Kwatta Large Unnumbered Film Stars

Issuing Company: Kwatta
Country of Issue: Belgium
Year of Issue: 1950
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 5" x 7"
Issued as insert with what product:

Notes: These cards are large sized, about 5" x 7". All of the pictures are the same as those from Series C 197-228 and Series C 229-324. There are no new or different pictures in this collection, just the same pictures with larger borders. They stop at around card 293 (more or less).

There are some variations as Claude Jarman, Jr. has been seen in both white and yellow and a different white Spencer Tracy portrait has been seen with advertising in red on the back. In the checklist below, the white cards are marked with (W) and the yellow cards are marked with (Y).

Thanks to Keith Pennington and Amit Benyovits for helping with this checklist.

June Allyson (portrait) (W)
June Allyson in "Een koppige Roodkop" (W)
June Allyson (Y)
Leon Ames (W)
Dana Andrews (W)
Pedro Armendariz (Y)
Ingrid Bergman (W)
Wallace Beery (W)
Nita Bieber (W)
Nita Bieber (Y)
Ann Blyth (W)
Charles Boyer (W)
Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman (Y)
Lucille Bremer (W)
Louis Calhern (Y)
Bridget Carr (W)
Cyd Charisse (W)
Cyd Charisse (Y)
Cyd Chariss and Richard Basehart (W)
Valentina Cortesa (Y)
James Craig (W)
Arlene Dahl (portrait) (W)
Arlene Dahl in "Drie eeuwige woordjes" (W)
Don Defore (W)
Gloria de Haven (W)
Melvyn Douglas (W)
Dona Drake (Y)
Nelson Eddy (W)
Nelson Eddy and Rise Stevens (W)
Vera Ellen (W)
Errol Flynn (W)
Clark Gable (Y)
Clark Gable and Loretta Young (Y)
Ava Gardner (Y)
Ava Gardner (W)
John Garfield (W)
Judy Garland (Y)
Betty Garrett (Y)
Betty Garrett (W)
Greer Garson (portrait) (W)
Greer Garson (Y)
Greer Garson in "De Verloochenen" (W)
Greer Garson in "De Geschiedenis der Minivers" (W)
Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon (W)
Fernand Gravey and Luise Rainer (Y)
Kathryn Grayson (Y)
Katharine Hepburn (Y)
John Hodiak (Y)
Lena Horne (Y)
Claude Jarman Jr. (Y)
Claude Jarman Jr. (W)
Van Johnson (portrait) (W)
Van Johnson in "Geen liefde zonder U" (W)
Louis Jourdan (W)
Gene Kelly (W)
Deborah Kerr (portrait) (W)
Deborah Kerr in "Solomon's Mijnen" (W)
Deborah Kerr (Y)
Deborah Kerr and Clark Gable (W)
Laddie, Peter Lawford, and Lassie (W)
Angela Lansbury (Y)
Angela Lansbury (W)
Mario Lanza (W)
Lassie (Y)
Lassie (W)
Charles Laughton (Y)
Myrna Loy (W)
Jeanette MacDonald (W)
Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy (W)
Leueen MacGrath (Y)
James Mason (W)
Marylin Maxwell (W)
Ann Miller (W)
Robert Mitchum (W)
Rita Moreno (W)
George Murphy (W)
Margaret O'Brien (W)
Beatrice Pearsons (W)
Gregory Peck (Y)
Walter Pidgeon (Y)
Jane Powell (W)
William Powell (Y)
Robert Ryan (W)
Frank Sinatra (W)
Red Skelton and Arlene Dahl (W)
Ann Southern (W)
Elizabeth Taylor (W)
Robert Taylor (Y)
Spencer Tracy (W)
Spencer Tracy (Y)
Spencer Tracy and Valentina Cortesa (W)
Lana Turner (W)
Lana Turner (Y)
John Wayne (W)
Valentina (Y)
Esther Williams (portrait) (W)
Esther Williams in "Geen liefde zonder U" (W)
Esther Williams in "Geen liefde zonder U" (W)
Esther Williams (Y)
Esther Williams and Johnny Johnston (W)

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