Mahalla Die Schönsten Frauen der Welt

Issuing Company: Mahalla, Richterswil, Zurich
Country of Issue: Switzerland
Year of Issue: early 1932-1935
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 1 3/4" x 2 3/4"
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: Unknown if checklist is complete or not. The title translates to "World's Most Beautiful Women."

I've seen cards with two slightly different backs, with the same text but with the lines of text ending in different places along the backs. Both are pictured when you click the image for this set above.

German collector Nick Bolton notes: The cards are unnumbered, there was no album, and there are often multiple cards of the same star. When this is the case, the individual cards will be described. Cards are listed in alphabetical order, with the beauty queens coming at the end of the list. There are also quite a few spelling mistakes, not quite as bad as the Samum series, but running it fairly close. Look out for someone called "Belle Dodis" who turns out to be Bette Davis! Because so many of the motifs are similar, I have added an extra layer of description. The terms "close-up" (for views of just the head and shoulders), "mid-shot" (with views from the waist up) and "full-length" (showing the entire body) are not particularly scientific, but I hope will aid in identifying cards from this difficult series.

Mahalla issued another huge series of film star cards between 1952 and 1961. Nick Bolton notes that he has around 1200 cards from that set in his collection, and it's a list that he's still working on.

Date info: This set was issued in the early 1930s - there are a few cards with references to beauty contests ranging from 1931 to 1934. It was probably issued on an ongoing basis from 1932 through 1935 with new additions added as the set went along.

Thanks to Richard Minns and Nick Bolton for help with this checklist.

