Juncosa Film Stars (Fancy Frame)

Issuing Company: Chocolate E. Juncosa
Country of Issue: Spain
Year of Issue: 1920s
Color/B&W: B&W (brown tone)
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 2 7/8" x 4 1/2" (Serie H); 2 3/4" x 4 3/8" (Serie LL)
Issued as insert with what product: Chocolates

Notes: Checklist Incomplete.

There are some other fancy frame sets issued in Spain with advertising from other brands on the backs. I originally thought they were all the same set, since many sets from Spain share different back advertising. But there appear to be different fancy frame sets from different issuers. The Nuria Fancy Frame set appears to be different from the Juncosa Fancy Frame set. There also some other Fancy Frame cards with different advertisers. I believe the key to identifying which fancy frame set goes where is with the exact fancy frame pattern used for a particular series. Every series seems to use a different fancy frame, but all the frames for a particular series are the same. If two different brands use the same frame, they seem to be the same set, but if the frames are different, they are different sets. Kind of confusing, but that seems to be the way these are organized. So, for example, the Serie G frame for Juncosa is different from the Serie G frame for Nuria, so those are different sets. The Serie G frame for Nuria and Elixir is the same, so those are the same sets.

These cards have been seen with the following advertising on the backs:


Thanks to Richard Minns, Troy Kinunen, and Amit Benyovits for help with this checklist.

Serie A

1. Lila Lee
2. Norma Talmadge
3. Richard Barthelmess
5. Pola Negri
6. Mary Philbin
7. Eddie Polo
8. Viola Dana
9. William Russell
10. Douglas Fairbanks
11. Jackie Coogan
14. Theodore Roberts
15. Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
16. Nita Naldi
17. Sessue Hayakawa
18. Constance Talmadge
19. Agnes Ayres
20. Biscot
21. Tom Moore
22. Bebe Daniels
23. Dustin Farnum
24. William Duncan

Serie G

1. Eileen Ledwing
2. Frances Howard
3. Rod La Rocque (spelt Larocque)
4. Evelyn Brent
5. Antonio Moreno
6. Elinor Fair
7. Miss Du Pont
8. Mary Pickford
9. George O’Brien (spelt Jorge)
10. Laura La Plante
11. Richard Talmadge
12. Mae Murray
14. Colleen Moore
15. House Peters
16. Agnes Ayres (spelt Ines)
18. William Desmond

Serie H

1. Alice Terry
2. Victor Varconi
3. Vera Daniels
4. Ramon Novarro (spelt Navarro)
5. Werner Krauss
6. John Bowers
7. Mary Astor
8. Lya Mara
9. Marion Davies
10. Mary Fanton
11. Leatrice Joy
12. Mary Brian (spelt Briant)
13. Enid Bennett (spelt Bennet)
14. Louis D. Mayor (card shows Lewis Stone)
15. Georgia Hale
16. Jackie Coogan
17. Lois Wilson
18. Virginia Valli

Serie I

1. Ricardo Dix
2. Paulina Garon
3. Elsie Ferguson
4. Ruth Clifford
5. Miss Johnson
6. Esther Ralston
7. Luisa Lovely (sic.)
8. Lon Chaney
9. Allan Forrest
10. Betty Compson
11. Kenneth Harlan
12. Percy Marmont
13. Constanza Bennet
14. Reginald Denny
15. Priscilla Dean
16. Paul Ellis
17. Norma Shearer
18. Norman Kerry

Serie J

1. Herbert Rawlinson
2. Eleanor Boardman
3. Rodolfo Valentino
4. Bebe Daniels
5. Baby Peggy
6. J. Warren Kerrigan
7. Charlie Chaplin (Charlot)
8. Constance Talmadge
9. George Hackdatone
10. Patsy Ruth Miller
11. Mary Philbin
12. Elaine Hammerstein (Spelt Helaine)
13. Douglas Fairbanks
14. Grafin Agnes Esterhazy
15. Charles De Rochefort
16. Pauline Frederick
17. Malcolm Mc. Gregor
18. Diana Carenne

Serie M

1. Rosita Moreno
2. Stan Laurel
3. Joan Crawford
4. Oliver Hardy
5. Conchita Montenegro
6. Jose Mojica
7. Mary Brian
8. Antonio Moreno
9. Rosita Diaz Gimeno
10. Maurice Chevalier
11. Jean Arthur
12. Nils Asther
13. Jeanette Mac Donald (space between Mac and Donald)
14. George Bancroft
15. Nancy Carroll
16. Ramon Pereda
17. Marion Davies
18. William Powell
19. Dorothy Jordan
20. Warner Baxter
21. Wallace Beery

Serie LL

1. Jeanette MacDonald
3. Lillian Roth
4. Ramon Pereda
5. Ruth Chatterton
7. Antonio Moreno
8. Maria Alba
9. Miriam Seegar
10. Ernest Torrence
11. Olga Baclanova
12. Marion Davies
13. Lewis Stone
15. Henry Stuart
17. Harry Frank
18. Trude Berliner
19. Jameson Thomas
20. Rina Marsa
21. Fritz Rasp

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