Issuing Company: Imperial Tobacco Co.
Country of Issue: Canada
Year of Issue: 1925
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set: 50
Card Size: 1 3/16" x 2 7/16"
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: This set can be found with four different backs. It can be found with English language backs with or without numbers, or with French language backs with or without numbers.

Date info: The dates of the films mentioned on the backs are from the early to mid 1920s, with 1925 being the most recent date observed. I'm placing a date of 1925 on this set, though it could have been issued a year or two later.

1. Anna Q. Nilsson
2. Bessie Love
3. Lea Baird
4. Alice Brady
5. Agnes Ayres
6. Constance Talmadge
7. Alice Joyce
8. Carmel Myers
9. Constance Binney
10. Colleen Moore
11. Corinne Griffith
12. Jacqueline Logan
13. Betty Compson
14. Marie Prevost
15. Lilian Gish
16. Dorothy Dalton (misspelled Dorothee on card)
17. Elsie Ferguson
18. Helen Ferguson
19. Irene Rich
20. Betty Bronson
21. Gladys Brockwell
22. Dorothy Gish
23. Alice Terry
24. Viola Dana
25. Enid Bennett
26. Helene Chadwick
27. Patsy Ruth Miller
28. Aileen Pringle
29. May McAvoy (misspelled Mary on card)
30. Pauline Garon
31. Lois Wilson
32. Anna Little (misspelled Anne on card)
33. Claire Windsor
34. Florence Vidor
35. Anita Stewart
36. Norma Shearer
37. Ruth Roland
38. Mary Philbin
39. Pola Negri
40. Shirley Mason
41. Lila Lee
42. Elaine Hammerstein
43. Marguerite de la Motte
44. Priscilla Dean
45. Madge Bellamy
46. Wanda Hawley
47. Mary Astor
48. Miss DuPont
49. Alice Calhoun
50. Rubye De Remer

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