Iris Adrian (full-length, standing, holding cape strings)
Iris Adrian (full-length, sitting in wicker chair, leg outstretched)
Elizabeth Allan
Rosemary Ames (close-up, toothy grin)
Rosemary Ames (close-up, enigmatic smile)
Rosemary Ames (close-up, hand grasping cushion)
Rosemary Ames (close-up, head leaning against striped object, with pendant)
Rosemary Ames (mid-shot, head angled to side, leaning on arm, latticed object behind her)
Rosemary Ames (mid-shot, arms folded, white high-collared blouse)
Rosemary Ames (almost full-length, in bathing costume holding rung of ladder)
Rosemary Ames (full-length, sitting down, head on hand, striped background)
Rosemary Ames (full-length, standing up, black dress, hand on pillar)
Rosemary Ames (full-length, sitting in bathing suit on beach with dog)
Ernestine Anderson
Heather Angel
Dorothy Apple
Mary Astor (close-up, smiling directly into camera)
Mary Astor (full-length, sitting down wearing shorts)
Mireille Balin
Mona Barrie (close-up, staring wide-eyed to the left, hair dark)
Mona Barrie (close-up, hand placed on upper body, hair blond)
Mona Barrie (mid-shot, arms folded under chin, hair hanging over one eye)
Mona Barrie (mid-shot, wearing huge black and white furs, hair blond)
Mona Barrie (full-length, wearing long, dark, short-sleeved dress, sitting in antique chair)
Mona Barrie (full-length, wearing long dotted dress with long sleeves)
Wendy Barrie (close-up, straight at camera, fluffy top)
Wendy Barrie (full-length, in bathing costume and holding a ship's anchor)
Wendy Barrie (full-length, sitting sideways on a long wicker bench wearing white shorts)
Rosy Barsony
Madge Bellamy
Irene Bentley (close-up, staring at camera, dark top)
Irene Bentley (close-up, staring in profile to the side, bare shoulders)
Irene Bentley (close-up, head resting on hands, looking to side)
Irene Bentley (mid-shot, hands on knees, white dress, looking at camera)
Gretl Berndt
Lillian Bono (sic. Bond)
June Brewster
Phyllis Brooks
Virginia Bruce (close-up, top with a square pattern, smiling to side)
Virginia Bruce (full-length, long, dark dress, arms at waist)
Kathleen Burke
Marion Burns
Rita Cansino (note: Later known as Rita Hayworth)
Kitty Carlisle
Mary Carlisle
Frances Carlon
Madeleine Carroll (close-up, looking to left, no necklace)
Madeleine Carroll (close-up, looking to right, with necklace)
Madeleine Carroll (close-up, in profile, with necklace)
Madeleine Carroll (mid-shot, hand at side of face, in silk pyjamas)
Sul Carroll (double sic. Sue Carol)
Antoniette Cellier (sic. Antoinette) (mid-shot, sitting in chair, hand at head)
Antoniette Cellier (sic. Antoinette) (mid-shot, sitting in chair, hands over back of chair)
Mady Christians
Maddy Christians (sic. Mady)
Claudette Colbert
Ilse Constantin
Joan Crawford
Miss Cudaby
Lil Dagover
Anne Darling
Bette Davis
Dolores del Rio (full-length, in white one-piece bathing suit at pool)
Dolores del Rio (full-length, in dark two-piece bathing suit, hand on head)
Dolores del Rio (full-length, in dark two-piece bathing suit and large outstretched cape)
Hesten Deon
Rosine Derean
Florence Desmond
Marlene Dietrich
Lilien Dietz (sic. Liliane)
Claire Dodd
Belle Dodis (sic. Bette Davis!!)
Adalyn Doyle (full-length, in one-piece bathing suit, large house in background)
Adalyn Doyle (full-length, in one-piece bathing suit, dark shadowy background)
Maxine Doyle
Francis Drake (sic. Frances)
Frances Drake (close-up, wearing huge lacey hat)
Frances Drake (full-length, sitting down in black and white outfit)
Frances Drake (full-length, sitting at table pushing up sun umbrella)
Jolly Roger Drake
Steffi Duna
Martha Eggerth
Sally Eilers
Lilian Ellis
Mary Ellis
Patricia Ellis (mid-shot, plenty of cleavage)
Patricia Ellis (full-length, in a long, stripy dress holding a drink)
Patricia Ellis (full-length, in bathing suit with arms outstretched)
Else Elster
Vera Engels (close-up, straight at camera)
Vera Engels (full-length, sitting on couch, arms outstretched)
Madge Evans
Magde Evans (sic. Madge) (close-up, chin resting on hand)
Magde Evans (sic. Madge) (mid-shot, striped top, arms folded)
Muriel Evans (full-length, white bathing suit, arms behind her resting on dark object)
Muriel Evans (full-length, white bathing suit, sitting in profile on dark object)
Muriel Evans (full-length, white sailor-themed trouser suit, hand on hip)
Alice Faye (close-up, looking at camera, wearing shiny dress and necklace)
Alice Faye (close-up, looking to side, wearing ruffled top)
Alice Faye (full-length, standing tall in white fur coat and dress)
Alice Faye (full-length, sitting on couch in black shiny dress, hand behind head)
Alice Faye (full-length, bending down, tying a shoelace)
Peggy Fears (close-up, hair curling over one eye, dark furry top)
Peggy Fears (mid-shot, wearing top with flower motifs)
Peggy Fears (mid-shot, sitting down with head resting on hand)
Peggy Fears (full-length, wearing long, dark dress with large feathers)
Jaqueline Francell (sic. Jacqueline)
Kay Francis
Olivia Fried
Betty Furness (mid-shot, looking straight at camera, in checked coat and dark hat)
