Kwatta Film Stars Series C 325-384

Issuing Company: Kwatta
Country of Issue: Belgium
Year of Issue: 1953
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set: 60
Card Size: 3 1/4" x 5 3/8"
Issued as insert with what product: Chocolates


Date information: All the movies I checked for this set were released in 1953, so I am placing a date of 1953 on this set.

Thanks to Piet Gooijaers, Richard Minns, and Keith Pennington for help with this checklist.

C. 325 June Allyson
C. 326 Pier Angeli
C. 327 Yvonne de Carlo
C. 328 Cyd Charisse
C. 329 Danielle Darrieux
C. 330 Ava Gardner
C. 331 Greer Garson
C. 332 Ann Miller
C. 333 Elaine Stewart
C. 334 Lana Turner
C. 335 Shelley Winters
C. 336 Esther Williams
C. 337 Loretta Young
C. 338 Humphrey Bogart
C. 339 Marlon Brando
C. 340 Joseph Cotten
C. 341 Kirk Douglas in "Histoire de Trois Amours"
C. 342 Cary Grant in "La Femme Revee"
C. 343 Georges Guétary
C. 344 Clark Gable in "Mogambo"
C. 345 Vittorio Gassman
C. 346 Stewart Granger
C. 347 Van Johnson
C. 348 Gene Kelly
C. 349 Howard Keel
C. 350 Mario Lanzo
C. 351 Ricardo Montalban
C. 352 Gregory Peck in "Jody et le Faon"
C. 353 Robert Taylor in "La Perle Noire"
C. 354 Spencer Tracy
C. 355 Cornel Wilde
C. 356 Walter Pidgeon in "Vicki"
C. 357 Michele Morgan
C. 358 Gina Lollobrigida
C. 359 Susan Shentall
C. 360 Mai Zetterling
C. 361 Ann Blyth
C. 362 June Allyson
C. 363 Deborah Kerr
C. 364 Debbie Reynolds
C. 365 Barbara Stanwyck
C. 366 J.P. Aumont
C. 367 Fernando Lamas
C. 368 Eva Bartok
C. 369 Danielle Darrieux
C. 370 Martine Carol
C. 371 Errol Flynn
C. 372 Virginia Mayo
C. 373 Leslie Caron
C. 374 Katharine Hepburn
C. 375 Janet Leigh
C. 376 Jane Wyman
C. 377 Mario Lanzo
C. 378 Victor Mature
C. 379 Doris Day
C. 380 Gary Cooper
C. 381 Claudette Colbert
C. 382 Peggy Cummins
C. 383 Gina Lollobrigida
C. 384 Martine Carol

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