Kwatta Film Stars C 1-98

Issuing Company: Kwatta
Country of Issue: Belgium
Year of Issue: 1947
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 98
Card Size: 3 3/8" x 5 1/4"
Issued as insert with what product: Chocolates

Notes: This set was issued with five different backs. Three of the backs are numbered and two are unnumbered.

Translation of the Avis 7 back: There are, it seems, people who do not know about the Cine-Stars Kwatta collection. Get them a double pleasure by advising them Kwatta, the chocolate stars, the star of chocolates.

Translation of the Avis 14 back: We do not have to reveal that the high calorie chocolate Kwatta is such that a stick of 50 gr is equivalent to 100 gr. of bread or 200 gr. of meat or 4 eggs, but many of your customers would be very surprised to learn it.

There was an album issued with this set. It is red with a hard cover, and on the inside it says Kwattina Kwatta Mascotte.

Thanks to Amit Benyovits and Keith Pennington for help with this checklist.

C. 1 Greer Garson
C. 2 Greer Garson
C. 3 Greer Garson
C. 4 Linda Christian
C. 5 Esther Williams
C. 6 Esther Williams
C. 7 Esther Williams
C. 8 Angela Lansbury
C. 9 Angela Lansbury
C. 10 Gloria DeHaven
C. 11 Gloria DeHaven
C. 12 Gloria DeHaven
C. 13 Katharine Hepburn
C. 14 Katharine Hepburn
C. 15 Margaret O'Brien
C. 16 Margaret O'Brien
C. 17 Irene Dunne
C. 18 Irene Dunne
C. 19 June Allyson
C. 20 Lana Turner
C. 21 Lana Turner
C. 22 Lana Turner
C. 23 Elizabeth Taylor
C. 24 Elizabeth Taylor
C. 25 Kathryn Grayson
C. 26 Kathryn Grayson
C. 27 Kathryn Grayson
C. 28 Lucille Ball
C. 29 Marilyn Maxwell
C. 30 Jayne Meadows
C. 31 Judy Garland
C. 32 Judy Garland
C. 33 Judy Garland
C. 34 Lena Horne
C. 35 Lena Horne
C. 36 Cyd Charisse
C. 37 Cyd Charisse
C. 38 Donna Reed
C. 39 Donna Reed
C. 40 Donna Reed
C. 41 Virginia O'Brien
C. 42 Virginia O'Brien
C. 43 Ann Sothern
C. 44 Ann Sothern
C. 45 Ann Sothern
C. 46 Jan Clayton
C. 47 Pamela Britton
C. 48 Lucille Bremer
C. 49 Marion Bell
C. 50 Spencer Tracy
C. 51 Spencer Tracy
C. 52 Gregory Peck
C. 53 Gregory Peck
C. 54 Gregory Peck
C. 55 Van Johnson
C. 56 Van Johnson
C. 57 Walter Pidgeon
C. 58 Walter Pidgeon
C. 59 Robert Montgomery
C. 60 Robert Montgomery
C. 61 Robert Taylor
C. 62 Robert Taylor
C. 63 Robert Taylor
C. 64 William Powell
C. 65 William Powell
C. 66 William Powell
C. 67 Mickey Rooney
C. 68 Mickey Rooney
C. 69 Robert Walker
C. 70 Robert Walker
C. 71 Tom Drake
C. 72 Tom Drake
C. 73 George Murphy
C. 74 Clark Gable
C. 75 Clark Gable
C. 76 Clark Gable
C. 77 Melvyn Douglas
C. 78 Melvyn Douglas
C. 79 Dean Stockwell
C. 80 Dean Stockwell
C. 81 Jimmy Durante
C. 82 Jimmy Durante
C. 83 Butch Jenkins
C. 84 Lewis Stone
C. 85 Hume Cronyn
C. 86 Jose Iturbi
C. 87 Lionel Barrymore
C. 88 Frank Sinatra
C. 89 John Hodiak
C. 90 Hurd Hatfield
C. 91 Red Skelton
C. 92 Gene Kelly
C. 93 Edward Arnold
C. 94 Wallace Berry
C. 95 Peter Lawford
C. 96 Hurd Hatfield
C. 97 Marshall Thompson
C. 98 James Craig

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