Betty Furness (mid-shot, looking to side, in checked coat and light hat)
Betty Furness (mid-shot, looking to side, in sheepskin coat and wide, dark hat)
Franziska Gaal (close-up, looking straight at camera, low-cut dark top)
Franziska Gaal (mid-shot, peering around a door, apparently naked)
Ketti Gallian (close-up, smiling at camera, striped top)
Ketti Gallian (mid-shot, with masculine-looking check jacket)
Ketti Gallian (mid-shot, leaning onto Venetian blinds)
Greta Garbo
Janet Caynor (sic. Gaynor)
Janet Gaynor (close-up, looking up, wearing top with pom pom at neck)
Janet Gaynor (mid-shot, sitting with cape-style top, hand on lap)
Janet Gaynor (full-length, sitting on ball at beach)
Janet Gaynor (full-length, sitting on fence, ocean in background)
Gwenllian Gill
Madrid Gonzales
Frances Grant (mid-shot, streamers in background)
Frances Grant (mid-shot, arms resting on tree branches)
Yvette Guilbert
Liane Haid (over mid-shot, standing and wearing white dress)
Liane Haid (over mid-shot, sitting and wearing a dark dress)
Keriman Halis Hanem
Ann Harding (close-up, wearing high-necked top)
Ann Harding (almost full-length, wearing a dark dress with low-cut neck)
Jean Harlow
Lilian Harvey (full-length, sitting on steps, moonbeam of light in background)
Lilian Harvey (full-length, standing upright, with long cape and two-piece swimsuit)
Lilian Harvey (full-length, bent at knees, two-piece swimsuit, pom poms at wrists)
Lilian Harvey (full-length, sitting on wall in front of steps, striped top, dark shorts)
Brigitte Helm
Irene Hervey
Annie Horak
J. Howard
Rochelle Hudson (close-up, hand on chest, in profile)
Rochelle Hudson (close-up, holding hat to chest)
Rochelle Hudson (close-up, both hands on head)
Rochelle Hudson (full-length, sitting in chair in long, dark dress)
La Jana
Isabell Jewell (sic. Isabel)
Zita Johann
Peggy Hopkins Joyce
Suzanne Karren (sic. Kaaren)
Hedy Kiesler
June Knight (mid-shot, wide bracelets, hand at face)
June Knight (full-length, in one-piece dark swimsuit holding oar)
June Knight (full-length, in one-piece dark swimsuit, hand on hip, other hand on chair)
June Knight (full-length, in one-piece striped swimsuit, arm in air)
La Belle Claire
Molly Lamont
Elissa Landi
June Lang
Evelyn Laye
Drue Leyton (close-up, wearing large fur hat)
Drue Leyton (close-up, arms folded under chin)
Drue Leyton (mid-shot, wearing white, plaited top)
Drue Leyton (mid-shot, with bracelet, hand resting on white object)
Drue Leyton (almost full-length, in a dark dress behind flowers)
Carole Lompart (sic. Lombard)
Carole Lombard (mid-shot, hand at waist, big belt buckle, low-cut top)
Carole Lombard (mid-shot, in profile holding up a large white object with a swirly pattern)
Carole Lombard (full-length, bending down in white swimsuit)
Ann Loring
Marie Losseff
Myrna Loy (mid-shot, looking to side, dark top with brooch in the middle)
Myrna Loy (mid-shot, looking forward, with low-cut blouse, bare shoulders)
Myrna Loy (mid-shot, says on front "Myrna Loy MGM", white top, hand to head)
Ida Lupino
Jeanette MacDonald
Joan Marsh
Michiko Meinl (close-up, hand holding shawl at throat)
Michiko Meinl (mid-shot, hand holds shawl at breast)
Una Merkel
Gertrude Michaels (sic. Michael) (with tennis racquet)
Katherine de Mille (full-length, standing and posing at swimming pool)
Katherine de Mille (full-length, sitting at swimming pool)
Conelita Montenegro (sic. Conchita)
Conchita Montenegro (mid-shot, disembodied head with white bird)
Conchita Montenegro (mid-shot, low-cut dress, staring unsmiling at camera)
Conchita Montenegro (mid-shot, in profile, dress hanging off one shoulder)
Conchita Montenegro (mid-shot, looking over shoulder at camera, in black and white furs)
Conchita Montenegro (full-length, back to camera, full length dark dress, next to chair)
Conchita Montenegro (full-length, in short, striped dress, arms outstretched)
Conchita Montenegro (full-length, sitting barefoot, in peasant's costume, shadow on wall)
Colleen Moore (full-length, sitting in bathing costume at pool)
Colleen Moore (full-length, sitting on wall holding puppies)
Rosita Moreno (mid-shot, wearing huge hat, arm across chest)
Rosita Moreno (mid-shot, wearing white top, head at angle)
Rosita Moreno (mid-shot, looking to side, white shiny top, lattice shadow in background)
Gaby Morlay
Karen Morley (mid-shot, looking at camera, blonde hair)
Karen Morley (mid-shot, looking to side, dark hair, striped top)
Liselotte Mühr
Renate Müller (close-up, with large white fur collar)
Renate Müller (close-up, with hand draped over chair)
Merle Oberon
Anny Ondra
Maureen O'Sullivan (mid-shot, toothy smile, lattice shadow in background)
Maureen O'Sullivan (mid-shot, smiling to camera, wearing white scarf)
Cecilia Parker (full-length, long dark trouser suit, one hand on deckchair)
Cecilia Parker (full-length, lying down on blanket with cushion and flask)
Doris Parker
Jean Parker (close-up, hand under chin, striped top)
Jean Parker (mid-shot, hands linked together next to face, flowery top)
Jean Parker (mid-shot, dark jacket and white shirt with large lapels, toothy smile at camera)
