanche Montel
Michele Morgan
Charles Moulin
Jean Murat
Line Noro
George O'Brien
Madeleine Ozeray
Jacqueline Pacaud
Andre Pasdoc
Reine Paulet
Helene Perdrière
Mireille Perrey
Lily Pons
Mireille Ponsard
Elvire Popesco
Jacqueline Porel
Gisele Preville
Suzy Prim
Nita Raya
Madeleine Renaud
Georges Rigaud in "Accord Final"
Alexandre Rignault
Pierre Renoir
Ginger Rogers
Monique Rolland
Viviane Romance in "Le Joueur"
Viviane Romance (wearing headdress)
Viviane Romance (hand behind head)
Francoise Rosay
Tino Rossi
Germaine Sablon
Michel Simon
Renée de St Cyr
Betty Stockfeld
Erich von Strohein
Gaby Sylvia
Marguerite Templey
Georges Thil
Alice Tissot
Jean Toulout in "La Danseuse Rouge"
Jean Tranchant
Charles Trenet
Charles Vanel
Kathe von Nagy in "Accord Final"
Joan Warner

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