Jean Parker (full-length, standing upright in dark swimsuit, arms behind back)
Jean Parker (full-length, standing on beach in dark swimsuit, arm holding large white object)
Jean Parker (full-length, kneeling on beach, pouring sand from one hand to another)
Linda Parker & Florine McKinney
Pat Patterson (close-up, in profile wearing large hat with flower motifs)
Pat Patterson (close-up, bare shoulders, long earrings, no hat)
Pat Patterson (almost full-length, looking over shoulder, bare-backed light-coloured dress)
Gail Patrick (almost full-length, pouring tea from a silver service in a long dark dress)
Gail Patrick (full-length, wearing long stripey trouser suit, arms behind back)
Sabine Peters
Ruth Peterson
Virginia Pine
Elvire Popesco (close-up in profile, with pearl necklace)
Elvire Popesco (close-up, looking at camera, black hat and brooch)
Luise Rainer
Esther Ralstore (sic. Ralston)
Madeleine Renaud
Lyda Roberti
Rosalind Russell
Magda Schneider
Ruth Selwyn
Norma Shearer (mid-shot, looking to side, long ringlets and black and white top)
Norma Shearer (mid-shot, wearing a large, dark hat, bare arms, hands held together by face)
Norma Shearer (mid-shot, looking straight at camera, striped top)
Norma Shearer (mid-shot, sitting in chair looking at camera, lacey long-sleeved top)
Cläre Lou Sheridan (sic. Clara) (Note: Better known as Ann Sheridan)
Sylvia Sidney (over mid-shot, sitting on couch in dotted dress)
Sylvia Sidney (almost full-length, sitting on chair with back to camera)
Sylvia Sidney (full-length, kneeling on bench, white nautical-themed dress)
Sylvia Sidney (full-length, sitting at the beach on a stripy cushion, check top, white skirt)
Sylvia Sidney (full-length, standing at fireplace, looking over shoulder, hand on mantlepiece)
Marta Sleeper (sic. Martha)
Ann Sothern
Barbara Stanwick (sic. Stanwyck)
Anna Sten (mid-shot, dark furry hat, white gloves, hand on chin)
Anna Sten (mid-shot, in cornfield, hands together as though praying)
Anna Sten (mid-shot, in dark gloves and hat, arms held upward)
Gloria Swanson
Marion Talley
Claire Trevor (close-up, with striped scarf and white top)
Claire Trevor (close-up, with fuzzy dark top, brooch in the middle, floppy sleeves)
Claire Trevor (close-up, with outstretched index finger alongside head)
Claire Trevor (close-up, holding a large bunch of flowers, wearing a lace cap)
Claire Trevor (mid-shot, wearing a shiny top, flowery background)
Claire Trevor (almost full-length, striped pattern of Venetian blinds, arm outstretched)
Claire Trevor (full-length, standing outside on steps, arm draped on wooden gate)
Claire Trevor (full-length, standing in long light robe in front of drapes)
Claire Trevor (full-length, sitting with hands gripping knees next to beach ball)
Claire Trevor (full-length, sitting on table with hands gripping knees)
Helen Twelvetress (sic. Twelvetrees)
Luise Ullrich
Lupe Vellz (sic. Velez)
Lupe Velez
Helen Vinson (close-up, with dark beret and white top)
Helen Vinson (full-length, in long white robe, standing next to drapes)
Blanca Vischer (close-up, looking to side, hand resting next to head, dark ring-necked top)
Blanca Vischer (close-up, looking straight at camera, cigarette in mouth)
Elda Vokel
Paula Wassely (sic. Wessely)
Paula Wessely (close-up, looking to side, wearing buttoned-up white shirt)
Paula Wessely (mid-shot, looking straight at camera, with low-cut dark top)
Paula Wessely (mid-shot, arms folded, wearing dark top and light scarf)
Mae West
Alice White (close-up, looking straight at camera, with pearl necklace)
Alice White (almost full-length, wearing long dress with flower motifs)
Eleanore Whitney
Dorothea Wieck (close-up, looking to side, top with large light-coloured flowers)
Dorothea Wieck (close-up, looking up, elbow in the air, dark top)
Dorothea Wieck (close-up, looking at camera, head resting on hands, dark top)
Dorothea Wieck (mid-shot, in profile, hand on hip, dark jacket, brooch)
Dorothea Wieck (mid-shot, in profile, cocktail hat, pendant, striped top)
Dorothea Wieck (full-length, long light-coloured dress with dark short sleeves)
Dorothea Wieck (full-length, long dark dress, hands at midriff holding flowers)
Toby Wing
Anna May Wong (close-up, hand holding head)
Anna May Wong (full-length, in high-collared, long dark robe, hands at chin)
Peggy Wood
Diana Wynyard
Loretta Young (close-up, appears to be in wedding attire, ribbon in hair)
Loretta Young (close-up, wearing a low-cut dark top)
Loretta Young (close-up, head appears above an out-of-focus black and white object)
Loretta Young (close to mid-shot, hand by face with finger on lip)
Loretta Young (close to mid-shot, arms above head in white robe)
Loretta Young (mid-shot, in white robe, wide sleeves, arms outstretched)
Loretta Young (full-length, hands on hips looking upwards, long light shiny dress)

Miss Spanien - Mlle Cortez
Miss Austria 1931 - Herta van Haentjens
Miss Germany 1932 - Ruth Behnen
Miss Jugoslavia 1932 - Olga Gyuritsch
Miss France 1934 - Simone Barillier

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